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Ask Deepak - Why You Are Not Your Body or Your Mind
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“You are not your body or your mind. Your body and your mind – actually the whole world – exist in you.”
In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra discusses the distinctions between body, mind, and consciousness. If you’ve ever struggled with things like weight, weakness, difficulty solving puzzles or learning new concepts, it may be liberating to know that our selves, defined by consciousness, transcend the woes of body and mind.

Our bodies and minds record every experience in our lives: the mental and emotional associations, the elements in the air, the impact of all sensory data. But, Deepak continues, we are not our experiences. Bodies and minds are in a constant state of flux, growing, dying, losing cells, gaining new ones. The experiences that occurred in a ten-year-old’s body and mind are not the same as those imprinted on the teenager’s or the grandmother’s.

Our physical and mental selves are also things we experience, but only intermittently. How often do you think about your elbows or the tops of your feet? How often do you recall those algebra equations from ninth grade or the address of your first house? There is one thing, however, that is never turned off. It is consciousness hosting a temporal body and mind. It is you, your true self.

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Stanleysard - August 21, 2015
We are outside our physical body, but experiencing things on earth through our ears, eyes, and nervous system !...everything we see, is INSIDE our heads, and we only see what our visual system allows us to see in our brains !. we cannot see or hear directly, the things outside our physical life form, until the body dies !...........when unconscious, (but not asleep), we hear/see nothing at all. we do not even dream (except in sleep), which is a different state to unconsciousness !........and much more....
kenneth johns - August 20, 2015