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Joyful Wisdom
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August 13 2013

Our Dramatic Choice: Prosperity or Annihilation | The Rabbit Hole

Category:  The Rabbit Hole

Deepak Chopra discusses how our abuse of the planet and the consequential climate change may cause the end of the world as we know it. Is there a way to reverse the damage or has our society already condemned human evolution to move backwards?

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  • i love your insights and series, except the title `rabbit hole` seems awkward somehow Thank you for all your work, please can we all create a spirit well-being television network? the medium of tv really needs this, it is a missing channel --spirit/psychology/raising consciousness to higher level, particularly for the younger generation sake

    // 2013-04-24 09:41:09 // //
  • After watching this video, click on "next episode" and you will find out that Deepak tells you that there is no real view looking at the world, there are only different pictures and different points of view............ Sooo what does that mean? Every point of view is valid and every One lives in a world that is valid to oneself, so why not create a most wonderful world in which YOU feels happy and alife? The only thing GOD will do is smile :)

    YourSoul // 2013-04-22 16:30:10 // //



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  • Awareness and Sustainability - maintaining both our inner and outer worlds. Technology should be able to help us become more sustainable. There is the Kardashev Scale, on which we are not yet advanced enough to have reached level 1.

    Francois Fluffydog // 2013-10-09 04:25:17 // //
  • mandenmelo traducido en español por favor

    Share Alcazar // 2013-10-06 01:47:50 // //
  • We can, and may not survive

    Harry Dijkman // 2013-10-05 17:35:00 // //
  • Pls explain.It,s a main problem.We must find solutions.

    Manjeet Kaur Kaura // 2013-10-05 14:33:24 // //
  • I'm at the bottom of it. We must all return to our precious earth and get back to the basic of life and practice compassion.

    Nuiy Adams // 2013-10-05 09:16:06 // //
  • It cant

    Lisa Trummel-Deramo // 2013-10-05 09:00:55 // //
  • Thank you Deepak , so enjoyed this one !

    Penny Anstey // 2013-10-04 15:42:47 // //
  • ....what annoys me the most is that good creatures (including many human beings) will go down because of a few bad ones....human beings, that is.

    Carola Adolf // 2013-10-04 13:51:25 // //
  • WE as all living creatures have a limited time...

    Isha Munk // 2013-10-04 12:41:02 // //
  • Hello Deepak if we are truly in the iron age ( dark age) and know that as true as the seasons come and go that this cycle repeats itself every 500, 000 years how do we cope or deal with this decline when it is an inevitable part of life's cycle. Apparently we are only in the earlier stages of this dark cycle so how do those of us living through it keep our light burning as institutions, structures, Eco systems break down to prepare again for complete dissolution as is required for the Golden age (which will not be seen for many life times). What if any significance does this knowledge have for our day to say lives...

    Lisa Quish // 2013-10-04 07:35:47 // //
  • The words of Deepak Chopra are always so precious and wise!

    Leonardo Pollina // 2013-10-04 05:37:12 // //
  • Thoughtful, it is nice to know I am not alone... :-)

    Jeanette Scott // 2013-10-04 05:25:55 // //
  • It does look inevitable, nations are so far apart in their perceptions, & continue to war against one another that consensus seems light years away. Dr. Chopra thank you for keeping this conversation going and for all you do for humanity.

    Alli Pleasonton // 2013-10-04 04:41:58 // //
  • TRUE!

    Steve Govinda // 2013-10-03 23:53:00 // //
  • Scientists point that no matter what has happened in the past the earth has continued on. WE may make it not suitable for us to live here but I think it is not over anytime soon for the earth.

    Sharon Dufford // 2013-10-03 22:59:34 // //
  • escribir en esoañol

    Lopez Polis // 2013-10-03 22:54:03 // //
  • Mr. Deepak you always said live in the present , right , when you are posting things like this of the end of the world I believe is a option for this kind of stuff doesn't come to home feeds , somebody else handle it not me.

    Tania Martinez // 2013-10-03 21:35:59 // //
  • I love your message and believe it has merit. As a Christian I believe that humans will go on thanks to what God did through Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago. I believe humans need saving and God saved us by providing another beginning through his Son. <3 Stay pure at heart.

    Eli Hernandez // 2013-10-03 21:16:18 // //
  • innovation

    Cosmic Rayz // 2013-10-03 21:11:02 // //
  • Everybody talks about spraying chemicals in the air, and poising our food, but yet we are driving cars, flying plains, trains, bus,etc.. Then blaming it on people who have a pass that says "working for the government" What do you think they eat rocks?

