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You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.
The Meditator - Meditate Near a Rural Mill
Join the meditator outside of a wooden mill as Mallika Chopra guides the meditation. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and set your intent. 

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Luca - you're not alone ;-) Thanks for being brave & mentioning your
'backthoughts' .., again, stick with it (not alone!)
Wendy Rivi - September 12, 2013
How long will it take to be able to astral projection?
Yorick D'Hoir - March 20, 2013
Sulianna Chandler - December 27, 2012
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and you`re such an inspiration! I am on the journey to connect to my inner wisdom and peace! I am on the path of doe searching and need all the help I can get!!!
Behnaz - December 26, 2012
entiendo, pero insufrible para mí....¿cómo
Prem Raturi - December 26, 2012
Donde pones tu atención, en eso te conviertes. Eres eso!
Silvia Lopez Muñoz - December 26, 2012
You expect us to concentrate with a hunk like this meditating? very kundalini candy of you;)
Robin Aiello - December 26, 2012
This is my favourite :-))
Lilian Ljungberg - December 26, 2012