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"Hi Deepak! My question is can we know all there is to know? Will there be any limit of knowledge. And if we can use 10-15% brain, so don’t you think our concept of God is from that small usage of our mind? I would highly appreciate your answer."
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Ethics, Consciousness, Love, and the Nature of Business Leveraging the Self for Extraordinary Discoveries and Leadership

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult.” Warren Bennis—Distinguished Leadership Researcher

FRED is proud to announce that our final day of the @fred_leadership_organization will include a star-studded cast well versed in the ethical implications of leadership in the process of becoming oneself.

First, Neil de Grasse Tyson will share his perspectives on what it takes to explore outer space. Reflecting on the inner journey of the explorer, he will explain why business leaders can learn from these attributes, and how this pertains to our day and age.

Then, Deepak Chopra will take on the question of: Do “inner” and “outer” space really exist? If much of what we perceive is an illusion or at the very least, limited, how can business leaders build meaning and value for all stakeholders, including customers by reflecting on the nature of “being”? He will also reflect on how consciousness research can help augment leadership capabilities and will end by discussing his views on the role of love in how a contemporary leader might lead.

Finally, he and Oshoke Abalu will bridge the connections between transcendence, love, and inclusion, from where Oshoke will share her unique views on why “inclusion” is limited as a descriptive term, and how, as a leader, emptying oneself is as pertinent as what one fills one’s mind with. Finally, she will lead us into understanding how a new kind of connectedness could protect the ethical fabric of the business world. Outcomes:

• Attendees will witness the thinking of three brilliant leaders in their respective fields
• Attendees will have a chance to learn new leadership practices based on these perspectives
• Based on their reflections and insights, attendees will leave FRED 2021 with a commitment to a conscious and ethical practice that they have not engaged in previously

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Grateful to have opened @lifeisbeautiful by leading a mass meditation last weekend and leading a conversation to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention With the support of .
Life is beautiful festival is focused on community, sustainability and love.

Life Is Beautiful partnered with @drinkzenwtr on the #ZenPose to support ocean conservancy. @ladygwright @suziejobaleson and I joined in. 🧘‍♀️💧

If you couldn't join us at Life Is Beautiful, head to the link in my stories and check back here tonight to watch the replay of the festival meditation. I hope you'll join in the #zenpose challenge. 🙏

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It gives me great joy to see this new resource on @audible - the #mindbodyzone 🙏

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Yoga is so much more than a physical practice 🧘 Explore the mind-body connection with @mynameisjessamyn in my new podcast, the #MindBodyZone - now available on @audible. The link is in my bio. ...

I AM is source of conscious destiny (also of unconscious destiny). #revelationandawakening ...

"I just started reading & learning about meditation and when I first started meditating the past week I felt really relaxed and free, the problem is when I go to sleep I get the worst nightmares all together that I used to have since I was a child (war & seeing the people I love die). I try to ignore these nightmares but I wake up after them feeling sweaty & with a bad headache. I’m not sure what this means? Am I meditating the wrong way?"
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Grateful to @cnnentertainment for sharing this important new resource on @audible - the #mindbodyzone 🙏

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