December 11, 2012

Abundance Meditation and Immature Fantasies.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I have just completed the Creating Abundance 21-Day meditation. It was immensely helpful. Thank you. But I am in conflict over another teaching, from Eric Fromm, which I respect and which seems to contradict the essence of your recent meditation series: "Care, responsibility, respect, and knowledge are mutually interdependent. They are a syndrome of attitudes which are to be found in the mature person; that is, in the person who develops his own power productively, who only wants to have that which he has worked for, who has given up narcissistic dreams of omniscience and omnipotence, who has acquired humility based on the inner strength which only genuine productive activity can give." Does abundance consciousness risk generating immature fantasies of omniscience and omnipotence? And does the rule of least effort, that the fulfilling of your needs should be effortless, fuel immature magical thinking, leading one away from work and productivity which, according to Fromm, is key to inner strength?


Abundance meditation is a process to facilitate our coming into full ownership of our humanity, it’s about contacting our true essence. It is not about grandiose ideals, but the practical work of knowing your spiritual nature. Abundance is not about money but about the field of possibilities where our creativity, happiness, love, power and compassion come from. Our core existence or consciousness is that field creativity and possibilities. So knowing or realizing your true self has nothing to do with fantasies or magical thinking; it is the way to actualize your potential.
The law of least effort is a description of how life lived in the flow of evolutionary force. When your desires and actions are fulfilled with minimal struggle and effort, that means that the universe is supporting your endeavors. It is not meant to be a prescription for how to live your life. Life needs to be lived spontaneously and naturally, not according to fantasies, or ideals.


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  1. Mjbeardsley

    I purchased the abundance meditation but can`t seem to login to it recently ... Pease advise

  2. Ema Matilde Müller Möhlinger

    Gracias Dr. Chopra, sus libros, asi como comienza Sincrodestino, "los milagros existen"....cambio mi vida. Llegue a Ud. toda la bendición de Dios, y nuestro Universo.

  3. Pedro Cuatlal C

    gracias por compartir Dr. Chopra.

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