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The Meditator - Meditate in a Grassy Field
The meditator finds peace in a grassy green field as Mallika Chopra reads a guided meditation. Set your intent on your heart, focus on your breathing and let yourself go. 

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excellent!! Love the simplicity and effect this meditation had on me. Thank
Mary Kavieris - March 2, 2013
I go see if you\'re coming
Gianna Koliniatic - December 30, 2012
Nini's Driftwood Art - December 29, 2012
Thank you, beautiful
Linda Lakey LaBeth - December 29, 2012
Charlieze Therone - December 29, 2012
Thank you Deepak
The Lost Star - December 29, 2012
Deepak this makes my day so much better. In gratitude always.
Cass McKee - December 28, 2012
thank you for the lovely gift
Pila Laura - December 28, 2012