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Ten Poems to Change Your Life
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Joyful Wisdom
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GOD: A Story of Revelation (Hardcover)
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Soul of Leadership (Hardcover)
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April 18 2013

Perfectly Imperfect Parents - Spirituality

Category:  Perfectly Imperfect Parents

The hosts discuss how spirituality plays into family life, and the ways parents can instill their kids with values and techniques to help them feel centered.

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  • Gracias muy completo y es muy importantante que nuestros hijos mediten muchas gracias

    Nina Marin
    // 2013-04-18 22:05:29 // //
  • I`m 13 years old and i don`t like meditation i think it`s really boring and i just don`t like sitting there so have you got any tips for that?

    // 2013-04-18 22:02:01 // //



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  • Thank you so much for this video! I would love for my son to meditate but did know where to start. Your dad rocks!

    happymommie // 2013-09-07 18:26:24 // //
  • perfect!!!

    francisco salazar n
    // 2013-04-26 20:08:26 // //
  • As many have already expressed, the natural tendency of children is to be busy, active, and excitable. What soothes them into a state of meditation? Reading and soft music. So when my children were very little, we ended our day with a book, a song, and a prayer. It became a daily ritual for my children, as young as three years old. Now that they`re older, they still wind down in this way: practice their instruments, read, pray/meditate.

    Chelly Wood
    // 2013-04-26 12:04:33 // //
  • Thank you! We`re glad you liked it. Make sure you tune into our last episode which premieres tomorrow (4/25)!

    The Chopra Well
    // 2013-04-24 20:34:26 // //
  • Hi lollypop1999ification. I`ve got three tips, hope you like them! Try pulling silly faces in the mirror - sounds daft, but it`s quite refreshing! I read this in a meditation book, seriously! Put on your favourite song on and dance around the room on your own. Whilst dancing, or doing anything else, try focusing just on the present moment rather than letting your mind think about the past, present and future. This is a meditation called `mindfulness` but you don`t have to sit doing nothing, you could be walking, making something, drawing, or something like that. Good luck :)

    Anon // 2013-04-24 19:16:48 // //
  • Beautiful!!! Really enjoyed this!

    // 2013-04-24 06:43:07 // //
  • I felt the same way as you about meditation but i knew that it was a benefit to my life so i kept trying and i do use the guided meditation on youtube. I also find that meditating in the night time before bed or in the early morning is what works best for me. It may work for you too. Good luck and good on you for findings ways to connect with your spirit. Many blessings to you and your family. Lorraine

    L. Walker
    // 2013-04-22 15:33:34 // //
  • très bien..:)

    Petruska Art-Petruska // 2013-04-20 21:34:39 // //
  • Me gustaría tener subtítulos en español o traducción, gracias

    // 2013-04-20 13:36:16 // //
  • Okay,that`s a valid observation.

    // 2013-04-20 12:27:19 // //
  • No, because as stated in the video spirituality and religion are not the same. However, sebastiantaeggi does have a point that the video mainly refers to meditation as a tool and practice, while not explaining it`s spiritual functions.

    // 2013-04-20 11:06:25 // //
  • S - Stop T - Take 3 deep breaths O - Observe your body smiling everywhere P - Proceed naturally

    // 2013-04-20 10:39:00 // //
  • Could you repeat what was the full form of STOP.. I cant hear it very clear. Gratitude

    Geetika Monga
    // 2013-04-20 03:22:04 // //
  • Does one need to bring in some imaginary God from some kind of heaven in order to make spirituality complete?Just curious!

    // 2013-04-20 02:31:16 // //
  • Very nice to watch. But... it was all about meditation. Is spirituality just about meditation Mallika? Excuse the polite criticism.

    // 2013-04-20 02:03:17 // //
  • We are glad to hear it! Thank you so much for sharing.

    The Chopra Well
    // 2013-04-19 23:52:38 // //
  • Try doing it for a short time as Kelly S above says. Then you can build your way up. Try to clear your mind, but don`t try to force yourself to think of anything in particular. Also please check out our series "The Meditator" that can be found on the homepage. There are some great guided meditations that are short and simple for beginners such as yourself! And it`s awesome that you`re trying so young and aren`t giving up even if you weren`t completely into it the first time. It takes practice!

    The Chopra Well
    // 2013-04-19 23:52:17 // //
  • It is hard for parents to communicate with their teenagers under the best of circumstances, but we applaud you for keeping up the effort. It must not be easy, but the best thing to do when a trust has been broken is to not try and tell her or explain to her what you`re doing. Lead by example and show rather than verbally express how you`ve been changing. That way she can see it for herself and it will be much easier to have a dialogue. Thank you for sharing with us.

