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October 24 2012

Thirty Days Of Intent - Orgasmic Meditation

Category:  Thirty Days Of Intent

Natalie and Iman meet with Nicole Daedone, founder of OneTaste and the orgasmic meditation method.
They are introduced to this powerful intimacy practice with a live demonstration that leaves Iman sweating and Natalie crying.

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  • I think this is a total corruption and desecration of spiritual techniques. Yoga and meditation are for controlling the sexual urge and channeling it towards higher purposes. The first step of yoga- yama- includes brahmacarya, or sexual energy management. It`s unfortunate that Nicole is using these ancient techniques to refocus people on sexuality. I applaud her commitment to educate and instruct people in achieving heightened states of pleasure, but there is no need to overlay it with Indian spirituality. Tantra is completely confused with yoga and yoga confused with anything in America. Om is not for Orgasmic Meditation, but a sound that is associated with the creation of the material universe. Nicole`s techniques are another example of taking yoga out of context to further one`s own agenda.

    Shocked! // 2012-10-24 19:51:06 // //
  • OM focuses on female orgasm because it teaches a way to flow with sexuality that we don`t learn in conventional society, pornography and sex education. We are taught that climax is the most important part of sex but OM reveals how much is truly available when both a man and woman connect to the peaks and valleys of female orgasm. There is a video on the website called "whats in it for the men" where men talk honestly about how OM has changed their sex lives. It is great.

    // 2012-10-25 17:54:55 // //



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  • sad to see meditation is degraded......

    sad // 2013-12-16 12:47:14 // //
  • Yes, the classes cost money. But OM costs nothing. After reading a bit of material on the internet (including watching this video), my partner and I started doing it. After just two days we noticed profound effects. At this point I have not spent a cent, but have gained significant self-knowledge, knowledge of my partner, and have moved myself into the next phase of my sexual development and self-awareness. If OneTaste wants or needs to make a bit of profit so they can keep educating the public, why should I grudge them any more than any other company?

    Annika // 2013-12-08 14:57:01 // //
  • Onetaste, you are an opportunist. These classes cost money...surely you are on the path toward non-materialism. Let me ask my girlfriend if she`d rather me rest my left forefinger on the left side of her clit for 15 minutes, or if she`d rather squirt. Here is my path to Nirvana and a much better business model...

    Poidog // 2013-04-23 18:45:40 // //
  • Hey, Rub my clit for fifteen minutes in a pseudo-yoga pose. Enlightenment achieved. You are now closer to an answer.

    Poidog // 2013-04-23 18:39:22 // //
  • I have mixed feelings - I, too, am weary of many uninformed westerners equating anything slightly eastern with "yoga" or, especially, "zen." However, we clearly need more openness about sex if it`s ever to become generally satisfying or even enjoyable for most women. I think the problem lies mostly in the cultural shame surrounding it; of course many men don`t have the slightest idea what to do, there`s too little education. And women have a hard time asking for what they need (or often don`t even know), because women aren`t supposed to enjoy sex, and if they direct the action at all, that supposedly reflects badly both on the man AND the woman. I do have an issue with "instructions" - "Start here, then do this," etc. Preferable to listing steps like that would be to spend a lot more time encouraging simple communication! Well, maybe not preferable - maybe just an equal emphasis on the woman being able to state her needs, and the man being given suggestions as to "technique." I`m hesitant to divide the topic into genders, but that does seem to reflect the current societal situation in general.

    RedBridge // 2013-03-08 13:03:23 // //
  • sexy 

    Lylah Craig
    // 2012-11-04 00:54:35 // //
  • this is so inappropriate what does this have to do with intent and so awkward lol

    // 2012-11-02 06:23:52 // //
  • ALPHACAT YOU ARE THE MAN LOL No way I would have kept a straight face.

    Alex Bro
    // 2012-11-01 23:56:52 // //
  • hahahahahahahah I LOL-ed so hard!!

