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GOD: A Story of Revelation (Hardcover)
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July 15 2013

CONSCIOUSNESS - A conversation with Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff

Category:  Lectures And Conversations

Deepak Chopra and Stuart Hameroff take an in-depth dive into the science of consciousness.

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  • Thank you for this video, giving scientific reasoning to age old truth of Hinduism.what our seers have articulated 5000 years ago.

    ratan sher
    // 2013-07-25 11:52:03 // //
  • oh my goodness...well, i listened intently and probably was able to comprehend maybe 1%...which made me wonder if i am conscious at all...probably a good thing...with gratitude and love

    Faith Denise
    // 2013-07-24 18:58:29 // //



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  • Thank you for this video, giving scientific reasoning to age old truth of Hinduism.what our seers have articulated 5000 years ago.

    ratan sher
    // 2013-07-25 11:52:03 // //
  • oh my goodness...well, i listened intently and probably was able to comprehend maybe 1%...which made me wonder if i am conscious at all...probably a good thing...with gratitude and love

    Faith Denise
    // 2013-07-24 18:58:29 // //
  • Thanks for the enlightenment!Namaste

    // 2013-07-24 02:54:52 // //
  • I knda like it, and believe it has merit. But there you go. Two people; two different opinions. What a shocker.

    // 2013-07-23 22:23:57 // //
  • For every Einstein, there are THOUSANDS of cranks who are damaging people and providing false hope. Your argunment is terrible.

    // 2013-07-23 20:41:03 // //
  • Awesome. And perfect timing too, but we know how that works. ;)

    Beastly Theater
    // 2013-07-23 05:46:56 // //
  • When scientists are involved in these leading edge discussions about consciousness and the mysterious nature of reality, I always think about when Einstein first began speaking publicly about Special Relativity. Most physicists of his day thought his theories were far-fetched, and too outlandish to possibly be true. Years from now we`ll probably be looking back on a lot of these consciousness/reality theories the same way - maybe a little outlandish for the time, but now making perfect sense.

    // 2013-07-23 02:54:06 // //
  • You`re welcome :)

    Krista Gorman
    // 2013-07-22 21:43:22 // //
  • I hear a stream of BS... No wonder most scientists disagree...

    // 2013-07-22 21:04:42 // //
  • Thanks for sharing

    Deepak Chopra
    // 2013-07-22 14:25:07 // //
  • My near death experience supports the continuation of consciousness. In addition, there was a brief period of time where a gap occurred between my consciousness "seeing" my body and my clinical death. Very interesting research.

    Krista Gorman
    // 2013-07-22 11:43:34 // //
  • let`s say i was under for 13 hours  i came thru and can walk but i feel changed.... and we are changed each moment ..i am .

    // 2013-07-22 04:58:11 // //
  • senses? non- sense oh . oh getting silly . really .

    // 2013-07-22 04:45:34 // //
  • information . reformation . information .

    // 2013-07-22 04:40:39 // //
  • i have been watching physics and actually astrophysics all comes together ..

    // 2013-07-22 04:38:38 // //
  • as an artist i started drawing this when i first put my pencil to paper . i like words too.

    // 2013-07-22 04:30:37 // //
  • That was extraordinary and very enlightening. Thank you Deepak.... and Mr. Hameroff!

    Candice Vivino
    // 2013-07-21 21:16:01 // //
  • There is so much being said in this video! This needs to be taught in schools.

    Aurora Carlson
    // 2013-07-21 20:12:17 // //
  • LOL...........The evidence is right where you are: Your own consciousness.

    Pat Thom
    // 2013-07-21 10:25:30 // //

    Pat Thom
    // 2013-07-21 10:23:45 // //
  • Hmmm, interesting. I may have to listen to this many, many, times. Although I get a lot about what you say, Deepak.

    Tony Nesta
    // 2013-07-20 20:14:31 // //
  • Sorry Second book " Shadows of the Mind"

    // 2013-07-20 17:22:07 // //
  • You can read the books by Roger Penrose called " Emperor`s new Mind" followed by "Shadow Mind" in that order. Will clarify a lot of this for you! Enjoy!

