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Super Brain by Deepak Chopra, MD & Rudy Tanzi, MD (Hardcover)
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Soul of Leadership (Hardcover)
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June 25 2013

30 Days of Intent - Past Lives

Category:  Thirty Days Of Intent

In this "unusual" episode of 30 DAYS OF INTENT - Natalie and Iman meet with past lives expert Michael Hayes for a reading into their previous incarnations. Michael tells them some incredible insights from their past lives - see what Natalie and Iman think of the reading! Do you believe in reincarnation and past lives? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Reincarnation is really simple: every night when you go into sound sleep, you die to your body and when you awake in the morning you reincarnate into your next life or day. Every day is a new day. To live by the day is natural reincarnation........

    YourSoul // 2013-06-27 05:39:20 // //
  • I miss this show so much and so deeply that I can`t even put it into words. watching every episode made me grow as a person and contemplate the life i`m living. Hope so bad you`ll do another season (even though Natalie and Iman were GREAT and I don`t see how it could get any better)

    // 2013-07-11 04:17:29 // //



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  • I miss this show so much and so deeply that I can`t even put it into words. watching every episode made me grow as a person and contemplate the life i`m living. Hope so bad you`ll do another season (even though Natalie and Iman were GREAT and I don`t see how it could get any better)

    // 2013-07-11 04:17:29 // //
  • I have these credentials~

    Cindy Mars
    // 2013-06-30 15:27:35 // //
  • Start noticing your thoughts about everything during the day. Notice every time you feel something unpleasant it is a fear. Dig down and strip back the layers and find what triggers the feeling. Listen to Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle and the like to get some tips. :-)

    // 2013-06-30 00:03:17 // //
  • Season 2 please!

    // 2013-06-28 20:11:43 // //
  • It is overwhelming, can take you ever but that doesn`t change the fact that it is nothing. I do it, I create it, unconsciously.

    Amir Eghbal
    // 2013-06-28 19:07:42 // //
  • I do. But it is just nonsense. It is just energy. You look at it, it`s nothing, it`s nonsense.

    Amir Eghbal
    // 2013-06-28 19:06:57 // //
  • Seems like you have a fear . To get rid of the fear, find it and face it with courage. Easier said than done but understand we all have fear of some type.

    // 2013-06-28 09:31:27 // //
  • I was an egyptian emperor lol

    Gaia Galacticus
    // 2013-06-28 03:57:45 // //
  • Reincarnation is really simple: every night when you go into sound sleep, you die to your body and when you awake in the morning you reincarnate into your next life or day. Every day is a new day. To live by the day is natural reincarnation........

    YourSoul // 2013-06-27 05:39:20 // //
  • I would love to see a season 2! Such an inspirational and eye-opening show. I really enjoyed it.

    // 2013-06-26 15:46:03 // //
  • I have never been able to find anyone in my area who does past life regression. I am certain it would help me! I do believe in reincarnation as it explains my dejavu episodes

    Ronda K Lavold // 2013-06-26 11:41:43 // //
  • About past lives.. What I have found through meditation and other healing methods is that I am a spirit embodied in this life. As for past lives, memories have been brought up from the age of Atlantis as a black magician and a life in Japan as a Samurai. Thought this doesn`t prove to me I lived back then, it feels very real and very connected to certain qualities I have but also to certain "problems" I face in my life. "Problems" as an opportunity for growth and enlightenment :)

    Emilios Vitalis
    // 2013-06-26 01:13:05 // //
  • I would think a past life regression would be more effective and therapeutic if the client did the talking rather than the guide. But if it works...

    Victor Smith // 2013-06-26 00:09:39 // //
  • Reincarnation is more than real. The question isn't if we have lived before, it's what other races of beings were we a part of before we came to Earth? As a medical intuitive who does body work, through my own development have begun to experience peoples traumas brought into this life, like war trauma, which causes confusion in this life. The other problem is that if one remembers their past lives, they might also remember the past traumas that might be reactivated and need to be healed. I believe this is part of the reason for not remembering and this is a good reason to remember, so as to heal. Also, remember will allow past skills and abilities to come forth as they have with me.

    James Elliott // 2013-06-26 00:08:07 // //
  • I seem to have an ability to obsorb people`s energy though the heart center and I can actually feel it, like the presence and the energy of the other person. I don`t know if this is just an illness due to anxiety lol or a psychic gift. Like deep empathy but I have some fear of going mad so I don`t fully go though it but it almost seems like I am obsorbing other people`s Karma, unconsciously. How can I stop this? How can I use this?

    Amir Eghbal
    // 2013-06-25 23:33:21 // //
  • What if he is wrong? I mean, it is hard to believe this kind of stuff and I am not dismissing it but how do you know the psychic knows well enough about it? How do you know what they are picking up is true? Whatever that can remove deception, I respect. But where do you draw the line? Do the people at the Chopra Center know someone good in Vancouver for a reading?

    Amir Eghbal
    // 2013-06-25 23:26:28 // //
  • IMHO Spiritual Dogma does more harm than good in this world - right behind Organized Religion on my shit list.

    Mike Servis
    // 2013-06-25 22:28:27 // //
  • The whole idea of "past lives" is based on a very limited understanding of time which is really simultaneous. The idea of Karma affecting your now is also a very limited belief. I can`t believe Deepak would send them to a guy like that.

