May 26, 2014

A Natural Way to Experience Calm and Well Being.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Steven Crain, Ph.D.

While still a teenager, I began my lifetime daily practice of yoga and meditation, developed a passion for healthy nutrition, and went into the first of a series of psychotherapy experiences.

My discovery of psychology at Oberlin College led directly to a doctorate in clinical psychology at Duke University. And my ever-increasing awareness of spirituality has led to a lifetime commitment toward the path of love.

For the past 35 years, as a psychotherapist and integrative health consultant. I have been devoted to the application of these values, studies, and practices in my professional and personal life, and have guided thousands of people toward their own path and purpose in life. More than anything, my calling has been to enhance the experience and expression of love, and to reduce primitive “fight-flight” responses, which lead to emotional, physical, and relationship distress. While more limited than my ultimate prayer for world peace, it has been my own small personal contribution.

I have been amazed by the remarkable transformations that have occurred in people’s lives through psychotherapy and spiritual practices, especially when self-centered attitudes are replaced by love-centered values and beliefs. When we focus upon love – forgiveness, compassion, kindness, concern for others as much as self – fear and anger tend to vanish. Even in the face of real adversity, we are more able to handle it with grace and compassionate action. Therapeutic tools that provide a sense of peace and connectedness, such as meditation, mindfulness, compassion, and prayer, together with healthy care of our physical bodies as well as communication skills to improve intimate relationships, all provide a powerful sense of well-being and love.

Along the way, however, it also became clear to me that certain core aspects of the “fight-flight” instinct remained for many of us, despite our best efforts to overcome them. While biologically adaptive at some point in our history, this primitive coping response tends to perpetuate distress symptoms, including unrealistic fears and unwarranted anger, dysfunctional obsessions and compulsions, relentless cravings and addictions, as well as excessive sensitivity to aches and pains. This dysfunctional distress syndrome, triggered by underlying maladaptive neurophysiologic imbalances, promotes excessive self-protective attitudes and directly interferes with quality of life and relationships for many people. While some resort to conventional medications to treat these biologically based distress symptoms, I have generally been hesitant to recommend them due to their limited effectiveness and undesirable side effects.

In my practice as well as my personal life, I turned to ancient healing herbs, many of which have been used for thousands of years. These natural adaptogens, recommended by well-known mind/body experts. They have been used in healing and spiritual traditions around the world to reduce maladaptive reactions to the inevitable stresses of life. I was excited to discovery the powerful therapeutic value of adaptogens, such as rhodiola rosea, lemon balm, coleus forskolin, guarana, and green tea, and have used them extensively over the years in my clinical practice as well as personal life. As promised by ancient traditions, these natural adaptogens help to safely reduce the maladaptive “flight-flight” response and, therefore, many of the biologically based distress symptoms that are resistant to change. Nature has provided us with a natural way to experience calm, well being, and ultimately love, which synergize amazingly well with health-promoting lifestyles and practices.

Moreover, growing up with my father, a neuroscientist whose passion for understanding the neurological basis of distress combined with an equal fascination with nature’s herbal apothecary, inevitably led to a collaboration with him to integrate state-of-the-art neuroscience with ancient healing herbs. I have been so excited to find that by scientifically combining critical extracts from these ancient healing plants, together with healthy vitamins and amino acids, we have created enhanced adaptogens that dramatically reduce emotional and physical distress created by dysfunctional “fight-flight” neurophysiological imbalances in the brain and gut. Endorphinate® was born. Nearly all of my clients, family, and friends have found the natural formulations beneficial as they aspire to let go of distress and increase their sense of well being.

When Deepak Chopra discovered the remarkable benefits of our adaptogen formulations, he incorporated them into his daily lifestyle, which includes meditation, exercise, and natural whole foods. In fact, he was so excited about his own personal benefits that he has been sharing Endorphinate® with others around the world. It is clear that, while we all believe that the foundation of our health lies in our genes, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors, many of us still need natural tools, such as adaptogens, to truly let go of our primitive “fight-flight” instincts, which create so much distress and conflict in our hearts and minds, and ultimately in the world.

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