"I have been divorced for 6 years and have two children (13, 10) with my ex-husband. I have been to your meditation retreats and read self helps books weekly. However, I still struggle with an unpeaceful relationship with my ex-husband. He is still a very angry and hostile person. How does one cultivate a peaceful relationship with someone who does not want the same and prefers hostility instead? With Gratitude"
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Embrace your inner avatar,find your purpose, become a utopian! happy to be part of this team, let’s build utopia together 🙏🌎💕 @utopiaavatars ...

"Dear Deepak, I recently heard that we should not use a mantra during meditation as it is part of “mental chatter”. That the best form of meditation is simply watching the breath. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks and love."
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"Dear Deepak, Concerning dharma. How do I know my life’s purpose? I have my own company, a happy family and I make enough money to live a good life. I have plenty of spare time to do what I love to do and I´m really trying to find something that gives my life a meaning. The problem is I like to do a lot of different things. I don´t feel I´m extremely good at just one thing I´m just pretty good at doing whatever. I don´t have a burning desire to do just one thing. How do I find my life’s purpose? It feels like I have “find my dharma” but I don’t know how. Grateful for help."
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A Tribute to the Women of Iran - Leading the Way to a New World - A Lover's Madness: Caught In The Fire Of Love

Thanks to Martin Sheen, @donnadcruz1, Adam Plack and @tommyboyrecords for the Gift of Love soundtrack - A Lover's Madness: Caught In The Fire Of Love - and to @wholisticmedia for the visuals.

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"How do we change the world? Should we want to? It seems that the biggest spiritual lesson is to accept things as they are, to see the perfection in all things and people and situations and let life unfold as it will. I mean we only want to change what we see as not perfect, yet life is perfect, so if we aren’t seeing it that way that’s on us right? I’m not saying life couldn’t be better without all the corruption, war, and suffering… But that stuff is all necessary right? The most powerful experiences in the whole universe seem to come only from the greatest pain. We wouldn’t have forgiveness or redemption without sin, we would not have the grandeur of remembering without forgetting… No wholeness without separateness? How do we change the world?"
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Science needs an upgrade. Current science hides the truth and is an incomplete model for understanding reality.

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I look forward to my holographic presentation on Inflammation and Cancer at the upcoming World Congress of Robotic Surgery at Mount Sinai, New York.

Those of you who wish to attend can rsvp by sending a DM to @mountsinaiuro

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