    // 2013-07-20 17:21:07 // //
  • that`s right, nobody can believe about this quickly. i know one thing for sure, i really didn`t expect that this site would send me a check of $240 for doing some surveys. its worth a try here: bit.ly1b089MR

    Ďarren ᵮernandes
    // 2013-07-20 10:57:48 // //
  • Non-locality implies that due to this chance rendezvous, the two particles will instantaneously react to one another`s change in quantum properties (automatically), no matter how great the local or cosmic distance between them. I don`t know if this is of any help. But, for what it`s worth!

    Tomas Nofziger
    // 2013-07-19 23:45:56 // //
  • Actually, quantum entanglement has been confirmed and reconfirmed by labs around the world. Well known physicist Alain Aspect (b.1947) of the École Polytechnique in Paris is famous for his experiments proving the consequences of quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement (Einstein`s "spooky action at a distance") is where two particles have intersected each others fields at some moment in the past, becoming quantum energetically entangled. Their mutual behavior now becomes non-local in space.

    Tomas Nofziger
    // 2013-07-19 23:43:56 // //
  • Very good talk.

    // 2013-07-19 23:04:41 // //
  • We all bask in the light of the same sun. We view it from different points in space and time. Perhaps we are just a reflection of that light, from our own point in spacetime. I think that if consciousness exists beyond death then the individual`s consciousness is no longer the individual`s consciousness; because it becomes a part of the consciousness of the whole. As such it negates the individual, and so we experience the death of the human being. The question for me is: why duality?

    Ross O`Callaghan
    // 2013-07-19 22:00:41 // //
  • It would be great to see some real evidence/data to back up this exciting theory.

    Arthur Cadjan
    // 2013-07-19 20:25:42 // //
  • Beautiful! Thank you! 

    // 2013-07-19 19:20:39 // //
  • Fascinating discussion. The possiblities of what we are really experiencing when we allow ourselves to go into deeeper consciousness is quite intriquing!!

    Darlene Lucas
    // 2013-07-19 13:54:43 // //
  • i think ppl w PTS have a lot of proto-conscience - lots of input of stimuli

    // 2013-07-19 02:36:01 // //
  • having trouble understanding quantum entanglement...fascinating theory. Also i think and like you say Dr.Deepak the consciousness is everywhere,and time is non-linear which we can exit and re-enter into could explain how fish swim away in anticipation from a diver or a person having a premonition or clairvoyance for example. Great topic.. i majored in math many yrs ago and am now fascinated by spirit today too

    // 2013-07-19 02:34:21 // //
  • having trouble understanding quantum entanglement...fascinating theory. Also i think and like you say Dr.Deepak the consciousness is everywhere,and time is non-linear which we can exit and re-enter into could explain how fish swim away in anticipation from a diver or a person having a premonition or clairvoyance for example. Great topic.. i majored in math many yrs ago and am now fascinated by spirit today too

    // 2013-07-19 02:34:15 // //
  • i think water has a lot of quantum information of past history. and methinks that nano-computers do exist kept secret by big Pharma- i know this sounds crazy. and the flickering of atoms in and out of this existence into another parallel universe. some things i channeled and cannot explain

    // 2013-07-19 02:26:34 // //
  • i love deepak conversations but that is what we are left with so much debate on what could be and what if and enlighten teachers all over the place but their are no one actually at this level like i have followed many great thinkers but i feel like where is that person that goes on a journey open the door comes back and say simply this is the way no need for endless teaching..Forever learning never coming to the the conversation i guess though

    // 2013-07-19 02:24:33 // //
  • One of the best discussions on consciousness I`ve seen in a while...very good point about consciousness being different from the normal brain functions, and that one can work without the other...because a lot of people think that consciousness IS the brain, but it`s so much more.

    Areya S.
    // 2013-07-18 18:37:52 // //
  • very well done! Love you Deepak!

    Kat Dussart
    // 2013-07-17 23:33:16 // //
  • Don`t just make claiims.Any retard can do that.What you need to do is provide justification for your claims.Only then you contribute to a grown up discussion.

    // 2013-07-17 14:48:58 // //
  • It doesn`t really matter where consciousness comes from. It only matters that you are.

    // 2013-07-17 13:43:25 // //
  • second camera keeps jumping up and annoying!!!

    // 2013-07-17 13:23:32 // //
  • What is this wishfull thinking, spiritual consciouness mixed with quantum theory. Sorry to say but its to naive.

