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July 24 2013

The Mystery of Memory | The Rabbit Hole

Category:  The Rabbit Hole

How do we recall a memory and where does it disappear to once we’ve remembered it? Do we exist in our brains or are they tools of our consciousness? In this week’s episode of “The Rabbit Hole” on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra explores the mysterious world of our memories and where they live in our brain.Subscribe to The Chopra Well and check out Deepak Chopra’s recent book Super Brain for more on memory and the brain!
Do you remember what you had for dinner last night? How about the house you lived in as a child? Or the way you felt the first time you heard your favorite song? If these memories exist as waves of potential, there for us to recall at any moment, then our entire past, present, and future may be more simultaneously interwoven then we thought.

Subscribe to The Chopra Well and check out Deepak Chopra’s recent book Super Brain for more on memory and the brain!

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  • Perhaps if we stop asking each other questions, memory is all that`s left..........

    YourSoul // 2013-05-07 04:02:02 // //
  • Deepak, it is always a pleasure to listen to you. I wish people who don`t speak english (i am not a native) could understand your videos. Do you think you could place spanish subtitles in them? i would thank you so much. Happy eternity!

    // 2013-05-09 02:05:08 // //



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  • Sir, If our memory is outside our physical structure then where it is actually, i`m eager to know that. Is it around our body or in space.IS this question is still mystery.

    ....... // 2014-02-08 10:36:56 // //
  • Namaste Deepak and everyone here. While you are sleeping, and dream, how you can recognize you have accessed to a acashic register or is just a dream?

    Cesar Riccardi
    // 2013-08-29 22:28:37 // //
  • Deepak your answers are always to insightful. Thank you.

    Elan Star
    // 2013-08-28 18:36:05 // //

    Muchiri Wachira Munene // 2013-08-26 05:10:59 // //
  • Isn't consciousness too a tool of the self?

    Muchiri Wachira Munene // 2013-08-26 05:02:32 // //
  • If you're asking me, the brain is a tool of consciousness; prayer and meditation take us beyond the brain into higher consciousness. Try my chakra meditation, focusing on the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, free for download at

    Becca Chopra // 2013-08-25 22:02:38 // //
  • working with our subconscious mind to create balance and harmony, I love what I do...

    Focus Hypnotherapy Retreat, France // 2013-08-25 15:13:45 // //
  • From Mbari Olisa Hogun ~

    Makeda Love // 2013-08-25 14:33:36 // //
  • Awesome info, I love all the different ways you have to communicate incredible information Deepak! Thank you!

    gingrae // 2013-08-25 12:01:59 // //
  • thank you

    Yara Dabbakeh // 2013-08-25 11:33:22 // //
  • None of it makes sense except to understand the nature of energy... Then it all makes sense... <3

    Growing Health and Happiness // 2013-08-25 08:36:08 // //
  • Thank you Mr. Chopra... its a tool for sure.. some use it as a weapon which is very scary.. that's why its necessary to pray, to keep the universal thought process balanced. Last time I checked it was negative and positive trapped at the end up against each other.. you would never want to get stuck in that worm hole/hold.. So if you have a bad memory, make it happy in the end.. its the only way to escape...

    Rebecca Mae Evans // 2013-08-25 07:59:18 // //
  • OMG ur awesome :D

    Navdeep Sahi // 2013-08-25 07:47:26 // //
  • Thanks Deepak Chopra.

    Rosario Capa Ramos // 2013-08-25 05:40:03 // //
  • Great video!!!

    Chad Buchanan // 2013-08-25 04:23:00 // //
  • LOVE IT!

    Author Ben Harris Jr // 2013-08-25 00:05:01 // //
  • Consciousness is a space-time field on which life exist. It is the space-time field that Einstein searched for. It is not in mind it is beyond it in heart, not even heart but in reality in the inner space of life- The world need to be understood as interaction of two parallel space-time field - the matter we see is the product of these field that has immense energy and information. This can lead us to reinvent Big Bang from one single soul, single cell and single being - Christ or God Himself and eventually the SPIRIT [Holy Spirit or Brahman or al-Ruh al-Qudus, --] that was contained in the Soul that was sacrificed in Calvary - This will take GOOD NEWS beyond religion -

    John Paily // 2013-08-24 22:11:45 // //
  • Hey bro...this explains that person we were discussing last night. Its a 'rabbit hole' where it all goes.. It's a s....t hole where it comes from in the first place though lol xxxx

    Pamela June Priddey // 2013-08-24 22:04:08 // //
  • Is it possible that my existence and everything I experience is pure imagination, a seemingly ultra realistic dream, which in its "substance" is comparable if not identical to the dreams we have at night, except we are conditioned to believe that waking hours are"more real" than when we go to sleep. Btw, where do we go, when we go to sleep?

