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Soul of Leadership (Hardcover)
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GOD: A Story of Revelation (Hardcover)
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Ten Poems to Change Your Life
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February 15 2013

The Meditator - Down By The River With Tagore

Category:  Meditation And Yoga

Today's guided meditation takes you to the river banks as Deepak Chopra guides you through a guided meditation written by Rabindranath Tagore.

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  • I like

    Beatriz Ambriz // 2012-10-16 19:27:32 // //
  • thank you...

    // 2012-07-26 12:13:25 // //



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  • Tagore was truly myriad minded....a modern sage...He studied,knew and experienced what `Upanishadas` have taught us... I always cherish the `company of Tagore`...He has always been my companion through thick and thin. ...(and yes...i`m not an old guy...haven`t crossed 30 yet :-)) Deepak sir is doing stupendous work by unraveling & bringing such precious gifts (from ancient and modern times) to us. Thank you Deepak sir.

    Yogesh // 2013-05-28 01:50:09 // //
  • :)

    Irena Barwicki // 2013-02-20 00:22:17 // //
  • I have subscribed to the Chopra Well. Watched a great interview with Gotham, Deepak, Lisa Ling and Vincent Fox!

    Karin Weidemann // 2013-02-19 08:22:05 // //
  • las palabras en español

    Constanza Velaz // 2013-02-16 00:28:06 // //
  • Para quienes siempre piden traduccion, existe una pagina en español

    Marta Suyapa Cruz Ollé // 2013-02-15 17:21:02 // //
  • traduccion en español por favor !!!!!!

    Tere Irala // 2013-02-15 16:48:34 // //
  • Muchas gracias por sus enseñanzas, Doctor.. Namaste!! :)

    Olga Enriquez // 2013-02-15 16:13:11 // //
  • I think there was no time to meditate

    Mary Black
    // 2013-02-15 16:06:59 // //
  • I like

    Beatriz Ambriz // 2012-10-16 19:27:32 // //
  • A 2 minute guided meditation?!? Who can meditate in 2 minutes? Douche.

    // 2012-10-15 02:33:22 // //
  • This took too long to load

    Grant Cook // 2012-10-14 19:34:01 // //
  • Would love to go there.

    Sephoko Nwanma // 2012-10-14 17:18:27 // //
  • I have many of Deepak's books and try to listen on radio and tv when I know he is on the air...his words resonate and that feels so comfortable!

    Jan Claire Mc Ewen // 2012-10-14 17:14:19 // //

    Gloria Sariol // 2012-10-14 17:07:15 // //
  • (y)

    Rhonda Thompson // 2012-10-14 16:40:39 // //
  • W.A.T.E.R (When All Truth Enters Reality)

    Smidi Waters // 2012-10-14 16:18:01 // //
  • MMmmmmmmm i love the water meditation-time to go there 4 sure

    T Carlson Stewart // 2012-10-14 16:08:58 // //
  • i enjoy the guided meditations in the Leela xbox game. Very soothing.

    Terri Hellerich // 2012-10-14 16:05:25 // //
  • Who meditates wearing a suit and tie? I make sure I am dressed comfortably when I meditate.

    Karen Crosby // 2012-10-14 16:04:48 // //
  • Lovely!

    // 2012-08-04 21:31:12 // //

    // 2012-07-31 12:36:20 // //
  • Thank you Nice to have a brief meditation to take whenever wherever needed or to enjoy. I write children`s meditations, if you would likke them They begin as contempltions and move to meditation. I also wrote a book on Spirituality and Religon for my grandsons. I am starting a book of vhildrens meditation, I was blessed wth my hrandfather who taught me so many things, meditation being a lifelong joy.

    BarbO // 2012-07-30 02:51:01 // //
  • Just a few lines to say " Gracias ".

    Lilia // 2012-07-26 14:33:01 // //
  • thank you...

    // 2012-07-26 12:13:25 // //
  • Tagore`s words are eternally inspiring. Thank you.

    // 2012-07-24 13:16:59 // //
  • Beautyful, filled my heart, thank you.

    // 2012-07-24 12:12:53 // //