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Holy Facts - Rites of Passage
Today's episode deals with rites of passage around the world, from bar mitzvah's to the lesser known "tongue stabbing" ritual in Papua New Guinea. Not for the faint of heart! Get ready to be shocked, informed, and maybe a bit grossed out.

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The Critical Ninja - June 4, 2013
Disgusting. Sorry but thats horrible. Humans have way to much power
Caroline - June 2, 2013
Mária Tóth - June 2, 2013
Beatriz Vzla - June 1, 2013
Tongue stabbing is nothing new or unusual as Christians have mastered this art since long ago
Frank Horn - June 1, 2013
Sara Nizami - June 1, 2013
Jose Angel Rivera - June 1, 2013
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Hugo Noriega - June 1, 2013