January 10, 2013
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Three years ago my spiritual awakening happened and many doors began to open into the spiritual world. A week ago I had a very difficult decision to make on whether to leave the UK or not. I prayed hard and said to God,” Dear God if you think I should leave the UK please send me an answer.” Being Hindu I asked him to show me the word “Shiva” as we spent the whole day driving around Bristol. In my mind I knew this was a near impossibility. But I believed God would find a way. I stepped out of the car for barely two minutes that day when a lady with a dog passed us and she said to her dog " Come on Shiva." I was not convinced so I told God today, if someone at home mentions the word “Shiva” today, it would mean I would have to go. Turns out my uncle mentioned it at the exact moment the thought crossed my mind that I would need to sort this issue out. Later that night someone was asking me a story to which I myself had to utter the word "Shiva". My question is, is all this too much of a coincidence or is this God speaking to me?


You don’t have to put such a theological burden of whether God was speaking to you or not to evaluate this experience. You asked that part of you, which is at one with God and knows what is most appropriate and best for you, to provide an answer on leaving the UK. Given the specificity of wanting to hear the word “Shiva” in Bristol that day to get your answer, and then getting a response so quickly, it’s clear you got your answer. That you asked for it to be repeated another day and then you got the same answer only underscores it. I don’t see anything ambiguous in the answer, or how you could have expected it to be clearer.

Your doubt about the answer may be an unwillingness to accept an answer. There can be a strong temptation when making complex decisions to simplify them by making decision process outside yourself, when in fact the answer already lies in your inner feelings.

You may find it useful before you ask God to provide an answer, to ask yourself how you will feel if it is “yes” or “no”. If you aren’t willing to be at peace with if it is either answer, then you may not need to ask God at all, you already know, or aren’t ready to ask the question yet.


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  1. N

    I feel He speaks to us in some way or the other ... we just need to listen carefully.


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  3. deltacat

    brilliant answer. seriously... when faced with a decision as opposed to not having one, synthetic happiness is harder- i find that it is hard to envision plan A bc i may have never been there and not know what to expect , and Plan B may have had 80% downside bc of being in the wrong place with the wrong company, so it takes imagination to determine which is best - especially to view Plan B with a clean lens after a nefarious experience. Oh, and to the naysayers... i was once a staunch atheist...and it is through a series of major coincidences that i realized there had to be more and that we (all - even animals and plants and rocks) did not occur by accident. Call it what you prefer. Nature, Conscience of all beings manifested in Cosmic Conscience, Allah, G-d, it`s all the same. Most ppl really are agnositcs when it comes to life and death matters, and i am sure if i was hung by my ankle from a building as a staunch atheist that i was, i`d probably have said prayers and turned agnostic in that close to death moment. i find it hard to conceive of someone who believes in nothing (assuming they have no psychological major disorder) and be faced with dying soon to not err on the side of accepting a Creator...Just like I wouldn`t be suprised if the day Richard Dawkins passes away a religious mourning is done and a tombstone with a symbol of his faith is placed etc.. and the fact that some ppl celebrate holidays traveling across the world to see their family. the whole order of the universe breaks down and makes no sense. I suppose believing in something like dependent origination is ok...but to believe in nothing at all and make a mockery is sheer ignorance- and many of us at some point in life go through the nonsense i just read at the top by Isa Re Light... i do have a sense of humor and quite frankly, i cannot make head or tails out of that comment. Maybe i am missing some historical fact... Namaste, ssb

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