    Eskil Rasmussen
    // 2013-07-17 10:20:33 // //
  • Thank you so very much for your mindful teachings ~

    Lori Armstrong
    // 2013-07-17 06:18:27 // //
  • Do they know about Nassim Haramein`s work?

    // 2013-07-17 02:45:40 // //
  • Too bad Chopra is such a word-skewing charlatan...I highly recommend you check out our podcast all about this topic. We get incredibly deep into it and explore that missing variable of what makes /watch?v=-s-x-tdqYw4

    Gettin Weird
    // 2013-07-17 01:55:30 // //
  • Really excellent conversation! Totally with it. Thank you!

    // 2013-07-17 01:13:06 // //
  • This being  Dr. Hameroff is a heavyweight .......he is very capable of putting this kind of wisdom and information into a form that is understandable / perceptible at the level that a normal science major in college can process.... how great would it have been to be able to have this person as a professor in undergrad classes.

    // 2013-07-17 00:17:29 // //
  • Tom Campbell`s lectures are on YouTube.

    // 2013-07-16 23:34:31 // //
  • Deepak , physicist TOM CAMPBELL. elegantly and scientifically explains that the reality is virtual and copiousness fundamental. All weirdness of quantum physics and the `hard problem are easily explained.

    // 2013-07-16 23:31:15 // //
  • Hameroff just says that Shermer, Dawkins,and Danette chicken out regarding the debate of consciousness.

    Roy Long
    // 2013-07-16 21:08:33 // //
  • Fascinating information!!! Love having conversations like this...going so deep into who we all really are! We are consciousness! We are not the body.

    Lynne Harrington-Crick
    // 2013-07-16 19:11:03 // //

    // 2013-07-16 18:37:05 // //
  • Wow one of the most thought provoking conversations I`ve ever heard! Explained so much but brought on so many more questions! Amazing...

    // 2013-07-16 17:59:29 // //
  • :)

    Sarath Chandra Ramamoorthy // 2013-07-16 16:26:21 // //
  • Deepak, please take a look at physicist TOM CAMPBELL`S work. Scientifically explained our reality being virtual and consciousness fundamental. Sheds light on "the hard problem " and all other quantum "weirdness "

    // 2013-07-16 15:18:25 // //
  • Deepak , please take a look at physicist TOM CAMPBELL`S work , all lectures are on YouTube. An amazing and scientific explanation of our reality as virtual and consciousness fundamental . Beautifully Explains and sheds light on the " HARD PROBLEM " and the observer collapsing the wave into particle phenomenon. The virtual realty model elegantly and scientifically explains the weirdness of quantum physics and the rendering of out realty frame by frame.

    // 2013-07-16 14:49:11 // //
  • Perhaps this will answer your question sir: look up "Tom Campbell Spain" lecture video 1 of 13 (1/13)

    // 2013-07-16 14:20:14 // //
  • I, too struggled to follow. Good information, though!

    Kelli Ruge
    // 2013-07-16 14:20:13 // //
  • YOU CREATE YOUR OWN FACTS... but this stuff is fun too :)

    Carl Jean
    // 2013-07-16 13:57:12 // //
  • thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss  great

    amine alazar
    // 2013-07-16 13:20:03 // //
  • Cutting edge stuff, this is the new science

    Cian McGovern
    // 2013-07-16 11:54:41 // //
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Deepak and his inquisitive mind! I love that he never gives up and is always searching! It's so wonderful and refreshing. His energy is so beautiful!

    Michele Diane Clem // 2013-07-16 08:12:04 // //
  • ok, so this is beyond me... and I`ve been studying consciousness for years ... maybe it can be more `layperson` friendly! We`re not all scientists guys :)