    Michael Rock // 2013-08-24 22:03:55 // //
  • Casper K Mensah, would always chat about books by Deepak C, I hear he is a facinate reads.. on my long lists of to definately read.

    Rosalie Sowu // 2013-08-24 21:54:42 // //
  • sight and sound opens my memory to a dream

    Kathleen Slowley // 2013-08-24 20:22:23 // //
  • I don't know but the movie Rabbit Hole starring Nicole Kidman was one of my favorites on Netflix....

    Shelby Nicholson // 2013-08-24 20:18:14 // //
  • Is consciousness merely a human tool of our existence?

    Georgina Yael Johnson // 2013-08-24 20:17:29 // //
  • This is quite Fascinating!!! What seems to occur, is that sensation naturally occurs. Thought identifies with this sensation and feeling arises. This event is considered an experience which is stored in the form of memory. Memory naturally arises within the mind. The most interesting part is ... once memory is cognized ... it appears to be a thought. This recognition of memory/"Apparent Thought" ASSUMES a "Thinker" who is having that "Apparent Thought". All this ... give an implication of "ME"/ "The Thinker" who is having ... Thought! Reality is ... This "Me" ... is an Abstract Notion! This is so fascinating! #VedicSage #Consciousness This also brings up another important consideration. The difference btn Mind and Consciousness. Perhaps the above mentioned sequence is considered "The Mind" and going beyond this sequence is something more vast ... Consciousness!

    Vedic Sage // 2013-08-24 19:24:13 // //
  • Cierto... En la parte inferior de los videos se pueden activar los subtítulos en muchos idiomas, no lo recordaba!

    Stella Maris Amado // 2013-08-24 19:13:51 // //
  • Por favor subtítulos en castellno! Gracias!!!

    Stella Maris Amado // 2013-08-24 19:09:07 // //
  • Hmm.. how would the area of suppressed memories fit into this then? I know I have suppressed memories, as I am not able to recall certain traumatic moments in my life at the age 14, events that have been well documented and spoken about within my family, yet I cannot "pull them out" so to speak. No images, no perceptions, no auditory memory, or any other sense of the events whatsoever.

    Iwona Allen // 2013-08-24 18:41:33 // //
  • Isn't memory just a perception of our past reality.? the way we see things (perception) is unique we somehow store it somewhere inside us and it is there to bring up when we need.

    Michelle Read // 2013-08-24 18:24:22 // //
  • My. Husband has Altzhers, he has lost his, memory. He won't find that again, because he doesn't know where it is. Sorry, but as a carer, this hit home to me.

    Margaret Green // 2013-08-24 18:06:40 // //
  • Brilliant!

    Lisa Brockwell // 2013-08-24 17:53:55 // //
  • :)

    Seraph Buchanan // 2013-08-24 17:44:06 // //
  • * FASCIA, BABY! :D

    Carol Rachel Shore // 2013-08-24 17:34:53 // //
  • It's there in the "archive" somewhere in space. I always give myself time to remember something if it isn't immediately available...for lack of better words.

    Sarah Nolt // 2013-08-24 17:33:17 // //
  • thank you

    Mária Tóth // 2013-08-24 17:29:25 // //
  • You teach self development and love...yet support a racist like Oprah. How's that for a tool?

    Zack Chiles // 2013-08-24 17:18:04 // //
  • Great video.....Very Interesting...Thank You!

    Elisabeth Van den Bedem // 2013-08-24 17:17:29 // //
  • the sense of smell is the strongest link to memory ,certain smells can conjure up a euphoric feeling ,and certain smells can make you puke

    Rick Pacheco // 2013-08-24 17:16:21 // //
  • :)

    Nicole Shank // 2013-08-24 17:11:42 // //
  • Ok that's deep lol

    Nicole Shank // 2013-08-24 17:10:48 // //
  • They are tools of our consciousness.