    Mike Servis
    // 2013-06-25 22:25:59 // //
  • So strange! I`ve come to the conclusion than in a previous life my sister was my daughter. Who knows! Anyways... This guy fished for information before giving out his analysis, not convinced by him one bit. Usually past life regression is the best way to get clarity as it comes from your own personal words not this guy making things up...

    // 2013-06-25 22:14:28 // //
  • Can I get him to talk to me? I need help.

    Angie Amos // 2013-06-25 21:50:54 // //
  • I find this very intriguing and fascinating! Sharing!

    Nicole Frost // 2013-06-25 21:39:14 // //
  • I can't watch the video. Who gives me de direct link? plz

    Licenciado Edward Hiperpolíglota Hidalgo // 2013-06-25 19:05:48 // //
  • Personally, i am ambivalent to the extremes on this topic, but with reference to other comments above and how past experiences and knowledge can be passed down and understood, i would however suggest that this may be due to the "collective unconsciousness" (as theorised by the genius that was C. G. Jung).

    Andy Walker // 2013-06-25 18:49:47 // //
  • Yes, I believe in reincarnation. It is the only explanation that makes any sense. Life is too short to grow enough and to learn enough, and it explains tragedies and horrible events that otherwise would make it impossible for me to want to live here now.

    Trudy Lynn Jackson // 2013-06-25 18:12:14 // //
  • season 2 needed!

    Lisa Pyle // 2013-06-25 18:05:07 // //
  • This is a very critical aspect as it helps us understand ourselves better. It would be rather interesting if we could reach this gentleman...To assist us. This is a part of me i would really like to know anout

    Ria Rambharose // 2013-06-25 17:31:07 // //
  • This is great didn't follow the trail for the $dollar$ price for such a reading...been there, but yes I do know of a few past lives. yet this is a different life now, can it relate oh yes, it sure can...Just cannot willing spend what funds I have left on giving to internet Guru teachings...;-( The Divine will provide for free, isn't that what they all teach? We all have access so why run around to others looking for Angels that will do the same thing just for love of humanity, not profit from widows and such...Blessings to you and your gifts, prosper on...

    Shawna Longo // 2013-06-25 17:01:20 // //
  • Of course! How can a wise person become wise, knowing all sides without living so many lives?

    Kristine Geldart // 2013-06-25 16:59:33 // //
  • I neither believe nor don't believe. But if reincarnation is true, why would I want to know my past lives? What difference will that make to my day to day experience?

    Radu Tudor Paraschiv // 2013-06-25 16:50:40 // //
  • no, I don't believe in reincarnation.

    Ashley French // 2013-06-25 16:49:47 // //
  • Absolutely. We all have definitely lived past lives. I've seen several of mine.

    Zen Bliss // 2013-06-25 16:34:30 // //
  • I have become more & more interested in this subject

    Candie DuShane // 2013-06-25 16:23:36 // //
  • Yes I do.

    Lucee Mendiola Rodriguez // 2013-06-25 16:13:24 // //
  • No, but apparently fate has ... lol smh

    Amanda DeNardo
    // 2013-06-25 15:35:26 // //
  • Has Deepak Chopra spoken to Michael Hayes?

    Chris Avendano
    // 2013-06-25 06:58:49 // //
  • I find this very interesting and would be open to an interpretation.

    Crochet Geek
    // 2013-06-25 00:06:06 // //
  • I loved this series and this bonus episode makes me miss it! Season 2 please?!

    // 2013-06-24 23:20:34 // //
  • How can I read into my previous incarnations? My spiritual awakening started recently so I don`t have that much of information. I`m not very open about this with people in my family because they`re all very religious and i don`t have any one to talk to.

    // 2013-06-24 20:58:00 // //
  • Beautiful segment - love this!

    Sina Skates
    // 2012-12-08 00:35:26 // //
  • This is my favorite episode. I wish it had been a part of the series instead of a bonus. Reincarnation is important in spirituality, in my opinion.

    // 2012-12-07 19:56:04 // //
  • Michael`s gentle insights have assisted me to make sense of dilemmas I have met so that I could let go of them and move on with my life. It is like the healing of old memories that have clouded the clarity available to me now. His work is a blessing and a gift.

    Anne Naylor
    // 2012-12-07 17:52:21 // //
  • Michael`s work has assisted me in my spiritual growth his ability to reach into a higher level of awareness has brought me profound clarity and healing when I have faced my biggest challenges.. He is an amazing teacher with a great gentleness that makes the healing process so great. (Nathalie United Kingdom)

    Nathalie Franks
    // 2012-12-06 20:44:44 // //
  • i like to think that having a past life is real. but im sure there are many past lives not just one. so maybe iman was indeed a king at one point. i was told once that i was an entertainer/celebrity in my past life. which is funny because i am an entertainer trying to reach my goal in to fame.

    // 2012-11-29 06:47:03 // //
  • It`s good to include talk of reincarnation in this video series. Very thought provoking.

    // 2012-11-27 21:43:57 // //
  • I like how comfortable Natalie and Iman are around each other now, nice friendship as a result of this show it seems.

    // 2012-11-27 15:48:15 // //