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Soul of Leadership (Hardcover)
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Brotherhood - by Deepak & Sanjiv Chopra (Hardcover)
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January 26 2013

Ask Deepak - Do We Have a Living Relationship to The Universe

Category:  Ask Deepak Videos

Is there a living connection between us and the Universe? Deepak Chopra discusses this question from both an ancient and a contemporary perspective.
The rhythms and movement of the planets is mirrored in the rhythms of nature, as well as those within our own bodies. We are, indeed, the totality of the Universe, in motion.

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  • we are the universe becoming conscious of itself, it`s true

    // 2013-02-03 19:20:50 // //
  • Thank you for everything,Sir. Thank you forever. :-))))))))))))))

    A.I. // 2013-02-14 22:58:31 // //



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  • Thank you for everything,Sir. Thank you forever. :-))))))))))))))

    A.I. // 2013-02-14 22:58:31 // //
  • thank you.

    Jamaluddin Shamsuddin // 2013-02-04 23:57:46 // //
  • we are the universe becoming conscious of itself, it`s true

    // 2013-02-03 19:20:50 // //

    // 2013-02-01 02:08:40 // //
  • Word!

    // 2013-02-01 02:06:05 // //
  • "of course, every event in the universe is Non-Locally related."

    // 2013-02-01 02:04:53 // //
  • ok,there are much true in that

    Constanza Velaz // 2013-01-31 23:05:41 // //
  • We are ALL connected! That's why we love the work that Deepak Chopra does and are helping birth change in a part of the world that needs it now more than ever: Greece! Come visit and see the living connection between inspired individuals, action and the universe at Eumelia.

    Eumelia Organic Agrotourism / Agritourism Farm & Guesthouse - Ευμέλεια // 2013-01-30 20:44:57 // //
  • H E R M O S O !!!!!!!

    Nina Marin
    // 2013-01-30 16:33:29 // //
  • “The universe and the light of the stars come through me.” We are not a homeless wanderer; we truly are the children of stars, written into every atom and every molecule of our bodies, the entire history of the universe. Thus story of the universe is the story of the mankind and every piece of everything was assembled by the forces of nature in the life of the universe which began zillions of years ago, continues through the evolution of earth life on to human life as we exist today. As we prepare to graduate from the earth school, we begin to comprehend the cosmic laws that govern the universe. But we do not know that we live under the roof of natural laws obeyed by the entire universe. We and the universe are sychronicitically interlaced with intrinsic and indispensable linkage that brings people and events together in a spontaneous way. There is both physical and spiritual bonding between us and the universe. The circulatory motion of the earth around the sun, spinning of the earth on its axis, the lunar motion, the motion of the sun in the cosmic world has a bearing on each and every unit of matter found on the earth, how will it not impact the human beings. The lunar and solar activities boost huge tide waves that disrupts the flow of wind, water in the sea, creating and destroying innumerable objects and beings in the earth including mankind. The science of astrology is based on planetary positions in the universe and how it impacts our everyday life. It is clear to us no doubt, that we are the universe in motion unfolding as it should. In this flip flop the universe is guided by its soul which is all powerful and omnipresent. And we are just the speck of this universal soul and part and parcel of that higher consciousness which is embedded in the heart of the universe- “THE GOD”. Our connection to this higher consciousness or The God is through our immortal soul. It is huge, enormous, that we are tiny lives of this “Limitless Light”. The universal soul is our friend, philosopher and guide placing opportunities, people and situations in our lives at exactly the time we need them. There is a popular saying -“When we really desire something from the deepest of our heart, the universe conspires to make it happen.” So like a mother who understands the heart of her child, so does the universe takes care about our heart’s desire. What exactly we need is to take action on our intention and our soul will open up to align with the universal soul for manifestation of our intention. I believe the best way to live is to have faith in the universe to be governed immutably, dependably, absolutely and universally The more we are with it the more alive we are. To unconditionally immerse into it is to know life at its ultimate peak, to know the climax of life, thus rising to crescendo of comfort in life thus fighting against the universal laws is like hitting the head against the mountain which might shatter us. The intelligent person surrenders, to the universal laws or to God and they become immortal and eternal. “I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe. All powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark. We just need to follow our bliss the universe will open the doors where there is only wall.”

    Soni Shalini // 2013-01-29 10:46:59 // //
  • The universe is an intimate part of the ultimate reality (God). God is bigger than just this universe; but you don`t understand Divinity incorrectly. You are assuming God to be a human like person who judges people. Divinity is an ever evolving, growing, expanding infinite possibilities. God is personal, impersonal and transpersonal at the same time. A mystery that is directly a part of our being. A universal consciousness. The ultimate reality. Known deeply and yet Unknowable by finite minds.

    Farhan Qureshi
    // 2013-01-29 05:10:47 // //
  • thats true i seen that wormhole episode with freeman too was pretty good

    // 2013-01-27 20:33:02 // //
  • I`ve just found out about your video`s now Mr.Deepak, and I have to say, they are very intellectual and spiritual, and every video has it`s purpose! Thank you very much for making these enlightening videos!

    Jenomi Thuduwage
    // 2013-01-27 17:22:38 // //
  • There is absolutely a living connection. I've always felt it, but Deepak helped me give it a name - consciousness!