    Jarde Moore // 2013-10-03 21:06:17 // //
  • God Almighty...

    Jarde Moore // 2013-10-03 21:00:43 // //
  • Muy Cierto!!!!

    Paty Ar // 2013-10-03 20:48:59 // //
  • Abundance Brains // 2013-10-03 20:19:51 // //
  • Dear Deepak Chopra, your statement confuses us. From what we understand, your teachings have been always that we are the creators of our realities, and we agree. Saying and believing that "the progression of human civilization comes with the destruction of our planet", could create such reality. Progress comes with the evolution of our brain, of science and self awareness. Self awareness, that allows, all of us, to educate and nurture our ego to become higher beings. Technology is a wonderful tool for spreading such progress, and powerful people, such yourself, can concentrate their mental and wise resources to educate humanity. Goddesses are here with you. May Love and Peace be with you, always <3 <3

    Goddesses // 2013-10-03 20:16:23 // //
  • when 'our' Governments are spraying the very air we breathe with toxic chemtrails then how can we do anything, how can we stop their fundamental crime against humanity?

    Maureen Wilson // 2013-10-03 20:13:20 // //
  • How does anyone muster up any hope after seeing this ?!!

    Rodien de Maar // 2013-10-03 19:36:34 // //
  • Social media is not the problem, what matters is intent, how we use it, it applies for absolutely everything. My fav example: with a fork, you can feed the hungry ones, or you can kill. The choice is ours. One thing we should stop using, is EGO. ;) Ego and everything built on it must fall, for something new that comes from within to rise. Everything is according to the divine plan, beyond the mind's understanding.

    Dana Maria O // 2013-10-03 19:33:46 // //
  • Well that is the current predictable future.

    Kevin Broussard // 2013-10-03 19:20:32 // //
  • We should stop using social media!!!!!!! It has dehumanizing us.

    Grzegorz Wawrzyk // 2013-10-03 19:19:20 // //
  • true

    Cathy Bryan // 2013-10-03 19:15:59 // //
  • If everything is constant and never ends, as you have stated before- how can the world end how can humans end? Since it is not literal and tangible but only through our perceptions?

    // 2013-08-29 00:04:49 // //
  • Example of something that is already coming is chips implanted into the skin, which is like a VISA card and identification. Now someone can know where you are at anytime, and what you like to spend ur money on. Physical money will soon vanish, to make room for more control of humanity.

    Erlend Den Seriøse
    // 2013-08-19 22:09:59 // //
  • My guess for the future. is that some will be able to create a system that gather information on everyone in society, without breaking the privacy (like a machine). It will protect humans, it will force higher understandings as a way for us to survive. Everything you say, think, location, likes/dislikes, friends,family etc will be monitored with this "machine/system". Only when something does not meet a certain quality that sets society in danger, will the information be available to the"police"

    Erlend Den Seriøse
    // 2013-08-19 22:04:41 // //
  • Love is the only true choice <3

    Elaine Rioux-Hoiland // 2013-08-18 00:44:02 // //
  • We live in an incubator. If we look over to Mars you will discover that this planets CORE has cooled and can not incubate life anymore.....this is a natural process. The same will eventually happen to our own world, It can not last forever. That freaks a lot of people out.....the fear of death. Inevitably we will be our own annihilation. You only have to look at life around us.To much of a good thing eventually is unsustainable. Plaques of locusts....plaques of mice. A virus that will kill it's host. These are all mirrors of what eventually is to come. We value life so much that our population will increase to unsustainable levels. Go figure!

    Matt Gordon // 2013-08-15 04:04:42 // //
  • We live in a world where profits are more important than people. Teach the world to meditate and things will start to get better!

    Potential For Change // 2013-08-14 13:44:09 // //
  • ...The World as it is just fine...Its all the fear and dootter in world that need too get on course....

    Stan Linton // 2013-08-14 11:34:29 // //
  • If every one in the world did one thing every day, to recycle, reuse, and conserve resources, no matter how small, change will occur for the betterment of us all and our world. Each small act would add up to an ocean of change!

    Vincent Mantia // 2013-08-14 06:42:45 // //

    Mediaphobale // 2013-08-14 04:26:46 // //
  • sorry no utube in pakistan

    Aizaz Khalid Qureshi // 2013-08-14 02:19:41 // //
  • interesting not the world but the end of a world....

    Ros Re G Roshan // 2013-08-14 00:07:37 // //
  • God embraces irrational possibilities...