    // 2012-11-01 21:24:40 // //
  • Spirituality is about wholeness, connection and oneness. It includes everything without judgment and excludes nothing. Sexual energy is the energy of creation. When people are resisting, reacting, rejecting, suppressing and denying sexualness in themselves and others, it is a separation from that oneness. To fully appreciate life and to truly live it to the highest possible potential you must be in allowance of the potency that orgasm is. I am in gratitude of living that I can actually orgasm from good food, a sunrise, roller coasters, good drink, amazing scents. I can orgasm from life itself. That is how everyone has the capacity to experience this embodiment, yet no one will choose it. This is why we choose to have a body yet people deny it. Stop creating separation. Stop polarizing sexual energy into good or bad, right or wrong, because it isn`t. Drop your barriers and be truly open and vulnerable in order to become one with all.

    Conscious Awareness // 2012-10-31 13:39:51 // //
  • He did indeed! He came to our center in SF a few years back and learned the practice of OM from us. If you`re curious to know more check out or email me at Enjoy!

    // 2012-10-31 05:31:35 // //
  • The practice or techniques looks wonderful, looks amazing. Even do that he enjoy our sex life. I`m going to learn this “Slow sex Orgasmic Meditation” nice to refocus people on sexuality, I’m awarded with it

    Carlos // 2012-10-30 23:14:23 // //
  • This is wrong in so many ways. I had so much respect for Deepak before I saw this.

    // 2012-10-30 22:45:37 // //
  • Seriously?!

    liz // 2012-10-30 13:48:17 // //
  • WOW. Thanks so much to TheChopraWell for this series and for this video/topic in particular. I came to it just bobbing along in the autoplay order and WHAM!, I hear and see the woman (demonstrator) in what seems to be orgasm...sure enough, it was!

    David Krauss
    // 2012-10-29 19:01:40 // //
  • absolutely rubbish ,how can u add word "Meditation" to such a thing. How can chopra well stay silent?

    Kiran Sood
    // 2012-10-29 06:02:51 // //
  • Tim Ferriss took this class!

    Camila Prada
    // 2012-10-29 01:45:30 // //
  • mmmm tkx

    Grace Mayer // 2012-10-28 21:32:40 // //
  • I`m glad I don`t have to go through this ... my man and I have a connection that`s beyond the sexual senses. We connect on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I do agree wit you, Shocked -- this is taking meditation and yoga out of context.

    OMG! // 2012-10-28 20:16:47 // //
  • Crumbling a'll love this one......

    Yahaira Scoop // 2012-10-28 14:38:58 // //
  • Interresting topic...

    Nina Ko // 2012-10-28 11:22:18 // //
  • where can we find the 10 spot yoni chart?

    michelle rossi
    // 2012-10-28 04:20:31 // //
  • To call it orgasm is to suggest a regular spike like a drive or drug synaptic firing. I would call this "transcendental masturbation" instead of using the word "orgasm". I find the use of the word offense being a Masculine Manly type from the south and prefer to use the phrase "Action Potential" during my synaptic firing. And i would add that men and women can achieve such a state of nirvana through visualization techniques and attuning to the cosmic. So i guess it would be a form of real YOGA since the importance is training and disciplining the mind. Disciplining the mind for what? Against spikes in sensation and opiate receptors and drugs..even hunger drives. Its not as rewarding as a regular climatic orgasm and it is like meditation in that there is no reward other than the continual state of bliss that does not attain climax. Be careful if you don`t know what you are doing you might not come out of your room and meditate all day. And in America meditation of this sort and of any sort it seems is becoming increasingly illegal or questioned. It`s wicked? peace profound, david webb

    highwyre69 // 2012-10-28 03:49:31 // //
  • im for!!!....but....... as the wise women always say: the real man do it ....or the man talk about it.... :D :D :D

    Magda Peereboom // 2012-10-28 02:54:00 // //
  • This is very true, to the point that this spiritual connection is forever...(especially when love is involved). Even when you're o longer in a relationship or living in the same location. The person feels each other telepathically, and may respond to help the other/come to the aid of. This is a very precious, very spiritual connection.

    Rev-Ariel Asriel // 2012-10-28 01:54:38 // //
  • A very motivating topic, like to read the content of the book!

    Nwarulor Victor Tochukwu // 2012-10-28 01:20:38 // //
  • It is the journey , not the destination. Is this a twisted version of Tantra yoga?

    Valentina Markovska // 2012-10-27 23:52:00 // //
  • Something tells me they won't be teaching this in a Mississippi high school yoga class ...

