September 1, 2012

Better Brains.


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Hi Deepak, I have a question out of my own curiosity. As human, we believe we have one of the best brains on this earth. Do you think humans have better brains? If yes, what will be the definition of a better brain? If no, why do we have different perceptions out of different brains. Many thanks


I don’t know if human beings have a superior brain compared with other species, because I can only know about their brains through the reality filter of my own human brain. What I do know is that the human brain has the remarkable capacity for self-awareness and that potential makes it a pretty good brain.


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  1. Laszlo

    It depends what "best" means. I believe we need to question what we want in life. At the moment, our brains created a world full of selfishness, violence, and unhappiness. It is rather sad, but very often simpler brains lead to simpler lives, and that often leads to a happier life. I ask myself, is it then the better brain, the capability, or is it our emotions that matter most? What if one has the highest IQ on the planet and devotes his life to develop weapons of mass destruction? What if another one has a rather small IQ but uses his life to help those in need and feed the hungry? Which one of them will be happier? Which one of them will in his final moments smile and be content with the time he spent on earth? I am not sure if "best brain" is the real question. I think purity and love are what we should strive for, not a high IQ.

  2. ellytreehugger

    If humans had better brains, would there not have been more survivors in the Japanese tsunami? Animals went to higher ground in advance and many more of them survived. Also, if human brains were superior, why is there such stupidity and violence in the world?!

  3. Marisa Leite

    É a massa que tem a capacidade de capitar neste corpo parte de nossa natureza divina e parte do universo que nos é apresentado todo dia com formas, sons, experiências com pessoas, coisas, fatos e depois ele junta tudo e evolui em um novo entendimento . Para mim ele está ligado ao sentir. Ele fas a ponte entre o REGISTROS AKÁSHICOS.. Tudo isso ligado ao coração que é o combustível .

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