    // 2013-08-13 22:41:28 // //
  • Yes! it's up to us

    Lynette Packer // 2013-08-13 19:06:57 // //
  • "love is the ultimate force at the heart of the universe" i threw up a little in my mouth

    Scott Bellows // 2013-08-13 19:02:44 // //
  • .

    Ugo Ventura // 2013-08-13 17:55:47 // //
  • :) <3

    Ugo Ventura // 2013-08-13 17:55:33 // //
  • thanks a lot..OM SHANTY

    Ugo Ventura // 2013-08-13 17:54:52 // //
  • The choice is NOW! What do you choose? <3

    Dennis Dowell // 2013-08-13 17:31:05 // //
  • ..Thanks for remembering..

    Eva Catalina Pierotti Santos // 2013-08-13 17:18:30 // //
  • Thank you for this

    Phil Driscoll // 2013-08-13 17:12:05 // //
  • Thanks for sharing!

    Renee LaVerne Rose // 2013-08-13 16:37:41 // //
  • Very true! Thanks, Master!Namaste!

    Maria Paula Barros Silva // 2013-08-13 16:17:29 // //
  • <3

    Shakila Paltan // 2013-08-13 16:10:28 // //
  • a........

    Johnny Baby
    // 2013-08-09 14:31:25 // //
  • Start planting trees. Today.

    Monk // 2013-05-24 06:47:20 // //
  • on 2nd thought,most ppl who have a PC,use plastic bags,are hyper-consumer and i can`t help sensing some could have written this video and selected someone willing who is alive, maybe elderly with the smallest carbon footprint ever to do the video. i know many `green` ppl,but this is like a dentist eating cake telling children to not eat sweets. yes? Who here uses NO plastic bags and wraps their garbage w a string and newspaper like the olden days? who only walks,bikes to commute

    // 2013-05-21 21:16:54 // //
  • education will break the barriers of inequality. some many people are not factored in the equation, and are ignorant to the damages that they contribute to the planet.aside from big oil companies,fracking which is a disgrace that it even exists!! Part of the problem is not being aware of what is happening elsewhere. People who seriously care about the less fortunate (who are greater in number) are few. Most ppl charge more $ for something which all should have access too> learning, healing. hint

    // 2013-05-21 20:52:45 // //
  • Excellent! Great video +Deepak Chopra

    Roger Deveau
    // 2013-05-21 20:20:55 // //
  • Brett Gallie
    // 2013-05-21 20:17:53 // //
  • the videos are amazing

    Psymplemind // 2013-05-21 16:41:42 // //
  • This is such an important message. We have run out of tomorrows.

    Mary Osgood
    // 2013-05-14 22:56:16 // //
  • Is this the end of the world? | THE RABBIT HOLE with @DeepakChopra - YouTube

    Sourav Ghosh
    // 2013-05-02 05:25:12 // //
  • The end is the beginning..

    Aboud Achdji
    // 2013-05-01 13:00:30 // //
  • Sue Lundquist
    // 2013-04-30 01:11:29 // //
  • Is this the end of the world? #planetearth #humanevolution

    Edyta Peszko
    // 2013-04-29 15:08:56 // //
  • Truth is simple we have so many teachers forever learning but never coming to the truth...we have books..all sorts of information and not one of these teachers have gotten the blot out of their eye..they do not come with true Power but only generate the power of money..still love deepak...its all elementary knowledge

    // 2013-04-29 14:44:16 // //
  • Please just go away. There is no way you were invited into my little FB scene!