    Bob Lee // 2012-10-27 23:40:24 // //
  • Beautifully deepens the experience of intimacy which transcends normalcy that we've been conditioned to

    Barrett Duran // 2012-10-27 23:03:31 // //
  • This is an interesting topic.

    Bertha Miranda // 2012-10-27 22:56:25 // //
  • this have a name.

    Viva La Vida Danni // 2012-10-27 22:45:34 // //
  • makes. you. feel. a. new. person ..

    Kevin Smith // 2012-10-27 22:44:31 // //
  • Real talk :)

    Stephanie Denise // 2012-10-27 22:43:30 // //
  • Thanks a lot dear master!

    Claudia Laudanno // 2012-10-27 22:38:57 // //
  • YES IT DOES !!!

    Debye Carter Pannekeet // 2012-10-27 22:34:35 // //
  • Some reasons I respect this effort 1. We can never learn too much about tenderness, healing, and understanding. 2. Those who have the most to learn along this line are men (I`m a man) 3. Sustainable love and intimacy, especially between life partners, seems more likely to succeed with this approach than with goal oriented brief orgasmic mandates throughout all of lifes chapters. 4. The detailed and respectful mapping of the vagina and clitoris respects the inherent intelligence of the body, its capacity for nuance and deep contentment, provided we apply our interactive intelligence. 5. Women suffer pains regularly that men can only imagine (do we ever try?). Having a way to alleviate or compensate or somehow ease these deeply painful experiences seems to me a powerful form of practical care and restoration. 6. Life grows in this place; let`s learn to tend to the precious garden as it wants and needs. Great work...thank you!

    Grateful // 2012-10-27 17:36:27 // //
  • . I would understand and agree with orgasmic meditation if it were done in private by the couple. But to sit there and spread her private beauty amongst strangers and treat an orgasm like an average everyday exercise is just ridiculous!!! Come on!!! I cant believe that woman is serious!!! Those two were just dying to burst out laughing and running off!!! Extremely embarassing and an insult to the true meaning of an orgasm. A spiritual unity between two people which envolves animal instincts.

    // 2012-10-27 05:05:12 // //
  • tantra and meditation not the same thing, best way to say this, tantra comes from the esoteric views of things that not always agreed upon by some people like I that believe its dirty to be taught or shown in public, it makes eastern Hindu buddist religion look bad and it not scriptural in any way just teachings from esoterists and occultists, I myself believe true meditation transcends the body to realization of self atman as it was taught long ago

    // 2012-10-27 04:35:46 // //
  • I want to see alphacat talk about his breakup.

    // 2012-10-27 04:25:30 // //
  • Alphacat`s reactions are amazing

    // 2012-10-27 04:13:26 // //
  • Yoga means union with Supreme God Father of all creation and does not involve sexual pleasure satisfaction in group settings please stop perverting the meaning of yoga and defiling the holy teachings of God this all perversion and very offensive to the eastern religions, if your going to teach this use other words such as group orgies masturbation organisms

    // 2012-10-26 23:21:36 // //
  • that not meditation but perversion and misunderstanding of tantra that is to be done only between a man and a woman in marriage not in some group setting this is a sick perversion of the meaning of such teachings, true meditation in form is without self gratification of body sense organs, please don`t call this meditation that is perverting of the meaning of mediation

    // 2012-10-26 22:55:39 // //
  • Fantastic!

    // 2012-10-26 19:29:40 // //
  • I didn`t feel anything wrong about this. I am a spiritual person and I am also married. I can relate to this. I want to grow spiritually. My knowledge is quite limited but I`m aware that there seems to be a connection between spirituality & sexuality.

    anamika // 2012-10-26 15:54:38 // //
  • that is one sick shit... in fancy wrapping.

    Arthur Cadjan
    // 2012-10-26 02:42:38 // //
  • Alphacat`s face at 4:35.... LOL!

    // 2012-10-26 00:21:39 // //
  • Its very easy to recognise when ignorance is filled to over the brim.I have no desire to further educate you on the vedic culture and ancient science and purpose of meditation.I am not convinced that you have the capacity and intelligence to understand nor do you deserve to be educated on it.This is the nightmare the world faces when golden knowledge gets into wrong hands.This is the outcome.Crap like this shud take place in a bedroom.It`s called stink when the whole world has to see rubbish.

