"Hello and thank you for taking your time to read my question. I've noticed you talked about the power of female energy. I have a problem and I would greatly appreciate advice from you. I have issues with parts of my femininity and I would like to know how I can truly access and embrace my energy as woman and thrive in my nature. A meditation or recommended reading would be great as well. I love your advice. The issues are connected to this society that is constantly over sexual and degrading, teaching women to be strong then saying a strong woman is challenging and not appealing and so on. It's like many times I don't know what I'm supposed to be like, if I dress a certain way I feel I'm too forward, if I don't dress like that I go unnoticed. But I can sense in the end it all comes down to attitude and how I embrace my femininity. However I have this problem where I simply find it hard to access my true self, mostly due to all the confusing information I have gathered in my life. Thank you. Love"
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Exploring Brahma Sutras and Related Scriptures Part 17 - Modes of knowing and experience. Intimacy with that which we call “I“.

#BhagvadGita #Vedanta #Brahma #BrahmaSutras #Sutras #Enlightenment #Yoga #Vedanta #revelationandawakening #journeytoself #selfhealing #infinitebeing

I AM is always now.


"Dear and Respected Deepak, I am a daily meditation
practitioner for more than a year now. I meditate 50-
100 minutes daily. What I'm seeking is joy and serenity.
I have always been a sad, gloomy person inside.
Sometimes I feel sadness in every part of my body for
no good reason and it hurts so much. I have taken
medication for depression etc. but nothing seems to
cure it. I thought meditation would help but these days I
feel sad more than ever. I have high hopes from my
meditation practice. Please comment. Regards"
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Deepak' for the answer.

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I AM ceaselessly evolves into maximum never ending diversity of experience - a horizon that is always in sight but never ends. #revelationandawakening ...

"Hi Deepak, In one of your meditation programs, you were instructing people to put attention on parts of the body where it needs healing. But you also state in your books that whatever we put our attention on will only become stronger. What, then, is the best way to heal certain parts of my body where I’m experiencing pain?"
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Exploring Brahma Sutras and Related Scriptures Part 16 - Mechanics of Creation and the Freedom to Create.

#BhagvadGita #Vedanta #Brahma #BrahmaSutras #Sutras #Enlightenment #Yoga #Vedanta #revelationandawakening #journeytoself #selfhealing #infinitebeing

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