May 29, 2013

Bad Family Memories.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


How do I simply forget the bad memories your family has given you? Break all the ties while at the current moment you have no strength yet to stand alone? I don't know yet which way the best path to take. So what should I do? All the while I am tired of walking in circles.


If you have siblings, you probably know that their memories of the same events in childhood are often quite different than yours. What is emotionally scarring for you, may only be a minor issue for them. The difference has to do with how you interpreted the event at the time given your nature and vulnerabilities. So the long term solution to your memories is to heal your pain now so that you can change your interpretation of your family’s behavior so that it is no longer painful to you in the present. That healing process takes some time, patience, and dedication to looking honestly at yourself. And it is quite possible that during that time it will heal more quickly if you are temporarily separated from the family dynamic, so that the old wounds aren’t constantly reopened and have an opportunity to heal.


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  1. Narendra Kumud

    Dipakji, u r legend. Not many people can see themselves as u do. In search of the truth. Remain blessed. May that truth dwell in u richly.

  2. KristiLisa A. Kleiner

    In other words...give yourself space - a lot of it - to heal and have peace.

  3. Norma Jean Dell Mijangos

    keep sending the love

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