    Draupadi Omkar
    // 2012-10-25 20:13:35 // //
  • So, you aren`t a parent obviously... My 8 year old girl watched the whole thing and brought it to our attention and is already asking what a vagina and orgasm are. Personally, as a father, I would absolutely love taking a 2x4 and smashing your idiotic face in for saying that my child will go watch porn being an 8 year old. And per a youtube admin email sent back to me this morning, this video is actually not in appropriate range for ToS... Nice try dumbshit.

    // 2012-10-25 18:12:42 // //
  • Hi there, You don`t need a partner to take a class and learn this practice. If you take a class at OneTaste, there are often other people in the room who you may feel comfortable having an OM with. We have classes around the nation you can check out at or email me at and I`m happy to answer more questions!

    // 2012-10-25 17:56:20 // //
  • OM focuses on female orgasm because it teaches a way to flow with sexuality that we don`t learn in conventional society, pornography and sex education. We are taught that climax is the most important part of sex but OM reveals how much is truly available when both a man and woman connect to the peaks and valleys of female orgasm. There is a video on the website called "whats in it for the men" where men talk honestly about how OM has changed their sex lives. It is great.

    // 2012-10-25 17:54:55 // //
  • Hi there, OneTaste teaches the practice of OM to people all across the world. You can learn more about what we do at It is indeed legit and changing people`s sexuality and relationships. Let me know if you have further questions!

    // 2012-10-25 17:18:47 // //
  • Thank you for your input, utku67. We`re so glad this topic has sparked discussion. Just to propose a slightly different way of thinking about it - consider the term "meditation" as deriving from the Latin root, which means "to think, ponder or contemplate." In that sense, could it be that "orgasmic meditation" refers to intense concentration and focus on that single point of contact, as Nicole describes? Interested to hear your thoughts!

    // 2012-10-25 17:17:21 // //
  • Absolutely, I love all the videos on this network! They`re so easy to resonate with, thank you!

    // 2012-10-25 16:03:35 // //
  • Thanks for turning me onto this channel, Alpha. Learning about you has allowed me to understand myself a bit more as well. It seems that we share a similar childhood experience. I have come to understand why I act and feel the ways that I do. All in all, you are a cool dude and I am glad that I came across your work. You have a fan or life.

    // 2012-10-25 12:44:26 // //
  • Love their expressions...

    // 2012-10-25 11:07:43 // //
  • Is this legit?

    // 2012-10-25 09:27:27 // //
  • What about men? My husband can only seem to climax by himself and I know this causes us to never connect....

    // 2012-10-25 09:20:33 // //
  • Where would one go to learn about this? What if you don`t have a partner to bring with you?

    // 2012-10-25 06:41:44 // //
  • It is okay for the two of you to try it. It can be embarassing at first to do something out of the ordinary around sex, but it is a really amazing experience that you`ll really enjoy. you can learn more at

    // 2012-10-25 06:08:51 // //
  • If you are interested in learning more about OM and Nicole Daedone, you can visit us online at or on slash)NicoleDaedone.

    // 2012-10-25 06:06:05 // //
  • youtubes gone coo-coo

    // 2012-10-25 05:53:48 // //
  • AlphaCat was hilarious on this episode.

    // 2012-10-25 05:38:47 // //
  • You can learn how to OM at our website at or by emailing me at We teach men and women all over the country how to OM, both singles and couples.

    // 2012-10-25 05:19:50 // //
  • You can learn on our website at We have a private social network group called the OM you can join and connect with other people who do the practice all over the world and talk about OM, relationships and sexuality in an honest and turned on way.

    // 2012-10-25 05:15:59 // //
  • Tantric-nisity is slowing climbing over humanity`s walls....

    // 2012-10-25 05:14:46 // //
  • I wouldnt know what da fuck to say.

    // 2012-10-25 05:11:29 // //
  • Wtf am I watching

    // 2012-10-25 05:05:51 // //
  • Hi there, We teach this practice all over the world. In the US, we have 9 cities with budding communities.  You can also learn online and join our social network called the OM Hub where thousands of people talk about OM, relationships and sex everyday.

    // 2012-10-25 05:01:11 // //
  • Okay great!!!!

    Toura Hooper
    // 2012-10-25 05:00:22 // //
  • Hi Toura, You can also follow Nicole Daedone on Facebook at {forward slash}nicoledaedone

    // 2012-10-25 04:58:17 // //
  • Posting it on my Face Book wall now!

