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Ask Deepak - Why You Are Not Your Body or Your Mind
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“You are not your body or your mind. Your body and your mind – actually the whole world – exist in you.”
In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra discusses the distinctions between body, mind, and consciousness. If you’ve ever struggled with things like weight, weakness, difficulty solving puzzles or learning new concepts, it may be liberating to know that our selves, defined by consciousness, transcend the woes of body and mind.

Our bodies and minds record every experience in our lives: the mental and emotional associations, the elements in the air, the impact of all sensory data. But, Deepak continues, we are not our experiences. Bodies and minds are in a constant state of flux, growing, dying, losing cells, gaining new ones. The experiences that occurred in a ten-year-old’s body and mind are not the same as those imprinted on the teenager’s or the grandmother’s.

Our physical and mental selves are also things we experience, but only intermittently. How often do you think about your elbows or the tops of your feet? How often do you recall those algebra equations from ninth grade or the address of your first house? There is one thing, however, that is never turned off. It is consciousness hosting a temporal body and mind. It is you, your true self.

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tasnia mahzabin - February 28, 2015
I appreciate your wisdom extremely; however, I have one question. You stated in the video that \"you are not your experiences, you are the one who is having the experience.\" I understand this post is nearly two years old, but my question is more directed to this statement in relation to a book that you once introduced titled \"Wisdom of Insecurity\" by Alan Watts. Your explanation in this post sounds ALMOST identical to Watts` ideology in Ch. 5 - On Being Aware, only just the statement you made that I included earlier creates a vital contrast. My question is, are the experiencer and the experience separate? I found that Watts agrees with you in terms of all experience being intermittent; however, he made it clear that at no point can one \"find, in addition to the experience itself, and experiencer.\" Watts also states that the \"notion of a separate thinker, of an \"I\" distinct from the experience, comes from memory and from the rapidity with which thought changes. It is like whirling a burning stick to give the illusion of a continuous circle of fire.\" Now, I understand completely when you say that \"you being transcendent and non-local, are always there,\" however isn`t it true, just as yourself and Watts proclaimed, that experience and all its forms, the real you, is always being born and dying at the same time, and that there \"is simply experience\"? Hope I`m not too off-topic and/or nitpicky. Thanks for sharing and I hope someone can receive it. Peace
Jared Henderson - October 25, 2014
Pseudo - December 19, 2013
” If I am my body and my mind, then I can’t be my body and mind.” Yes! The mind is not me, the body is not me, me is just the owner of my body. We are simply a living breathing organism signified by the word human being, a material and physical being. “We are the heart, the hand and the head on this earth,” and experience ourselves through our sensations, thoughts, desires and dreams, pain and pleasure and are the conglomeration, a whole melting pot of things and thoughts, feelings and force, ideas and emotions. Yes! We brand ourselves with this copyright symbol and strongly identify with our material model and mind. Are we our name, resume, marital status and our complete history? We institutionalize ourselves with our bodies, meeting its needs all the time, such preoccupation overrides our other daily activity and thought, giving no time to ponder the meaning of existence as to who are we underneath all the trappings and titles? We are but ignorant humans, who run after pleasure and sink to satisfy our selfish ends and get entangled in the illusion of life and death? No matter in our quest to live a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life we raise our family, earn money, write books and paint canvas. But we are not aware that our thoughts, feelings and desires are constantly changing and it is difficult to achieve enduring happiness or peace of mind through objects and events. We are born, we live and we die in this “I am ness.” This is simply our ego, a naive connection with the little self instead of a genuine union with big self. Our mind is always wandering, what attracts us today fails to satisfy us tomorrow. Thus our pleasures and happiness are fleeting feelings that focus on temporary body sensations acquiring things or changing circumstances to satisfy our desires. Our feel good syndrome is spasmodic and our life spins on this mind- body axis. We often utter statements like” My back is paining,” My heart is longing; Sometimes we feel depression, anger, hunger and thirst. These are nothing but mind, body and soul game making our life a “POWER POLITICS”. We need to know that what we feel is not the whole me, what people thing about is not the whole me. If at all we surrender to this moment it will not define but defeat us. Our whole world expands when we stop confining ourselves to these drifting, passing mental and physical mutterings. The main mantra is - “To know thyself is to forget thyself, to forget thyself is to be enlightened.” We need to know that we are not our names, it was bestowed upon us, and we are not our bodies we need to remember that our body is of earth and to the earth returns. We are not our mind but the ocean of ever drifting thoughts. We are eternal energy, God’s child and a priceless place of the jigsaw, part of the pure consciousness. Although, each of us live with our stream of consciousness which constitutes our conscious experience what we call – LIFE, is the physical journey of infinite consciousness. Bible aptly says- “In the beginning there was the word.” In reality in the beginning was silence.” As silence is our existence, we need to go back to the silence. This is a trip to consciousness. When our outer sensations quietens , we stop moving, doing thinking and remodeling and merge into the inner quietness, where a divine plan unfolds making our soul ready to participate in this conscious yearning for truth and freedom and we become love which is the real nature of ourselves.. Our real self is only love which sees, hears, feels and tastes love. Only through the heights of love, liberation accelerates. Here the symptoms become apparent. We become lighthearted, free of all worries, experiencing meaningful coincidence and more and more synchronicity in our lives and we experience miracles and Midas touch in life Love is kind, compassionate, forgiving, tolerant, enduring, faithful, trusting and peaceful. If we let this foundation of love guide the course of action, repairing, relaxing and rejuvenating our mind, body and soul, healing it mentally, physically and emotionally though loving intentions and actions, life becomes a complete bliss making all the physical energy flow into the direction of enlightenment. It has been said.- Love is a great inspiration and has the power to turn a bad man into a good soul... When love births and breathes within us in any form, we are on the path of enlightenment. Rumi aptly sums up-“Come out of the circle of time into circle of love.”
Soni Shalini - March 28, 2013
@Joshua that was sublime, many thanks :) \n@73Veejay great question! I believe we (our conscience) create thoughts and action plans. We use our bodies & minds to perform & record those experiences. I have requested Deepak to clarify.
@MerchantKaushik - March 27, 2013
yes ur explanation makes perfect sense we are that consciousness._-that powere
Renu Das - March 24, 2013
when you know that a dog is as empathetic and/or more compassionate than those around you, learn from the dog.
Deanna Stevens - March 24, 2013
Sandhya Devi Jhowry - March 23, 2013