    Shirley Voss // 2013-01-27 12:58:35 // //
  • Thank You <3

    Nayna Bhikha // 2013-01-27 06:30:40 // //
  • Good I agree I know about circadian rythm of melatonin & serotonin secrection being entrained to dark & light rythm. But how should i get aligned with cosmic intelligence, communicate with Universe & understand its message or be more aligned !!

    Thakur Shubra Sinha // 2013-01-27 04:35:57 // //
  • Just fantastic and very beautiful.

    Amilla Betiina Jensen // 2013-01-27 00:10:29 // //
  • Don`t ask universe as universe is juste a creation of God, ask and pray God directely without any intercession. Because God doesn`t accept intercession. So your theory about universe is not correct, try to shift your spirit quite a bit to understand the deep meaning of what I am saying. Ask him to show you the way, and you will find it.

    // 2013-01-26 23:28:23 // //
  • When you are talking about the Universe are you meaning the universe that God created ? If you mean God when you say universe I ask you whay don`t you simply say God. If you mean by universe something else, it means that the universe you are talking about is that was created by God. Then Why asking universe, when we can ask God directely ? If you want something, just ask God, and not universe of santa cruz or the sky or stars !!! wake up mannnn !

    // 2013-01-26 23:23:11 // //
  • yes, as Ive stated before

    Jay B. Lawrence // 2013-01-26 19:39:47 // //
  • Thank you Deepak!

    Debbie Moran // 2013-01-26 19:37:27 // //
  • Yes!

    Myriam Celis // 2013-01-26 19:04:23 // //
  • Deepak you fucking tourist. You may be an MD, but you are not a physicist. Stop distorting astronomy to serve your pseudoscience bullshit.

    Jonathan Thunderchunk // 2013-01-26 18:26:47 // //
  • love the metaphor of rhythms of the body and universe creating universal consciousness and higher forms of being

    Jason Klein // 2013-01-26 18:21:20 // //
  • Go Deepak!

    Genya G. Bonfield // 2013-01-26 18:14:42 // //
  • I love all the work Deepak does, But just once, i would like him out of our heads and have him use his considerable influence and intellect to comment on some of the real, earth bound challenges our societies face.Peace.

    Tom Marcantonio // 2013-01-26 17:38:11 // //
  • brilliantly put ...x

    Anna Tamsin Groves // 2013-01-26 16:48:47 // //
  • Yep!!!

    Barton Landfair // 2013-01-26 16:36:27 // //
  • Thank you Deepak for the good you spread.

    Gerald Zwers // 2013-01-26 16:24:20 // //
  • Oh, yes...

    Jane Davis // 2013-01-26 16:14:06 // //
  • very good info

    Mariann Boda Toth // 2013-01-26 16:08:23 // //
  • YES!!!

    Suzanne Olsen // 2013-01-26 16:06:58 // //
  • anti-matter, matter. We are just not equipped to measure it...I also believe in "String Theory"

    Samantha Grant Screenwriter // 2013-01-26 16:06:25 // //
  • we are an embodied life .. that life is the Universe ..

    Cath A Lamond // 2013-01-26 16:03:46 // //
  • Discovery channel had a show a month or two ago called Through the Wormhole: is the Universe Alive? And it was narrated by Morgan Freeman; I thought it was excellent. I def believe in animism.

    Farhan Qureshi
    // 2013-01-25 19:21:53 // //
  • Deepak is such a wise man

    // 2013-01-25 15:31:41 // //
  • Thank you :)

    // 2013-01-25 06:25:29 // //
  • Thank you so much Sir Amazing explanation.Love & Light ;-)

    Raghu Chakravarthy
    // 2013-01-25 06:03:40 // //
  • Love it

    // 2013-01-25 03:52:34 // //
  • Thank You, in Unity :):):)

    // 2013-01-25 03:10:11 // //
  • Awesome explanation. Thankyou.

    Bormee Pai
    // 2013-01-25 02:53:29 // //
  • i agree. why don`t more ppl recycle then? is it ignorance? maybe we could have a tube or conduit that carries non-biodegradables to outer space to be crushed by a black hole...

    // 2013-01-24 21:20:19 // //
  • Can you comment on your feelings about people who keep seeing recurrent number patterns ( mine is 316). I know other people say this happens to them too( like 1111 and others). Seems like for the last 6 years or so I have been seeing 316 everywhere especially time wise. Even my wedding date!!! I had never told my fiancé about the number recurrence and he came home saying that the only date he got for our wedding was march 16th. Lol. I would love to hear your take!!! Spooky!!!

    // 2013-01-24 19:30:26 // //
  • That`s wonderful, and thank you so much for sharing!

    // 2013-01-24 19:12:40 // //
  • Thank you Deepak. Love what you do, love sharing it with my friends and followers!

    // 2013-01-24 18:58:44 // //
  • Thank you Mr Chopra M.D.!

    Rebecca M Evans
    // 2013-01-24 18:38:12 // //
  • WTF is a "living connection"?

    // 2013-01-24 18:21:33 // //
  • Why is always appears so simple when Deepak explains it ? Damn...

    // 2013-01-24 17:47:21 // //
  • We are stardust! You stole that line from Joni Michell (Woodstock)

    Mike Servis
    // 2013-01-24 17:24:07 // //