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The Origins of Life : A different model following Occam's Razor

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Every page in this luminous little book offers an original thought from Deepak Chopra that will refresh your spirit.

Our lives are full of distractions and noises that can be overwhelming, and pausing to read a simple but profound quote is a powerful way to center and reconnect with what you truly value in your life. Click the link to order your copy of #mindfulmoments.

Very grateful to @cbsla for sharing the news of my Immersive event with @ladygwright @lighthouseartspacela - tap on my story for the link to watch this great interview. ...

"Hi Deepak, I have recently been diagnosed with adult ADHA, I’m 22 years old. I’ve noticed my whole life, and so have others around me, that I am only able to do one thing at a time, anything more than that I get stressed out and frustrated. However, I am able to do that one thing completely and get so absorbed that I am unaware of my surroundings, It use to allow me to excel at things I really enjoyed growing up but it also caused me a lot of problems in life too. My question is, when I meditate it seems like a meditation in itself to just close my eyes, I can get completely absorbed and it seems the moment I close my eyes meditation is already happening on its own. Anything like focusing on the breath or using a mantra seems like I’m splitting my attention drastically. But because I am just closing my eyes, at the same time I don’t feel like I am doing anything, which I know is what meditation is but it seems like so many people in the world need something to focus on or use to reach a meditative state I’ve always thought why I would be different?. Could this just be my way of meditating and should I stick with it?"
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"Dear Deepak, I have been re-reading the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I love the book and find it a great guide to living life in a more engaged and loving way. My question pertains to the law of non-judgment. I can go into the “gap” when I meditate but I find it extremely difficult to turn off my evaluation/judgment of anything in my daily life. When I realize that I am judging a situation I focus on non-judgment and then my mind becomes focused on whether I am judging or not. It’s very frustrating. Any practical advice for going into the gap during daily activities?"
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The fragile power of Iranian Women: Tipping point for a new humanity


That which upholds the universe is the True Self

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