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Thirty Days Of Intent - Death and Dying Dinner
Natalie and Iman join Laurel Lewis, Deepak Chopra, Mallika Chopra and friends for a “Death and Dying Dinner.” We interviewed Laurel on the significance of these dinners. Click here to read Part 1 of Laurel’s interview, on the importance of contemplating death.

The Chopra Well: The notion of a “death and dying dinner” is pretty unique! Most people will do anything they can NOT to think about death. Why do you think that is?

Laurel Lewis: Most people choose not to focus on end of life issues, certainly not their own. Our culture does not encourage this discussion. We have been conditioned not to consider death and dying. We try so desperately to avoid all things which we believe will cause us discomfort. Death certainly falls into that category. What people don’t realize is that by moving through the discomfort of facing their fears they actually free up some life force which can be used to fuel their present day experience. It takes courage, curiosity and willingness to examine one’s own end.

We all know, death is coming. It’s just a matter of time. I’m amazed that we don’t teach courses on death and dying in elementary school! We prepare for everything we want to succeed in in life. Having a peaceful death seems like something we should be preparing ourselves for with more discipline and interest. Death somehow did not make the list of things in which one can succeed at in life. A bit ironic, I know, but I aim to change that.

CW: So once you introduce people to the idea of a death and dying dinner, how do they react? And how does the event usually go over?

LL: When I talk about the death and dying dinner party people are generally either very curious or completely uninterested. I have not found too many people in the middle. Those who have a negative reaction to this themed dinner party are simply not ready to face this topic for whatever reason. I respect that. I am content knowing that this venue will be available to them when and if they would like to discover more about death and dying.

People who are interested think it’s a great, novel idea. They wonder what we talk about, how many people show up, what do they have to talk about, what qualifies them to attend and then they want to know when the next dinner is. These dinners have been ongoing monthly for over 2 years now. Hundreds of people have shown up not really knowing what they were getting into. People who show up with a bit of anxiety or fear always leave feeling more relaxed around the topic. They seem to leave offering words like: inspired, calm, grateful, content, connected, respected, surprised, elated, full and open.

No two dinners are the same, because the mix of people is different for every dinner. These dinners are for anyone interested to explore any aspect of death and dying in an intimate, safe, respectful place.

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This video about Death and Dying is the courtesy of The Chopra Well.

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Thank you for your insight!
The Chopra Well - June 28, 2013
.This is really fabulous and encouraging. Actually as the gentleman chef
told his story, I felt the weight of the world return to his young body as
he re-entered it. I see now that our bodies are what weight us down to
earth, not gravity. When our spirit leaves the body (either temporarily or
permanently), it is no longer weighed down by the physical self. When we
see "movies" and a person is "shot dead" they fall to the ground (the
spirit/soull is unburdened of its weight). Wow.Thank you!
Cis Ahearn - June 27, 2013
According to my belief system birth and death are beginnings. Life has no
opposite except for where you are doing it. Meaning are you living on earth
or living in the spirit realm.
Earth Mother Guidance - May 25, 2013
I watched all the other ones one after another without problems. This one
always stops...These are so great! I watched them all at once and really
want to see this one...tried again today and same thing happens :( When
will the othr 10 air?
Kimmy Winky - March 15, 2013
I am so aggratvated....I've tried to watch #19 probably 20 times and it
cuts off every time after a couple minutes....any suggestions UGH
Kimmy Winky - March 15, 2013
Boredom or slavery maybe.
geofish117 - January 18, 2013
Haha typical Deepak response... Well my view it depends how you define
life. My current understanding of life doesn't have its definition sit
within the dualistic constructs that we choose to express words and
concepts at this point in time. There is no opposite for All That Is, the
same way you could relate it to life, conciousness, source and so on. So
what is the Chopra account of this dicussion then? Could be a future Deepak
Replies video if he feels so inclined to do so. Nam.
SomethingSoOriginal - January 10, 2013
Interesting question. Do you have any thoughts on it?
The Chopra Well - January 9, 2013