    The Chopra Well
    // 2013-04-19 23:49:32 // //
  • Thank you so much for watching!

    The Chopra Well
    // 2013-04-19 23:47:00 // //
  • That`s amazing! It`s a great way to bond and wind down with your child. How do you get a child that young to focus on the meditation?

    The Chopra Well
    // 2013-04-19 23:46:50 // //
  • Fantastic. I do mini meditations with my 3 year old at bed time. It actually helps me too wind down too.

    Clare Greig
    // 2013-04-19 23:24:54 // //
  • thank you so much for this series. it really helps!

    // 2013-04-19 16:16:55 // //
  • Thank you ♥

    Mária Tóth // 2013-04-19 04:16:19 // //
  • I started daily meditation since I went into treatment for addiction 15 months ago. I do a lot of gratitude, breathing, and intention meditation. I alternate. I have a 17 year old daughter who is very angry at me. I try to show her I am present now. I try to show her the benefits of meditation, but she just balks at it. I tell her I am spiritual no religious. It is hard to get past her hurt or get her to talk even. I see a lot of anxiety in her, and she is not open to any help that is offered.

    Amy Brogan
    // 2013-04-19 02:46:16 // //
  • Children is a fundamental topic. People decide to make a family, but unfortunately, they don't prepare and educate themselves to be parents; and they guide children. Therefore, all that we can do to elevate and improve the Consciousness level and education of parents and children, is always welcome. Better behavior of parents, make better behavior children. So, congratulations for Malinka, if she is doing something on favor. Love.

    Patricia Patricia // 2013-04-18 22:57:58 // //
  • Great video!!! Thanks. Mallika, you look pretty with your hair down..

    // 2013-04-18 22:20:55 // //
  • Lollypop199ification Just start with a minute or two at first and work upwards. It is the habit and the practice which will gradually take hold as something positive in your life. Also, when you notice thoughts intruding, treat them like a cloud floating by and recenter on your breath. That works great, give it a try!!

    Kelly S
    // 2013-04-18 22:19:02 // //
  • Gracias muy completo y es muy importantante que nuestros hijos mediten muchas gracias

    Nina Marin
    // 2013-04-18 22:05:29 // //
  • I`m 13 years old and i don`t like meditation i think it`s really boring and i just don`t like sitting there so have you got any tips for that?

    // 2013-04-18 22:02:01 // //
  • Thank you PIP. I have just been researching the benefits of meditation for children for a paper for a class I am taking. I can directly relate to this video from my personal experiences with meditation and the effects it has had on my family. Now I am passionate about finding ways to incorporate this into my home and helping other families do that too. Love your YouTube station!

    Sherri Henderson
    // 2013-04-18 21:31:07 // //
  • My 4 and 7 yr old beg to meditate at night. It's a good family ritual. We got Deepaks book among others.

    Amelia Petersen // 2013-04-18 20:30:24 // //
  • Thanks for sharing.

    Jose Angel Rivera // 2013-04-18 19:50:26 // //
  • Now that i remember my daughter started with problems when her daddy moved to an other country . At that time i discovered Chopra i learn from him how to build a happy life and a healthy daughter . Thanks

    Alejandra Gonzalez // 2013-04-18 17:55:05 // //
  • it is not about teaching, in reality you cannot teach anything to anybody, it is about letting them remember through the act of showing an example and leading them through self action rather than authority.

    Martynas Karys // 2013-04-18 17:26:10 // //
  • It's just a cosmetic solution . doctor recommended a drug for my daughter at her 8 years old . I took an other option ...I Change the routine i gave her my time and all my love love . She broke all my expectations. She knows how to fix internal problems now . She is ready to life with quality

    Alejandra Gonzalez // 2013-04-18 17:21:35 // //
  • In my next life I want to be a Chopra grandchild, imagining that gives me something to be happy about.

    Stormy Whitson // 2013-04-18 17:19:51 // //
  • Awesome <3 -HR

    Author HR BINWALEE // 2013-04-18 17:11:22 // //
  • I was fortunate David Ji told us to start young with our children I started with my son at two and he meditates on his own daily. When hes at school and it's just to crazy for him he asks to be excused for a couple minutes he goes to an empty class and takes about 5 minutes out and grounds himself. I love it

    Shelley Raham // 2013-04-18 17:08:18 // //
  • yes yes yes

    Ana Rosa // 2013-04-18 17:05:21 // //
  • S.T.O.P. :)

    Janine Callovi // 2013-04-18 17:03:36 // //