August 20, 2015

Being an Observer.


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Hi Deepak,

I have consciously been on my path for twenty years now. With many ups and downs, a few pauses and restarts I continue on with many lessons along the way. The reason I am writing to you now is that I am experiencing something new to me and I’d like some clarity from a trusted outside source. I have been noticing for quite some time that my reactions to “problems” and/or “conflict” have become muted if not altogether void. It’s not that I don’t care, I do, I just don’t have an internal/emotional reaction. It’s more of an observation and understanding without being part of it. I feel strangely removed. It seems that because this is so new to me and the fact that I’m not “playing the game” the ego part of me fills in the blanks with the idea that I must be hiding something or that it may be a little sociopathic but that just doesn’t seem right. Nor is it perceived well by those expecting me to react in a way that normally makes sense to them. I’m not giving them what they want. It feels like a solid tranquil place in the middle of a world that is tumultuous and constantly moving. Instead of being pushed by the whims of the world around me I remain unaffected and calm. Part of me says, “you should react to this!” The bigger part has no need or want for that. To be clear this is most of the time, I still have my triggers but they are fewer and because they are fewer I am more aware of them making them easier to work with. Does this sound familiar? Is this part of the process or am I just pushing problems away in a more unconscious way than before? I trust my intuition but having insight from you would be a wonderful bonus!

Thank you xoxo


This sense of the dispassionate observer within is your Being. This awareness accompanies your thoughts, feelings and experiences, without getting emotionally involved with them. This is an indication of a greater spiritual awakening. It shows the development of the true self as independent from the changing, limiting qualities of the mind, feelings, body and senses.  Don’t worry, you are not becoming an insensitive, uncaring person.  This is a temporary stage that is heightened by the strong contrast this state of awareness has to the old ego-based self that defined itself with its identification with every feeling, drama and attitude it experienced. The emergence of the silent witness self is actually laying the groundwork for a more genuinely compassionate, giving and intuitive you that can feel other’s emotional core and can help and support them without losing your own strength and center.



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  1. Surajit Ghosh Roy

    This has been wonderful experience

  2. Surajit Ghosh Roy

    This has been wonderful experience

  3. Meyou

    Thank you Questioner, for bringing this state of awareness to the forefront! I can totally relate to your question and this new state of Being. Nowadays, I try to respond to whatever is in front of me (problems, conflicts, etc.) as consciously and with heart as much as I can.

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