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Ask Deepak - What Are the Secrets of Charisma
What are the three qualities of a charismatic leader? Is charisma something you are born with, or is it something we can acquire?

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In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak addresses these qualities and how they manifest themselves in leaders like Bill Clinton. Deepak outlines three key ingredients to charisma, demonstrated by the greatest leaders in history. Leadership may come more naturally to some than to others, such as Deepak’s example of Bill Clinton, but we can all learn to practice these skills over time. They are what Deepak teaches in his “Soul of Leadership” course at Kellogg School of Management, and also in his book by the same name.

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The three keys to charisma:

1. Be completely present in the moment. Make those you interact with feel that they are the most important person in that moment.

2. Be responsive to feedback but immune to both criticism and flattery. You will not be offended by criticism, and your actions will not be influenced by flattery.

3. Radiate warmth through compassion, empathy, joy, and equanimity.

This Ask Deepak video about The Secrets of Charisma is the courtesy of The Chopra Well. 

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Thank you for all the teaching and sharing
barbra - October 9, 2014
genuine concern for people
Meta Commerse - February 26, 2013
A cool name ,Angels,and a light saber, :) ... you got crono fever infected, bitten by the hawk Deepak loves the hawk !
Crono Hawk - February 25, 2013
I really don\'t warm to the concept of leadership because to me it relies on followship - and it\'s time now for people to be centred in their own intuition rather than looking to be lead by another\'s IMHO. I have\'t found the word for the model for social change that needs to come next - but for me it needs to have a far more liberating vibe than leadership.
MariaIn Metroland - February 24, 2013
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Jamie Fox - February 24, 2013
Charismatic leader is not always a good leader, charisma is the glue that makes people choose a person to lead. A true leader will never be a politician, Thank you
Hedva Golinski - February 24, 2013
i love the man, but why in the heck does he have to sport those glasses...with the two layers of rhinestone (or should we surmise that they are diamonds). of the vices of being a human being. I guess it\'s a gift to us that even Deepak is vulnerable. Anyway..that was off subject.
Roberto Molly Negron - February 23, 2013
do you recall Dr. LUANNe Oaks...lets say pray of peace to a charisc leader that followed your path...namaste deepak.. I miss her and feel apart of me unbalanced without her guidance..
Martina Dayton - February 23, 2013