    Toura Hooper
    // 2012-10-25 04:37:18 // //
  • if only this episode was uncensored, ill probably learn something lol

    // 2012-10-25 04:26:47 // //
  • hmmm my question is where do people do this. like not as a joke or making fun of it or anything because its very interesting. but just out of wonderment.

    // 2012-10-25 04:22:20 // //
  • Alpha cat, why did you bring me here!?

    // 2012-10-25 04:18:14 // //
  • lol!! ALL im thinking right now IS THiS FORREAL?! I cant take this lol!

    // 2012-10-25 03:59:39 // //
  • Freaks!!!

    // 2012-10-25 03:49:55 // //
  • Alphacat wtf did you get urself into..

    // 2012-10-25 03:34:56 // //

    // 2012-10-25 03:25:39 // //
  • all of a sudden, I feel the need to masturbate....

    // 2012-10-25 03:23:03 // //
  • This is by far my favorite episode! lmao

    // 2012-10-25 03:10:57 // //
  • WTF!!!!!!!

    // 2012-10-25 03:01:29 // //
  • The energy field your brain and your heart emit can fill a room. Everyone in the room can feel it if they are aware. Great piece but too bad they blocked out the visuals. Would love to learn more... Maybe next episode they can get some more mature kids to experience the material.

    // 2012-10-25 02:44:47 // //
  • It is completly in the realms of appropriate in terms of what a youtube video can have. Grow up and stop worrying about what your kids see on YOUTUBE! There is so much stuff that they will see just by typing in ****.com and than what they see in this video. Do you even think a kid will bother to watch this? NO, they either wont understand it or will just get mad at the censor and go hit up a porn site using either google chromes incognito window or private session on Internet Explorer.

    // 2012-10-25 02:38:42 // //
  • They know who they are!!!

    Draupadi Omkar
    // 2012-10-25 02:38:38 // //
  • Alphacat you looked so uncomfortable hahaha but good stuff, i would love to learn this. Good connection in relationships /marriage

    // 2012-10-25 02:30:08 // //
  • Yea, this is informative and all, but really SHOULDN`T be where young kids, like mine, can randomly see this. Flagging this shit. Put it on a private site....

    // 2012-10-25 02:24:44 // //

    // 2012-10-25 02:24:06 // //
  • who are u talking to?

    // 2012-10-25 02:12:31 // //
  • this episode is so real and raw that there`s the word "raw" in the video URL above lol

    // 2012-10-25 02:00:45 // //
  • poor alpha cat and natalie having to be straight-faced while watching that shit. hahahahhahaah

    // 2012-10-25 01:45:10 // //
  • So just randomly I stopped at 4:05 and started laughing seeing Natalie just like "whoa". While iman, you were like, um.... Lady, you pants are kinda off and everything`s showing. So iman, has your mother seen the video yet? Her reaction?

    // 2012-10-25 01:42:31 // //
  • Its very easy to recognise when ignorance is filled to over the brim.I have no desire to further educate you on the vedic culture and ancient science and purpose of meditation.I am not convinced that you have the capacity and intelligence to understand nor do you deserve to be educated on it!!!

    Draupadi Omkar
    // 2012-10-25 01:40:03 // //
  • i see.....thank you for replying. Just trying to understand this type of closeness. I think ill leave this alone.

    // 2012-10-25 01:15:42 // //
  • what`s wrong with her noise 7:21

    Chantel Brown
    // 2012-10-25 00:58:33 // //
  • Oh god.. Alphacats face..

    // 2012-10-25 00:46:33 // //
  • Thanks for chiming in here. What is the distinction you`re making between cosmic and orgasmic energy? For us, we believe that the root of energy comes from that orgasmic energy that is present and available in all of us, it literally is the same energy that births us into the word, and in that vein it is one and the same as what I would call cosmic energy. We believe, regardless of what you name that energy, it is something to cultivate and learn to work and engage with.

    // 2012-10-24 23:34:33 // //
  • Wow! I love it, is there any chance you might subtitle this in spanish?

