March 9, 2015

Becoming Spiritual.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


 Hi, I’m interested in learning and becoming more spiritual. Two years ago when I turned 30 I became more aware and inquiring about life and my purpose, but I feel completely lost and guideless. How can I begin this journey? Where do I start? Thanks!


Know that you are already a complete spiritual being. The path forward is just a matter of waking up to your  true unlimited self. Often the best place to begin your awakening process is with a daily meditation practice that gives you direct experience of your real spiritual self.  Once you get started the process becomes self-guiding and you will automatically draw the additional knowledge and experiences you need for the continual unfolding of your consciousness.



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  1. Laura

    Hello, I have started your 21 day meditation on Manifesting Your Success, I am just finished doing day 3 and during the meditation I noticed that I had the sensation like I was rising up out of my body, it lasted only seconds as my awareness set in. Is this a positive thing to happen during meditation? And what occurs when this happens? Thank you, Laura

  2. Machinehead

    Just look at the home page here. Manifesting success? Becoming more spiritual? Realising your true— (insert facile sentiment here). Me…me…me… What Chopra offers is to stroke your ego, give you exactly what you want: to think of yourself as perfect, spiritual, worthy, but more importantly, for others to see you as perfect, spiritual and worthy. And he will fleece you in the process. The trouble with this stuff is that you are being told (or you tell yourself) that there is something wrong with you. Unless you have a clinical condition, issues with your mental health or are simply socio-or-psycopathic then there’s probably nothing wrong with you. You’re dissatisfied with your life or aspects of it. You see people like Oprah and Chopra spewing positive affirmations that all sound nice and righteous, and hey, they’re rich too! But you’re cynical, negative, poor; and you look at them and think to yourself: “What’s wrong with me?” There’s nothing wrong with you. Congratulations, you’re just like the rest of us. Selfish, petty, ready to follow anyone who tells you that you can have it all. Well, they’re lying to you. If you get into this then will you get sucked into an endless spiral of self-love, self-obsession. You’ll start accessorizing your “spiritual” self in the same way you accessorize your material life with iPhones and the latest fashions – not that there’s anything inherently wrong with iPhones or fashion, but like any other accessory the charm wears off and you start looking for the next thing. And judging from Chopra’s website, there’s plenty of expensive options to choose from. You’re far better off learning about the world around you. Read some science books, read books about scam artists, optical illusions, neuroscience. Read the God Delusion, watch Chopra debate scientists on youtube and see how petulant and childish he is when questioned. Read about Socrates. All of this will challenge, infuriate, and ultimately enrich you and a year or so down the road you’ll realize that you have become less self-obsessed, more confident and able to trust your own instincts and beliefs. Don’t hand that privilege over to someone else. Especially not Chopra. Good luck.

  3. Laura

    Hi Deepak, Hope you are well. I started meditating about a two years ago, I lack consistency at times between work, college and events that come up. I am expecting my first child this year and need to relax even more now. My question is what is the best way to become more in tune with myself when I am consumed with questions and worried of the future? I try to practise mindfulness but negative emotions can take over. Whats the best approach to being in fully relaxed state of mind. Thank you, love and light

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