    Mike Garber // 2013-04-29 07:33:24 // //
  • Your True Nature is Unlimited Happiness, Limitless Love, Unending Bliss, and The Profoundest Peace. Your True Nature is Life. Life is the most Beauty-Full Wonder, Bliss, and Happiness when you Realize what your True Nature is. Another way of saying True Nature, if this term does not make sense to you, is True Self. Thus, your True Self is Unlimited Happiness, Limitless Love, Unending Bliss, and the Profoundest Peace. When I often Realize this - I feel as if I am going to Explode into and as Infinity Itself. Yet you cannot explode into it because you already Are It and that Is the Realization. You already are: Happy, Love, Bliss-Full, Peace-Full, and Wonder-Full. You just don't realize it because you are identified with the knowledge-games and the false-identity games of society that are un-true. These false-games make you chase after what you think is happiness, so it keeps you distracted and un-aware of your natural-always-already-happy True Self or True Nature. Everyone is born Happy, Loving, Bliss-Full, Profoundly Peace-Full, and Wonder-Full. Babies totally radiate this. Children are so radiant and we love them so much because of this. Gradually, parents throw these bright-ones into the false knowledge-games and false-identity games of society and their light begins to get covered up by layers and layers of society's programming and games. Then, over time and throughout life, the journey of Enlightenment takes place. In other words, the journey of recovering the original radiance or Light that was covered up. Then some people go through years of therapy to remove the garbage of society in hopes of recovering that dim light or original-radiance of happiness. Or some people travel to India to find gurus to help them find that lost Light. Did you know that the origin of the word Guru means 'one who pushes away darkness with light'? That is the job of Enlightened Beings to shine their light of Enlightenment at you, so that you recognize your own Light or your True Self, which was born Enlightened, and is the same Light in them. The light of Life Itself. So, I am posting this Facebook post which now will act as a Signpost to point you in the direction of Realizing your True Nature/or your True Self that you can never lose. You can be un-aware of It, but you can never loose it. You can get lost for half of your life, but you can never, ever, ever loose the truly-true-Truth of Who and What you are (your True Self). My whole purpose behind all of my Facebook posts is to tell you and convey in hundreds of different ways that Life is Already Heaven. You are already Heaven or Perfect-Happiness, Love, Bliss, and Unending Peace Itself. Life is nothing but the greatest thing ever. You are life and life is one, so you are the greatest thing ever along with everything else since it is all life as well. This here, what I am saying, is the message of all those Enlightened and/or Awakened Beings from the beginnings of time. May this post give you a glimpse of your True Self today. Written with Unlimited Happiness, Love, Bliss, and Peace, Your Forever-Friend, Troy of Is. Send a Friend request this way if you can!

    Troy Of-Is // 2013-04-28 19:56:27 // //
  • An Eye Opener. Thank You Friend......

    Dolores Baio-Cassara // 2013-04-28 12:39:47 // //
  • Curious.

    Jose Angel Rivera // 2013-04-28 11:58:59 // //
  • You are not intersted in this topic, Deepak. You rather philosophize about the lights of the big cities. Personally, I am only interested in results. You are talking crap. The typical opportunist. Nothing more. I wish you all a wonderful day.

    Heimo Alexander Kruschinski // 2013-04-28 07:17:38 // //
  • I think this is the end, massive production of materials which are not degradable, massisve use of raw materials and water, global contamination, there is no return

    Ula Step // 2013-04-28 04:10:08 // //
  • everywhere oportunity

    Peter Galasy // 2013-04-27 23:44:38 // //
  • Obviously it's not, absurd

    James Bono // 2013-04-27 23:24:49 // //
  • Thanks

    Crayolas Mágicas // 2013-04-27 23:13:18 // //
  • By 2017 it certainly will be! What a great thing, I can hardly wait!

    Sherry J. Smith // 2013-04-27 23:09:01 // //
  • TCM

    Opalina Chenhall // 2013-04-27 23:07:53 // //
  • Merci ...

    Najla Fourati-Turki // 2013-04-27 23:06:01 // //
  • i dont think dear.

    Ashani Lawrence // 2013-04-27 23:05:08 // //
  • thanks

    Wancharat Thongupakarn // 2013-04-27 23:05:05 // //
  • things do not end, they only change!

    Dave Dowling // 2013-04-27 23:04:21 // //
  • Our abuse of the planet and the consequential climate change will not be the cause of the end of the World as we know it, that will have a different causa.But the truth is that the World as we know it will soon come to a end and no humanbeing can stop this transformation.I also believe that climate change is a overrated issue there are far bigger problems than this.

    HAISSEM EHT // 2013-04-26 00:03:05 // //
  • i love your insights and series, except the title `rabbit hole` seems awkward somehow Thank you for all your work, please can we all create a spirit well-being television network? the medium of tv really needs this, it is a missing channel --spirit/psychology/raising consciousness to higher level, particularly for the younger generation sake

    // 2013-04-24 09:41:09 // //
  • "envision a future where a tiny minority live off the fat of the planet while billions more are dispossessed." That`s exactly what will happen if you get carbon credit and cap and trade plan. All the elites will be flying in their private jets while everyone else is living in mud huts.

    // 2013-04-24 03:39:21 // //
  • Thank you so much. I`ve really been struggling with anger and pessimism that past decade because of the direction the world is going. It was good to watch this.