    José Cottier // 2013-08-24 17:09:47 // //
  • love that video! That changed my whole perspective on the universe and how do create the world around me

    Charli Donoghue // 2013-08-24 17:06:19 // //
  • My brain us a tool of my consciousness, but not my only tool. I have had out of body experiences where my perception was not dependent on my own neurology and yet it registered as though it were me experiencing life as a rock, a tree, a fish, water, the apparent emptiness between 'objects' (which I experienced as more energy and information of Creation. )

    Carol Carter // 2013-08-24 17:05:49 // //
  • no, the brain is corporal; as is the rest of the envelope the soul uses consciously, and unconsciously, as it spends it's time here until it's time to go back to SPIRIT.

    Greg Riles // 2013-08-24 17:03:53 // //
  • i proud of my self Dr.Deepak Chopra sir,you are indian.& world great spiritual leader. Thanks sir. Nanasaheb Sathe TRAINER OF HUMAN MIND&DR.OF NATURE CURE.

    nanasaheb // 2013-08-14 15:07:05 // //
  • Could you explain to me what causes the marvellous colorful visuals that I see when I drink ayauhasca and close my eyes?

    Pablo Bianchi
    // 2013-08-09 02:26:55 // //
  • Hi

    Pallu87 // 2013-08-01 22:21:33 // //
  • Hi Deepak, I have been a keen observer of your work and career. I`m not a scientist, im an artist and a writer, but I have been studying science since I was a child and I do have in-depth knowledge of science. I understand that people like you have existed since civilization began, you are at best a philosopher and at worst a spin doctor or mite I dare say a shaman. I think Sam Harris defined your way of speaking best in the NightLine debate "You are happily Misunderstood"

    // 2013-07-30 11:15:39 // //
  • the problem is I do have the scientific knowledge to understand you, and it is incredibly frustrating to watch you twist science into your own new age Philosophy. Spin-doctors twist knowledge for a living, but you come from science. I`m sure you make allot of money spinning this feel good non-sense. Non sense may be a strong word, because I do see that your views are rooted in knowledge, but you are simply jumping off into the unknown and "Making Things Up"

    // 2013-07-30 11:15:20 // //
  • As a man who comes from science you should really stop doing this, Im sure there are allot of people that feel good listening to this stuff, but u are working against science education. Please stop this racket... ~ Kingsley Fernandes

    // 2013-07-30 11:14:52 // //
  • Very educative and informative. Thank you for these clips Deepak

    Fred Mugambi // 2013-07-29 16:00:03 // //
  • necesito la pagina en Español, me pueden ayudar???? Gracias!

    Sandra Valencia // 2013-07-26 17:15:13 // //
  • thank u so muchhhhh :)

    Xana Miranda // 2013-07-26 10:29:41 // //
  • We are our brains!

    Linda Hosler Randak // 2013-07-25 19:17:27 // //
  • native americand have known this for centuries it called Ahwatukke storage of your dreams and memories!!

    Ferdie Luna // 2013-07-25 09:22:42 // //
  • fascinating!!

    Susie Stark Kux // 2013-07-25 08:54:52 // //
  • Fascinante!!! Gracias Dr. Chopra!!!

    Paty Ar // 2013-07-25 07:56:57 // //
  • Fascinating

    Sophia Sereglei // 2013-07-25 07:52:48 // //
  • I once knew that we have "long time Memory" and Short time Memory Saved in our Brain "Drawers"..... what about it :-)?

    Daniella Glassberg // 2013-07-25 05:44:16 // //
  • Fascinating... why I did not see that earlier hmmm... I do not remember:)) Just kidding. Thank you!

    Law Of Attraction // 2013-07-25 03:16:31 // //
  • A very good question, one that I have been asking myself lately? Am I actually here or?

    Tehmina Sadiq // 2013-07-25 03:16:23 // //
  • Can you recommend any practices for making identity non-local? (For those of us who want to go deeper and fly higher!)

    Lennay Chapman
    // 2013-07-25 03:07:51 // //
  • I love this series..I think the same way

    Maria Taddeo // 2013-07-25 02:12:55 // //
  • One time I had a weird dream I was inside my brain and there was little cartoon soldiers ones where in the right and others in the left ,they would all try to stay on there own side ,there was like a battle and some would get suck to the right and others to the left but more from the right would go to the left;then there was like sargent that came and led a lot of those little soldiers to a black whole and others would just go straight.It was one of the weirdest dreams ever.I always dream a lot.LOL

    Yadira Sanchez // 2013-07-25 01:26:54 // //
  • good question!!!!

    Marianne Young Crabb // 2013-07-25 00:42:07 // //

    Derek Demello // 2013-07-25 00:12:31 // //
  • #ITisINthere !

