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Perfectly Imperfect Parents - Bullying
How do we talk to our kids about bullying? How is bullying on social media different from other forms of bullying and how do parents deal with it?
In this episode of Perfectly Imperfect Parents, the three co-hosts discuss the prevalence of bullying and what parents can do to ensure a positive school experience for their children. Keep the conversation going by posting your questions and thoughts in the comments section below!

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Fuck parents. Make sure they rott in hell
Tazzyspadsor - March 28, 2015
Where are the other sides of these kids lives...the fathers voice?
James Hemphill - November 12, 2014
That is NOT what you should do, if they do it constantly and are beating
you up and won't leave you alone, that is the time where you defend
yourself and punch them. when they just punch you does ABSOULUTLEY NOT give
you the right to punch someone else.
LPSJayJay - July 17, 2013
Jessica Bahen - June 10, 2013
What would you have told your parents if you knew you wouldn’t have been in trouble? The Trust Journal gives your child the chance that we never had. This journal encourages communication and builds trust while they are young, so when they are older and issues become more serious, they will know exactly who they can turn to for help!
Summer Germann - May 20, 2013
My mom always dose that!
Nana Otero - May 18, 2013
Are your children being bullied? How do we teach them not to be bullies
The Chopra Well - May 10, 2013
one day when i grow ill know better just not right you know so when that one day comes you will know more you know wont have to cry so much will be almost there almost there ha ha ha ha
Derek Elj - April 20, 2013