    // 2013-04-24 01:57:39 // //
  • Hi Deepak, The solution lies with your spiritual guidance combined with permaculture to restore environment on a big scale! Pls seek out geoff lawton in australia Jojo (i hav many of your books and i see the path u r on very much in line with permaculture and they hav the knowledge to landscape countries)

    // 2013-04-23 11:02:43 // //
  • yaa

    James Leon // 2013-04-23 04:08:32 // //
  • I hope, that this will happen, but I will be dead by then... :( or :)

    Toms Stradiņš
    // 2013-04-23 04:06:28 // //
  • In changing yourself please Love yourself first very well then in ever expanding circles to all that you know and then to that which you cannot know thx you will do fine More Power to your insides to radiate it all out for a good Earth to Evolve under us and under our stewardship.

    // 2013-04-23 02:51:53 // //
  • Love does surround us: viz., OM Esavasyaidham sarvem yat kim ca Jagat`tyam Jagat. OM first line of Isa Vandana or ISH Vandana or ISA Upanishad. Love or Isavasyam is the only real thing in creation. The rest of it is just held by this absolute adhesive force thaat is love love and more love of the Divine kind. Thx.

    // 2013-04-23 02:49:25 // //
  • It is never too late to watch this ....Is this the end of the world? | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra There are 18 videos and worth watching....

    Bogdan Fiedur
    // 2013-04-23 02:05:18 // //
  • Rhoda K
    // 2013-04-23 01:21:42 // //
  • Great video! I hope we choose right and prosper in a healthy, happy fulfilling life together :)

    Laura McPhee
    // 2013-04-23 00:37:49 // //
  • what a powerful message, can only imagine how amazing our world would be like if love surrounded us all..

    // 2013-04-22 23:31:28 // //
  • The earth is groaning under the strain of human exploitation. We are all guilty to some degree. A new earth will emerge but it will be minus a big slice of the human race. The dreams I had as a child are now emerging as a prophetic revelation. I am a christian and the fact that so many extremists are in control of political parties it is only a matter of time before we see more acts of hatred of and vendetta against anyone that has even the remotest more or face and ideology that does not fit.

    Mieke van der Drift
    // 2013-04-22 23:23:50 // //
  • AWESOME VIDEO. i feel like i may have had an influence on this video`s topic, but i could be wrong. thank you so much deepak!!

    Firstname Lastname
    // 2013-04-22 22:21:35 // //
  • Deepak Chopra discusses how our abuse of the planet and the consequential climate change may cause the end of the world as we know it. Is there a way to reverse the damage or has our society already condemned human evolution to move backwards?

    // 2013-04-22 22:00:42 // //
  • earth, thankyou chopra well, thankyou deepak

    // 2013-04-22 21:58:54 // //
  • Excellent thank you so much .

    Wendy Wallace // 2013-04-22 21:44:30 // //
  • grascias Deepak..... earth day....we neeed work in our poaibilitys

    rafa garden
    // 2013-04-22 21:20:11 // //
  • EARTH DAY today. Bless us all.

    Tony Nesta
    // 2013-04-22 20:35:45 // //
  • It should be earth day everyday!

    Lorela Franklin // 2013-04-22 20:23:38 // //
  • Thank you,thank you,thank you Deepak Chopra...very inspiring... 

    Arlina Zul Basri
    // 2013-04-22 20:21:21 // //
  • Many thanks that u share with everybody the Earth Day. Namaste!!!

    Soemintradebie Gajadin // 2013-04-22 19:50:05 // //
  • Prophecies fulfilled. /watch?v=gxIVnjXDFlg

    // 2013-04-22 18:49:55 // //
  • Is it the end of the world as we know it? In celebration of Earth Day, Deepak Chopra explores the effects of our treatment of mother earth and what it could mean for human evolution in this brand new episode of The Rabbit Hole. Please watch and share.

    The Chopra Well
    // 2013-04-22 18:37:09 // //
  • Thanks for share, namaste

    Vanessa Virginia Buccioni Lamas // 2013-04-22 17:53:38 // //
  • Namasta Deepak. I`am changing my inside so I`ll be able to radiate it to the outside. Peace and Love to you.

    Charlotte McKernan
    // 2013-04-22 17:44:31 // //
  • No it's not unless you're promoting a book

    James Bono // 2013-04-22 17:17:25 // //
  • After watching this video, click on "next episode" and you will find out that Deepak tells you that there is no real view looking at the world, there are only different pictures and different points of view............ Sooo what does that mean? Every point of view is valid and every One lives in a world that is valid to oneself, so why not create a most wonderful world in which YOU feels happy and alife? The only thing GOD will do is smile :)

    YourSoul // 2013-04-22 16:30:10 // //