December 17, 2016

Anger After Meditation.


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Whenever I enter deeper level of  meditation the next day ( when could not sit for meditation)  is followed by an eruption of anger triggered by petty things leading to great deal of frustration. Though the reason for this is understood (mostly expectations) but these moments keep coming back. What is going wrong. Is it absence of love ? I a kind of meltdown during meditation.


It sounds like you might not be taking enough time to come out of meditation. That kind of irritability following meditation is often due to not allowing 2-3 minutes to gradually transition from the quiet sensitive state of awareness to the active, interpersonal behavior of our daily life. If you come out of meditation too fast, that hypersensitivity of meditation is carried around with you and it can make you feel irritable and easily angered. It might also be that a deep issue of anger is gradually being worked though in a series of meditations and the residual effects are bleeding over into your daily life. In either case the solution will be to take more time to come out of meditation. Give yourself 5 minutes to completely emerge from meditation, even if you don’t feel like you need it. If you notice some anger or irritability, give yourself more time and be with the bodily sensations that accompany those feelings until they subside. To smooth things out even more, you can incorporate some asanas and pranayama before and after meditation.



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