    Wayne Edfors // 2013-07-24 23:41:32 // //
  • Dr. Chopra this matches "through the Wormhole" with Morgan Freeman, and I'm watching... Talking about synchrodestiny

    Jennifer Diaz // 2013-07-24 22:56:24 // //
  • Paying attention to the present reality. Memories live in our DNA.

    René Volpi // 2013-07-24 22:47:10 // //
  • Namaste

    Ron Cabucio // 2013-07-24 22:35:39 // //
  • They are like photon bundles i think. . .

    Chandra Prakash JaiShanti // 2013-07-24 22:34:13 // //
  • . .

    Chandra Prakash JaiShanti // 2013-07-24 22:33:58 // //
  • FROM DEEPAK: Our personal memories are part of the matrix of all experience in the Akashic non local field. The more unbounded your awareness and the more non-local your identity, the more access you have to the collective memory bank. To quote the Beatles, "the deeper you go, the higher you fly".

    The Chopra Well
    // 2013-07-08 23:58:53 // //
  • so if memories are waves outside of me (Akash) can someone else access them?

    Simone French
    // 2013-07-05 00:03:10 // //
  • Russell brand is following a guru like Charles manson

    // 2013-06-17 13:25:25 // //
  • Our Spirit ,and brain both exist in our bodies. Our Spirit is our conscience.

    Rose Dewitz // 2013-06-08 22:07:13 // //
  • Great.

    Jose Angel Rivera // 2013-06-07 19:58:24 // //
  • great question - since consciousness is our true identity, then the brain is simply a tool to use while manifesting through the body~

    Carole Petralli // 2013-06-07 09:11:15 // //
  • our brain controls out entire body, mind, conciousness

    Deanna Stevens // 2013-06-07 08:37:15 // //
  • we played music for alzheimer patients [ tibetan bowls etc ] a woman than had a memory of a holiday in indonesia long time ago. so music is also a tool te recall memories

    Janke Haga // 2013-06-07 02:28:30 // //
  • Add me plees i yang lovr boy

    Tahir Mehmood // 2013-06-07 00:40:14 // //
  • Its not brain...Its an energy that flows around....body...? Antena..we are beyond the brsin

    Marie Mendoza // 2013-06-07 00:38:15 // //
  • We live in 2 realities. The reality of the senses, taste, touch, smell hearing and sight. The world as we phisically experience it. This is the reality that we know. Then there is the reality of the mind. Our thoughts, emotions, dreams, and inner subconscious, the inner self that we dont let out to others and sometimes to ourselves. The trick is to become aware of this second reality.

    Jay B. Lawrence // 2013-06-07 00:02:38 // //
  • Our brain is a tool of our consciousness that allows our experiences to be stored and which in turn formulates our responses from internal and external stimuli.

    Cheryl SG Rush // 2013-06-06 23:42:59 // //
  • sir, i am working on creating a scientific model of brain which can explain all this in sci way . will also explain different forms of happiness and its algorithm . how to achieve it .

    Dinesh Sinha // 2013-06-06 23:25:41 // //
  • Actually, we should ideally live in our brain vs. our monkey mind. Mind is vicious and a useless record player. The beauty of the brain is it's manificent power to bridge spirituality and consciousness. Profound, yet tiny structure that allows for communication with external dimensions on several different time planes.

    Shereen Mahtani // 2013-06-06 22:12:36 // //
  • thanks

    thanks // 2013-06-06 22:09:14 // //
  • The brain is importance tool

    Sharon Woodley // 2013-06-06 21:53:48 // //
  • tool

    Diane Belair // 2013-06-06 21:52:25 // //
  • Mined blowing!

    Sophia Sereglei // 2013-06-06 21:17:30 // //
  • Ignor idiots as above!!!!!!!!!

    Joanna Hogan // 2013-06-06 21:16:40 // //
  • Mode back to India you clown.

    Faisal Adnan // 2013-06-06 20:55:59 // //
  • For many animals _ consciousness seems to be centered in the NOSE !

    Frank Novello // 2013-06-06 20:35:19 // //
  • The chakra system is our brain. Human consciousness has blond spots. When we engage our whole energetic system we will see.

    Patricia Lee // 2013-06-06 19:59:20 // //
  • Out of your mind into pure consciousness

    Vicki Boork // 2013-06-06 19:58:55 // //
  • Every thing is an extension and tool of self.... Self being connected and separate from nothing <3

    Darling Buffington // 2013-06-06 19:53:52 // //
  • Both and together only for the brain. Consciousness can exist without the brain and continue after the brain dies.