    // 2012-10-24 23:31:07 // //
  • Just as sitting meditation focuses on the breath, orgasmic meditation focuses on the physical sensations of the body.  Our philosophy is that the deepest awakening comes from expansion and inclusion, meeting life just as it comes to us and learning from each thing that comes our way, rather than transcending or rising above. With full engagement of all of life and energy and sensation, we experience the full range of what is possible as spiritual and human beings.

    // 2012-10-24 23:27:25 // //
  • Awesome! Where are you learning at? Let me know if you have questions or would like to know more. You can check out or email me at

    // 2012-10-24 23:04:11 // //
  • This looks amazing. I`m going to learn this practice in a couple of weeks. I can`t wait to bring so much pleasure and connection to others :-)

    // 2012-10-24 22:34:25 // //
  • Thank you so much for following the show!

    // 2012-10-24 22:32:57 // //
  • Wonderful,Im so glad that another intelligent person sees the wrongfulness associated with the vedic science of meditation.Nobody is saying `dont enhance and enjoy your orgasm",all that is said,,is dont associate it with the science of meditation ..Meditation is used to achieve Cosmic Energy NOT ORGASMIC ENERGY.Please go do your homework on what MEDITATION is.I am also diappointed and shocked that the head of Chopra Well would allow such disrespect and wrongful use of the science of meditation.

    Draupadi Omkar
    // 2012-10-24 22:31:28 // //
  • I really look forward to these episodes, such great characters (:

    // 2012-10-24 21:30:46 // //
  • You are welcome, we`re delighted you enjoyed it and to hear from so many people who "get it." OM and the attention and cultivation that goes with it are truly profound.

    // 2012-10-24 20:13:09 // //
  • You are welcome, we`re delighted you enjoyed it and to hear from so many people who "get it." OM and the attention and cultivation that goes with it are truly profound.

    // 2012-10-24 20:12:53 // //
  • Hi Roberto, Thank you for noticing that, it really was sweet how they both dropped those responses and really stayed connected to the moment. That kind of attention and behavior is so important to the practice of OM and we find it naturally happens as people feel the pure connection that happens as a result of feeling OM.

    // 2012-10-24 20:10:27 // //
  • I think this is a total corruption and desecration of spiritual techniques. Yoga and meditation are for controlling the sexual urge and channeling it towards higher purposes. The first step of yoga- yama- includes brahmacarya, or sexual energy management. It`s unfortunate that Nicole is using these ancient techniques to refocus people on sexuality. I applaud her commitment to educate and instruct people in achieving heightened states of pleasure, but there is no need to overlay it with Indian spirituality. Tantra is completely confused with yoga and yoga confused with anything in America. Om is not for Orgasmic Meditation, but a sound that is associated with the creation of the material universe. Nicole`s techniques are another example of taking yoga out of context to further one`s own agenda.

    Shocked! // 2012-10-24 19:51:06 // //
  • It was amazing to see the conditioned initial sexual hang up they both seemed to have, but within the natural honesty & beauty of the moment their true natures recognized the natural harmony & connection between a man & a woman.

    Roberto Black
    // 2012-10-24 19:45:43 // //
  • Beautiful video. This is what I teach when I teach tantra. Thank you for this. We need more videos like this in this world. The guilt and shame surrounding sexuality is there and to be open to the deeper spiritual experience rather than a place "to get to" is what it is all about. Thank you.

    // 2012-10-24 19:44:57 // //
  • There are many ways of using sexual energy for spiritual development but I am completely against using he name of "meditation" for these purposes. This is clearly not a pure meditation. Unfortunately in the self-help books and personal developments books the word "meditation " has been used so many times for wrong purposes and concepts. These type of practices cannot be nominated as MEDITATION. I am deeply disappointed that Chopra Well doesn`t say anything for the misuse of the term MEDITATION.

    // 2012-10-24 19:38:53 // //
  • Hi there! At OneTaste, we don`t pair people up to OM together. Many single people come to us to learn to OM. We offer classes and coaching and people often find people in our classes they want to OM with, OR they find people on our social network called the OM Hub. You can find more information about our classes, coaching and the OM hub on our website: or by emailing me at

    // 2012-10-24 19:14:49 // //
  • Thank you for watching and commenting!

