May 26, 2022
Ask Deepak

Balance Amid Deadlines.


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Dear Deepak, When I ran my own business I meditated every day and had a sense of well-being. I have returned to school and because deadlines I have felt I need to succumb to coffee and pushing through exhaustion to complete deadlines. Is this part of life too, where balance is not ALWAYS possible, in your opinion? I am using prayer and meditation to do schoolwork which does rejuvenate me at times but I do find I use coffee… Can you get to a place where you ONLY do exactly what you want when you want it? or is this unrealistic?


What constitutes a healthy balance of well-being in one’s life will vary from person to the next, and even vary in the life of one person at different times in their life and in the different roles that they play. Just as the body can find a different kind of balance or homeostasis when it is asleep, sitting or walking down the street The balance you seek back in school will likely be different than the balance you had with your own business. That’s okay. And if you drink a couple of cups of coffee here and there, it’s not the end of the world. If you have lots of deadlines for school projects and papers, it will probably mean you will need to exercise more time management in order for you to get the right balance of rest, exercise and meditation in your day.



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