    Céline Cabana // 2013-06-06 19:49:07 // //
  • We exist in our hear and soul

    Marliese Thomas Gabrielson // 2013-06-06 19:47:33 // //
  • I want access to 9-part Silva Method Starter Kit, please

    Alex Rubinstein // 2013-06-06 19:45:44 // //
  • If you haven't experienced the Silva Method yet, we're giving away you access to ‘The Unlimited You‘, a 9-part Silva Method Starter Kit containing everything you need to start awakening the hidden power of your mind.

    Florence LaMagna // 2013-06-06 19:42:09 // //
  • Some people just exist in the brain only...

    Florence LaMagna // 2013-06-06 19:41:00 // //
  • It is a tool of our consciousness, when we become conscious we get to use the brain rather than be used by it . ht

    Herb Levin // 2013-06-06 19:38:39 // //
  • I exists only because of our ego. Release the attachments our body is a tool of true unionized nature of consciousness

    Alex Lemus // 2013-06-06 19:35:08 // //
  • Depending on our level of conscious awareness our brains are ultimately just a tool.

    Shane Show // 2013-06-06 19:34:47 // //
  • Gwen ...went to see the writer of proof of heaven at the A.R.E in Va. Beach a few weeks ago...He is the most incredible credible loving person I have yet to meet...The most wonderful speaker and presenter and The book is SO well done...Namaste'

    Rebecca Barkey // 2013-06-06 19:34:13 // //
  • The brain is a filter.

    James Wing Ho Wong // 2013-06-06 19:31:38 // //
  • Just read Proof Of Heaven ... the latter...

    Gwen Rutledge // 2013-06-06 19:28:43 // //
  • Both.

    Jay B. Lawrence // 2013-06-06 19:27:58 // //
  • absolutely stunning :)

    Mindset Release Work // 2013-05-19 06:01:26 // //
  • get awareness! a deeper thought rather than a deeper tan, huh? hi mom.

    Dawn Stein // 2013-05-19 02:58:40 // //
  • Awesome.

    Jose Angel Rivera // 2013-05-18 22:30:56 // //
  • See profile pix ...

    Sean Caines // 2013-05-18 21:31:02 // //
  • Perhaps the intrinsic desire to been recognized is based in the fundamental aspect of existence through observation? Great production Deepak, visually, intellectually and Spiritually. Thank you

    Mary S Corning, Life Coach. // 2013-05-18 20:10:57 // //
  • We exist in both!!

    Soledad Rozo // 2013-05-18 19:39:36 // //
  • We exist, spiritually, in the brain of others. Our existence is relative. I exist because others have me in their minds, they think of me, they remember me, they talk about me, etc.

    Wilfredo Ventura // 2013-05-18 17:55:42 // //
  • Humans should to exist within of their brain without that it be a tool and especially not for consciousness, one day they will remember what their brain has forgotten, this majestic oblivion who is to remember that their brain can to live without memory, and finally they will remember of themselves . Forgetfulness is most wonderful remember of the memory ...

    Sarah Saratxoa // 2013-05-18 17:46:22 // //
  • Pure magic.

    Lonna Louise Olson // 2013-05-18 17:30:09 // //
  • Where do you think Christians got the trinity from. You, Me, and Us.

    Lonna Louise Olson // 2013-05-18 17:29:35 // //
  • We cannot forget the glue that binds us.

    Lonna Louise Olson // 2013-05-18 17:28:33 // //
  • Shoot, you exist in my brain and I know it for a fact when i embrace you. It works both ways, and i love it.

    Lonna Louise Olson // 2013-05-18 17:27:09 // //
  • It all exists in my mind. ie, body, experiences ect. Conception of ideas and thinking of those ideas are in the mind.

    Vanessa Curtis // 2013-05-18 17:19:10 // //
  • 2 realities, said it many times. whats real and what's true. We are born knowing the truth. The world takes us off course.

    Jay B. Lawrence // 2013-05-18 17:15:33 // //
  • I'd imagine it's all encompassing.

    Irene Lambly // 2013-05-18 17:11:41 // //
  • I believe it is a tool of our consciousness. We are not our brains, we use our brains, just like we are not our bodies. Our brains are part of our bodies - it is something we have, not something we are.

