"I have read and heard this many times to love oneself. I am unable to understand loving myself…Is this statement body-related or spirit-related?"
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We hope to invoke Ganesha, the remover of obstacles & new beginnings, as we share #Natura. We hope to remove the obstacle of artists reaching the #community and children reaching quality resources and education. Join me, @meta.seva @joinjara & @dhimantvyas in overcoming obstacles, creating new beginnings and opportunities, and sharing joy.

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Meditations and Affirmations is a set cards with affirmation prompts to aid in your meditation practices. Just pick a card, let it inspire and motivate you and help you set intentions. The cards are available now. Click the link in my bio. ...

"Dear Deepak, thank you for your daily wisdom! I have been on the journey for a while, reading many books, doing yoga, attending retreats etc. I feel as though the deeper I go, the tougher the journey, the bigger the pain gets. Am I going in the right direction? How do you know you are on the right path? I am learning how to let go of pain, being more present and aware in the moment. What confuses me is, how can I detach myself from difficult things that are happening and still care? How do you stay unattached and love another person? It seems confusing and impossible. It seems if I detach, I also have to not care. Is there any way I can practice this?"
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