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Super Brain - Change The Structure of Your Brain with Neuroplasticity
How can we change the structure of our brain and what is neuroplasticity? Watch Deepak's conversation with Professor Rudy Tanzi

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I love this Go Deepak!! more of these please
MusicsAngelica - July 23, 2015
deepak chopra always talking blah blah blah...he does not know what is he
we are our brain is true.
Praveen Tharakan - March 2, 2015
U can't change how u feel. If u feel angry u feel angry. If u are happy u
are happy.
teeduck - February 11, 2015
Had a hard time concentrating on the discussion because of the background
realdeal038 - February 10, 2015
what the fuck the music in the background use for?
its like brain fart
sep bre - January 28, 2015
Ugh. Chopra.
Joe Harris - August 12, 2014
The music in the background reformed my brain and flooded my system with
chemicals produced by the feeling of annoyance. 
movingonandup773 - July 31, 2014
So experience is constantly changing the brain for good or ill. This can be
seen by looking at the effects of violence (ptsd) and the effects of peace
and love (meditation, mindfulness, heathy relationships. The key,
therefore, is to try in each moment of experience to focus on the
beneficial aspects of that experience, if there are any, and by this focus
we create a large number of good experiences that will constantly
contribute to the beneficial neuroplasticity creating a pattern for more
healthy brain functioning as well as for more healthy experiences ( a type
of positive loop). 
Grant Lawrence - July 27, 2014