    Tom Costello // 2013-05-18 17:07:33 // //
  • What we remember and choose what our minds retain is a lot part of our personality.

    Arvin Robles // 2013-05-18 17:06:48 // //
  • Anyone who wants to know more about this should read his book Super Brain :)

    Gabriella Carlson
    // 2013-05-15 04:10:37 // //
  • Please does exist this video in spanish???

    luz De Angelis
    // 2013-05-13 14:57:11 // //
  • traduzcan al español!!!!

    Martin Buceta
    // 2013-05-13 13:20:54 // //
  • Referring memories to light particles in quantum mechanics, mind blowing!

    // 2013-05-12 20:25:57 // //
  • I wonder if Lewis Carroll has Alice fall down a rabbit hole at the beginning of her adventures it signifies her transition from the world that makes sense to a parallel world where nothing makes sense at all.

    // 2013-05-12 12:42:18 // //
  • p second point I wanted to explain was the neat parallel between the old Southern saying involving `rabbit hole` (Which is in polite conversation when someone goes off track or "off on a tangent "you should say come on back you`re going down the rabbit hole you`re losing track of what you were talking about"

    // 2013-05-12 12:27:37 // //
  • Yikes what a mess! I apologize, I was trying to convey two different things number one I hope you are not insulted that I requested an explanation of Ayurvedic medicine from you because it is from India.

    // 2013-05-12 12:23:49 // //
  • Dear Dr. Chopra, have you done an episode about Ayrvedic medicine? Please do not think that I`m pigeon hole you ( since I`m asking you about a branch of wisdom - inspired patient care, since the gift of Ayurvedic care arose thousands of years ago gifted minds of many people of Indian ancestry. Oh, BYW, did you know: in the South going down "a rabbit hole`" is used in polite conversation to encourage someone to That you have chosen for these fantastic episodes. Thank you very much

    // 2013-05-12 11:50:35 // //
  • it was explain to me as synapse making strong and less strong connections that act as positive and negative otherwise 0 & 1`s beside`s every thought you think change the shape of your brain: please some one smart answer

    // 2013-05-12 02:43:28 // //
  • mil gracias

    luz canales
    // 2013-05-11 11:20:21 // //
  • "Cloud computing" ...?

    // 2013-05-11 08:53:36 // //
  • A Digital Database :-)

    // 2013-05-11 06:56:59 // //
  • creo en la evolución...y la mayoría de las personas no estamos preparadas para saber lo que fuimos en vidas pasadas....por lo tanto el olvido como el recuerdo es un regalo de dios .....el recuerdo cuando estemos preparados para saber que hicimos

    LAURA // 2013-05-11 00:21:41 // //
  • I am watching your video Deepak, because I remember how I love watching your videos!

    Tony Nesta
    // 2013-05-10 09:18:18 // //
  • Wow! Thank you very much for sharing!

    // 2013-05-09 14:24:38 // //
  • "We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience." So maybe this is true.

    // 2013-05-09 13:02:12 // //
  • If our brain is more like a computer-a tool we use to retrieve information rather than store it in a physical level, then it is logical that when this tool is affected by age, injury or simply it isn`t working at it`s finest our information retrieval does not works well.

    // 2013-05-09 02:08:06 // //
  • Deepak, it is always a pleasure to listen to you. I wish people who don`t speak english (i am not a native) could understand your videos. Do you think you could place spanish subtitles in them? i would thank you so much. Happy eternity!

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    The Chopra Well
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    kerby franck
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  • so memory is summed up to activations of feelings, emotions, sentiments, experiences; it isn`t stored anywhere in the brain; it just exists as a wave that is sympathetic to recall by the above triggers; and that is the reason why memory is fleeting and we have memory problems? can you answer the question: how can one improve his/her memory? thanks.

    Kiran Sinthakindi
    // 2013-05-07 12:32:13 // //
  • the memory can not be destroyed, memory is preserved through images hearing, smell, feeling but memory can be deformed which creates a state of believing that you have seen, heard, smelled and felt

    Sangereanu Dean
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  • Perhaps if we stop asking each other questions, memory is all that`s left..........

    YourSoul // 2013-05-07 04:02:02 // //
  • Don`t people lose memory with various degrees of brain damage? Is that because the place where memory stored is destroyed or the place that retrieves memory is destroyed?

    Sarah Allspaw
    // 2013-05-07 01:54:43 // //
  • Same here, love the `The Rabbit Hole` videos - always so fascinating and gets you thinking!

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