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Ask Deepak - Is There a Wizard in All of Us
Discover the wizard in you! Deepak sits down with scholar and philosopher Jean Houston to discuss her new book, "The Wizard of Us."

Using the story of "The Wizard of Oz" as a roadmap, Houston unpacks the various archetypes encountered on a journey of transformation. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary, if we can tap into that seed and manifest our true selves.

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Love Deepak. This is fiction just like Alice in Eonderlanf. There is no
"wizard" in me or you. You and are the wizard. Let's not slip into some
weird duality. There is fundamentally only the One. You are It and It is
you. Fictional wizards not needed.
John Browne - September 3, 2014
Hi, Deepak, I wanted to ask you what you think about symbology and people
being scared of certain symbols and numbers? Some that we think represent
good and some we think represent evil. Thank You! Namaste
Virginia Vega Valdes - May 5, 2013
Wonderful So amazing seeing two of my favorite teachers togehter these days powerful thank you both..Hoping that this will be available
on audiobook one day so I can hear Jean's voice.
Elan Star - February 22, 2013
Muy interesante ya lo vi
Nina Marin - January 9, 2013
have you found and released the Wizard in you?
Diane Plymel - December 11, 2012
have you found and released the Wizard in you?\n\n\n
Diane Plymel
- December 10, 2012
Well said. The book sounds amazing.
BanglewoodCrafts - December 9, 2012
Well said. The book sounds amazing.\n\n\n
- December 9, 2012