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Spiritual Solutions - Cooperation and the Political Process
With the "fiscal cliff" crisis looming in the United States, and governments everywhere trying to resolve difficult and sometimes divisive questions, Matt asks Deepak about cooperation in the political process. 
What is the role of listening and engagement? Watch the episode to hear Deepak's tips for inspiring civic engagement and cooperation! 

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@YourSoul - I feel your opinion seems quite practical for the modern times. However I believe whenever spoken about applying spiritual solutions / leadership we mean an ideology that works par better when deligently followed and accepted by all with compassion otherwise it might end up good for some while not so good for the rest.
Anonymous - October 8, 2013
Spiritual solutions only work for you, the individual. It is the mystery of perception versus science. During all the comments given the only conclusion as far as I am concerned is: let everyone mind their own business and business will be as usual. Nothing has changed. All is and stays as it is. Am minding my own business and thrive well. Happy 2013!!
YourSoul - December 22, 2012
Thank You Deepak! Always inspired by your Words of Wisdom.
Bryan Douglas - December 21, 2012
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Adrian Ferent - December 21, 2012
There is a stupid question. What have you actually done in the last 25 years? And then an even more stupid question. What will you do in the next 25 years? The same. It will certainly become everything better the next time. It works always this way. I wish all a lot of fun, whatever you will do, and a nice doomsday. And Merry Christmas.
Heimo Alexander Kruschinski - December 21, 2012
25 years almost. What has changed to better Deepi Grandpa?
Heimo Alexander Kruschinski - December 21, 2012
\"Religion and sex are powerplays Manipulate the people for the money they pay Selling skin, selling God The numbers look the same on their credit cards Politicians say no to drugs While we pay for wars in South America Fighting fire with empty words While the banks get fat And the poor stay poor And the rich get rich And the cops get paid To look away As the one percent rules America.\" \n(Queensryche 1988)
Heimo Alexander Kruschinski - December 21, 2012
Heimo Alexander Kruschinski - December 21, 2012