    Julie Zommers
    // 2013-07-16 06:12:30 // //
  • 1>Hi Deepakji.(although u are interesting & respectable person) I felt for first time TO love (if love is the right word) you the way i love myself or I (have been) having a faith in loving my immediate family & few friends-strange! ; starting with getting filled with a query about my behavior as why until now I just did not happened to. 2>At the end of video, you showed nice acceptance i think to your fried in video, and he kind of changed or kind of he failed from his 'other' (non-harmful or non-not ok) type of intention although he felt no sorry for self in that situation and he kind of collapsed into your thoughts. 3> Sir i trust that thought that both of you were STUCK WITH INABILITY TO have a MERE KNOWLEDGE of what you had to "say"(which would be no longer a problem if "your thoughts were TRANSFORMED as it is!!!");............... i.e., you both of you were stuck with "communication not happening to fullest" (((though your communication was a obvious-human-species-evolved-traditional-language communication (ofcourse with gestures postures etc))) and which resulted in a on-off-on-off type of expression which i believe failed* (from something- may be a concept that i DEMANDS- what we should call as concept of IDEAL communication) to a process of letting to yourself to come out of experiencing your inner realities, perceptions & express! Having this said, i think i feels that if you had ideal communication- you - thinking people or scientists on earth followed by all kind of people will be SUDDENLY in a new era. where (to best of my beliefs) mere transfer of thoughts would omit need to talks, speak, explain, and that to at cost of time-usually a whole lifetime of time, misunderstandings........leading to non-communicatinos and hatred or Endearment-making a process off the right spirit etc. footnote: * Isn't it that we human beings seems only and only have stucked up with a ONE (which is continuing from a great deal of time in history though) problem where we NEED TO TRANSFORM THOUGHTS after we are awake from sleep into daily life! AND for which we are poor because until now we were continuing (and will do unless you gets what i want to say to you and also this problems is solved!) ourself-unknowingly-into a type of hypnosis where we sincerely TALKs, WRITEs, LECTUREs, READs, SPEAKs, and so on just to somehow giving it a try COMMUNICATE "that" which we "really" needs in day to day life. Example of which are our daily life and it should not make it as if unnecessary description if i say our whole life-full of talking, sharing etc (as we need it & as we can't be only one existing person known to ourself throughout life by not coming into contact of other beings) Example of which i would say is struggle and time mahatma Mahatma Gandhi had to go through simply to tell british that the land belong to us and not to you and its fair; Struggle and energy that you have to put to tell people what you yourself have as inner realities. struggle and energy and time that Einstein had to take (at least in form of picking up chock and putting the equation on black board). Struggle and energy and time that all the various social worker, protesters, scientists, saints & rishis have found to be doing in form of writing books, articles, reports, data displays and these days videos and audios on internet etc.(all of us need to ACT to share our thoughts) WHAT if i understands-what you want to say to me! without you needing to work hard in Earthly or humanbeing way of talks, writings etc.(traditional communication) ? Won't your lifetime struggle to tell something to some would end and THEN MORE MEANINGFULLY BOTH OF the listener and speaker........literally becoming one! I.e. instead of Krishna to need to say Bhagwat geeta or God need to GIVE Vedas........instead of that.....we simply comes to understanding of what God wants to say to us.........(meditation then would be a same kind of tool in IDEAL COMMUNICATION but a slow and obsolete one if we discovers some techniques based on thought-sound-language relation) (Ofcourse we may have apparent joy & a feeling of sincerity in doing SUCH a life but i think i'm talking about an idea where mere transfer of thought would be our ""Raft on ocean of evolution process!"". And i'm saying it with full respect to SUCH life that i'm describing here from a particular point of view) Are you getting sir what i want to say?

    Pranav Vaidya // 2013-07-16 05:49:10 // //
  • this all sounds nice, but it is implausible. to say that moral values are programmed into the fabric of the universe just like spin and charge is just a compete anthropomorphism of the Universe. how could you go about quantifying that? we see very little of the quantum world and what little we see looks nothing like human morals. i dont mean to be negative, but considering the fact that time and energy is sacred, why spend them on vain conjecture?

    Dillon Demas
    // 2013-07-16 04:20:22 // //
  • Thanks Deepak, I really hope we can bring the best scientists we`ve got to debate the skeptics. It`s a necessary and constructive debate.

    Farhan Qureshi
    // 2013-07-16 03:37:37 // //
  • Blah blah blah

    // 2013-07-16 03:25:54 // //
  • One of the very most illuminating discussions I have ever seen on the subject of consciousness!

    Garth Webber
    // 2013-07-16 03:19:41 // //
  • Mind blowingly refreshing, Stuart & Deepak. Top notch. Thanks

    Andrew Bell
    // 2013-07-16 01:03:54 // //
  • This is AMAZING!!

