November 19, 2013

Americanized Mantras.


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Hello, I'm currently enjoying another of your 21 day mediations. I am grateful for your generosity in frequently offing these free meditation practices. They have benefited me and my family greatly. I'm sure they are helping to lift the world. I'm wondering why your translations of the mantras are, for lack of a better term, Americanized. For instance Aham Brahmasmi is translated 'I am the universe". If you google this of course you find that it translates to I am Brahman. If you google Brahman you of course find that Brahman is the highest god of the Hindus. Don't you think that some people, especially people of different faiths, would want to know what they're saying over and over inside their heads? Thank you for your time.


Brahman means the ultimate reality, or the wholeness of existence. It is not a Hindu god. It has an entirely different meaning than the word “Brahma” which is one of the three principle deities in Hinduism. Translating Aham Brahmasmi as I am the universe is a close approximation of the real meaning of this mahāvākyas: “my existence is identical with universal existence” This phrase gives validation to the experience that one’s inner self is the same eternal existence as of all creation.


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  1. fearlessfollower

    I continue to listen to your 21 day meditation series, especially the 7 spiritual laws to success meditations. Thank you for these. good stuff! Sometimes I have problems understanding the mantras for some of your meditations. Today I listened to the pure potentiality meditation. Anyway you can list the mantra for pure potentiality for me? Om pawum (?) namah I am not sure about the middle word? Thanks so much namaste

  2. Viktoria Bensouda

    I also have a problem reciting my mantra because I don t know the exact meaning of it. I ` m in the middle of a seminar and they gave me my personal mantra to tell you the truth when i started meditating with it it gave me a sudden headache so I m not so confortable with reciting words i don t have the exact meaning of.

  3. Mundo Creativo

    Esta foto me encanta

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