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Holy Facts - Technology
Does technology have a place in religion? With hundreds of religious applications for smart phones, the answer seems to be enthusiastically "Yes!."
Keep track of your sins with the touch of a button! Find prayers, fasting times, and more! Watch as Gotham explores some of the many ways technology and religious practice are coming together.

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To ALL things, glory to God.
Shannon O'Neill - August 18, 2013
I know it can be done and whoever believes this as well can partner with me and we can do it! :)
Dan Dugo - August 11, 2013
I do think they can and will go hand in hand eventually and technology can be used to help humanity evolve. For example, we know that when someone is in a certain emotional/mental state of gratitude, peace, bliss, genius etc, the brain/mind has a specific energetic frequency that can measured in MHZ etc. What if we can create a device that emits the frequency of high level consciousness in our home? It can be used as training wheels to help someone get to a specific frequency of thought spiritually. If they reach that frequency even if done with technological help, their brain will create the neuro connections and biochemicals relating to it and will now have a history of feeling it. It would be easier to create naturally after that... I often think of creating such devices and may some day...
Dan Dugo - August 11, 2013
It's all about the keywords.
High Watch - August 10, 2013
Jose Angel Rivera - August 10, 2013
It`s all about the keywords.\n\n\n
- August 10, 2013
Man-made can never replace the vital connections in the natural world that we need to connect with Divine energy.\nTechnology puts a buffer between that and the natural self and prevents the more difficult work of finding it within.
Renee Austin - August 10, 2013
It depends from person to person. Technology could be like a guru or like a yantra on the path of spiritualism and on the same time it could be a source of distraction for a yogic mind. Its depends upon how person conceives it.
Rahul Nanda - August 10, 2013