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Holy Facts - Season Two Preview
Loved the last season of HOLY FACTS? Then you're in for a treat! We have a whole new season of episodes, starting January 14, with topics to shock, scare and befuddle. From tongue stabbing in Papua New Guinea to baby throwing in India, join us for our strangest ride yet!

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We do what we are taught. Learn good things. Then do.
Godtaughtmehow - January 13, 2013
We do what we are taught. Learn good things. Then do.\n\n\n
- January 13, 2013
Wait and find out!
The Chopra Well - January 11, 2013
Wait and find out!\n\n\n
- January 11, 2013
what was that pregos lady dancing in hospital gown? LMAO\n\n\n
- January 10, 2013
eewww... put a rated thing bc the tongue thing was to graphic and i almost barfed the pizza i just ate! Jessus Rice!\n\n\n
- January 10, 2013
Jama I believe that is your job, unlike the page.
Marcy Lester - January 10, 2013
Back on Path! Errors when seen can be easily corrected. Now maybe we can
have a good laugh at all the Non sense we believed in and tried to make
real. Brilliant
TheTwinTravellers - January 9, 2013