    // 2012-10-24 18:55:06 // //
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  • Thank you for watching and commenting! Creating dialogue about these important topics is what we`re all about. Please share the video to help spread the conversation! :)

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  • You are so welcome! Please share the video if you found it helpful! :)

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  • Love your take on this. We totally agree, as an organization, we say that we are a clean well lit place for people to come talk about sexuality, because it is not necessary for it to be hidden and shameful any longer. If you`d like to learn more about OM and our mission, check us out at or you can contact me directly at

    // 2012-10-24 18:17:39 // //
  • Natalie and Iman looked ALIVE! :)

    sue irwin
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  • What you said about the Presidential debates is so true about any spiritual or wellness practice... Imagine Obama and Romney discussing meditation or consciousness!

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  • It`s sad how a culture, even its guiding institutions like religion and schools, can make this entire subject area embarrassing or even shameful. I think most people "know" it should be openly discussed, but somehow it still isn`t. It won`t be a subject in Presidential debates for quite a while! What I like about this approach in particular, is that it`s not about being goal-oriented or accomplishment-oriented, and that it is about taking time to give someone else a natural pleasure.

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    // 2012-10-24 15:52:24 // //

    Starr Flower
    // 2012-10-24 14:31:34 // //
  • It was weird to me when I first learned about it too! But I tried it and it totally changed how I feel about my body and men in my life. If you`d like to learn more, check out our website at I`m happy to speak with you more about it as well,

    // 2012-10-24 14:05:11 // //
  • Rachel & Ken are master OM trainers, with over 20 years of OM experience between the two of them. They have a regular OM practice and are very close friends and colleagues.

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  • Hi there, it is possible for you to have OM in your life as well. You can check out our website at for more information or email me at to talk about how to start OMing.

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  • You`re welcome! Let me know if you have further questions.

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  • You are so right, sexuality has so many components our society isn`t connected to, and that`s the exact thing the practice of OM does is open people to deeper connection to themselves, orgasm and one another. Check out our website at for more information about OM and how we`re bringing this level of sexual and spiritual education to the world!

    // 2012-10-24 06:19:08 // //
  • Yes, that is exactly how we feel about it at OneTaste as well. If you`re interested in learning the practice check out our website at You`ll find more information about the practice of OM as well as information about other courses we teach in helping bring that openness and respect around sexuality that you mention, to the world.

    // 2012-10-24 06:17:12 // //
  • We agree! Thank you for your comments! We agree that it is the most natural thing we do and it is the fundamental way we connect as human beings.

    // 2012-10-24 06:14:33 // //
  • OneTaste is the organization that teaches this practice. We have trained coaches and OM trainers that can teach how to have Orgasmic Meditation as part of your life. You can read more at or contact me at

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    Toura Hooper
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  • This is so amazing. I never knew there were so many different types of meditation. I hope that society can move towards being more open about sex and really accept it for what it is: the most natural thing we do. If you think about it, it`s even more natural than eating food. Sex & sexuality should NOT be taboo and I think it will be once we start being more mature and HONEST about it.

    Ethan Small
    // 2012-10-23 22:02:28 // //
  • What has this got to do with the divinityof meditation/yoga?Reaching an orgasm is a purely physical thing and does not need any higher level preparation.Please stop misleading people about a great culture which you seem to have no knowledge about.When I see yoga and mediation out of context like this,its very infuriating.Yoga and meditation are 2 vedic sciences that help move us towards the souls journey towards moksha.Orgasm on the otherhand is physical and pulls our soul downwards toward kama

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  • A great video, with sincere and informative education. Thanks for making and sharing it! I think the world would be a better place if sexuality and orgasms were able to be discussed as openly, respectfully and as sensitively as was done in this video. Maybe one day we can communicate on these subjects with zero shame, guilt and reticence.

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  • We focus on female orgasm because we believe that when a woman is sexually satisfied, her pleasure naturally spills out onto her partner (s). Men who have an OM practice report having more sexual connection with women than when they didn`t have an OM practice. As a man begins to learn to play a woman`s body like an instrument, a woman wants to keep him around because of the exquisite attention he has cultivated for her body and orgasm.

    // 2012-10-23 20:33:33 // //
  • We`re glad you liked it. We feel the same way! 

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  • Yes, we can. This practice is amazing for helping women who have similar experiences to you. You are welcome to check out our website at or contact me directly at

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  • You can learn more about the practice of Orgasmic Meditation here at We offer classes across the country and in London.

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