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Urban Yogis - Moby's Story of Music, Health, and Yoga
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“I get a lot more work done and I’m a lot happier with the work when I’m healthy as opposed to sick and hungover.”

Wise words. It may go against the ‘starving artist’ motif, but take it from internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, Moby, who is certainly no stranger to success. Practicing a healthy lifestyle pays off in more ways than one. Eleven albums, fifteen awards (including two VMAs), and collaborations with the likes of Bono and David Bowie constitute a highly successful electronic music career. In addition to the millions of records he’s sold around the world, Moby practices yoga, keeps to a vegan diet, and lobbies for animal rights.

Moby features in the latest interview session on The Chopra Well’s URBAN YOGIS discussing yoga and the role lifestyle plays in a successful artistic career. You’ll see him in conversation here with Eddie Stern, who hosts the rest of the series. But as it turns out, these two have been friends for 25+ years! It was Eddie who first introduced Moby to yoga, and here they are years later chilling in ‘happy baby’ pose from the balcony of Moby’s Los Angeles home.

Read the rest of Ego-less Yoga: An Interview with Moby on His Practice

The video Moby's Story is is the courtesy of The Chopra Well

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"i like to talk about myself in the 3rd person" ~ a yoga teacher with an
ego. so fake. may as well have been a ballerina cus flexibility is all he
has gained.
Reza Michael - April 20, 2015
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Stela Sarpavha - February 26, 2015
I believe the universe at times has a way of nudging "souls" in the right
direction or toward a more enlightened path but for allot of us we're so
far from this light that its hard to see or never even see glimpses of it
in 1 life time let alone many, e.g. in Moby's case he was exposed to yoga
years ago and then left the practice but it I believe that folks who want
change in their life or search for deeper meaning through meditation, yoga,
etc, once exposed to this path however brief, it has a way of coming back
to you. I had a similar experience I was exposed to basic sun salutations
by my wife and had a connection to it immediately before that I was doing
martial arts. but I left yoga practice and returned to it severely years
later with ashtanga and then "zombie life" got in the way again and I left
yoga again, but I have come back to yoga practice and now its here to stay.
with out change something sleeps inside of us and most of us are asleep or
living like "zombies" :) 
clattereffect - February 10, 2015
Amazing.....good job Eddie! My hope is that you'll come to Milan (Italy)
and to come to one of your lessons!
Roberto Gavazza - December 17, 2014
after doing ashtanga the body loosens and align to the degree where sitting
in so called chairs is truly uncomfortable!!!! 
NinaJennifer Bolibok - July 15, 2014
humans have a tendency to compete. let your ego behind! <3 your yoga
oh misty - February 24, 2014
they sound so much alike if you close your eyes it's hard to differentiate
who is speaking.
ixceix - February 23, 2014
I love how he talks about feeling competitive in yoga. I see that a lot and
have felt that way, and that means I have lost the connection between body
and mind.
Melina Stasiuk - February 14, 2014