    Michael Banks
    // 2013-07-15 23:41:09 // //
  • What an amazing discussion. We are connected. And I, yes, it is "God" or whatever name you want to give "Cosmic wisdom-Divine" Thank you for this discussion!

    Maryalice Coleman
    // 2013-07-15 23:24:49 // //
  • I <3 Deepak

    Kathleen Fernandez // 2013-07-15 23:18:29 // //
  • what? 

    Barbara Rivera
    // 2013-07-15 22:32:29 // //
  • wow. amazing

    joanne cooper
    // 2013-07-15 21:51:50 // //
  • Great stuff thank you!

    Doug Graves
    // 2013-07-15 21:21:43 // //
  • I LIKE DEEPAK.....

    Robin Yuan
    // 2013-07-15 20:48:45 // //
  • Love these guys!

    Gabby Davey
    // 2013-07-15 20:32:23 // //
  • proto consciousness: Captain Proto from Star Trek LOL

    // 2013-07-15 20:06:07 // //
  • I love it...and need to listen again. Love the concept of "ground state"... the ultimate root of the Universe I think. hmmmmm

    Connie Wake // 2013-07-15 18:21:12 // //
  • The evidence of the hard problem of consciousness is within the light.

    Caterina Alberti // 2013-07-15 18:14:31 // //
  • Brilliant!

    Marek Dariusz Podsiadlo // 2013-07-15 17:36:40 // //
  • Wow!

    Joan Robert // 2013-07-15 17:25:12 // //
  • Very enlightening

    Dora Torres Hanford // 2013-07-15 17:21:30 // //
  • Oh my goodness, this is going way over my head??? Am I the only one feeling like this? Must listen again as I do seek to understand (why is it so complicated?? Lol )

    Wendy Byrne // 2013-07-15 17:12:30 // //

    Mister Man // 2013-07-15 17:08:43 // //
  • How does work.

    Sharon Woodley // 2013-07-15 16:35:07 // //
  • Very interesting.

    Vitor Duarte // 2013-07-15 16:27:36 // //
  • I would LOOOOOVE to spectate, or be a part of this convo

    KC Birdeno // 2013-07-15 16:20:20 // //
  • now I won't be able to sleep thinking of this conversation!

    Paul Deveraux // 2013-07-15 16:04:16 // //
  • xoxo

    Rainbow Doorways // 2013-07-15 16:03:46 // //
  • Hameroff gave reasonable explanations for inner connectedness (quantum entanglement), cosmic wisdom (stemming from the physics of Planck time), although he made a reach for the afterlife. Even if we ceded him that final argument, Deepak made a leap to call it God, which means such a variety of things to people, and in America at least is this ridiculously personal one that helps sports teams win, is against gay marriage, and causes/prevents world events.

    Roderic Rinehart
    // 2013-07-15 03:41:16 // //
  • Also interesting is when Deepak said - From nothingness, we came; from nothingness, we return.

    Roderic Rinehart
    // 2013-07-15 03:05:49 // //
  • The coolest part, in my opinion, is when Hameroff said that we exist right on the edge of the quantum and classical worlds. Mind sufficiently blown.

    Roderic Rinehart
    // 2013-07-15 03:03:42 // //
  • And if we die we go into deep sleep and no one know if we will ever come back, except for the fact that we are immortal through the genes of our offspring :) I settle for that and my own creativity that comes out of this groundstate all the time: flowing like a rive meanders in nature and finally reaches the ocean ~:)~

    // 2013-07-13 12:00:27 // //
  • In deep sleep we are going into this groundstate too:) Also when we are brought under narcose...

    // 2013-07-13 11:36:46 // //
  • ~:)~

    // 2013-07-13 11:35:02 // //
  • Absolutely amazing. I recognize so much from my own experience in consciousness. I love the way Hameroff explains things in scientific terms and how Chopra translates to both mystical terms and also to usual human experience. I think it is important to always relate these mind-boggling discoveries to the implications for our practical day to day reality. We can`t continue to live as if everything is purely material and separate.

    Aurora Carlson
    // 2013-07-13 10:13:49 // //
  • amazing

    // 2013-07-13 00:38:54 // //