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Ask Deepak - Do You Believe in Astrology
Should we believe in astrology? Deepak Chopra explores the roots of this ancient way of relating to the cosmos and highlights some of its principles, assumptions, and uses.
Deepak used to be a skeptic, but has since developed an appreciation for some of its core principles. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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should you believe in a strology
jazz - January 6, 2015
Sometimes I wonder if people realize how close astrology is to racism. Judging somebody on the month they are born as opposed to the quality of their character. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
skeptical - March 28, 2014
Are you people retarded? There is overwhelming evidence that astrology is pure crap and no evidence whatsoever proving it to be even somewhat true. My goodness, read a book you morons
SmartPerson - March 28, 2014
I am an avid student of astrology - I probably only understand a fraction of it. I love the idea that it connects us to the universe - that we are these spiritual, energetic beings made of stars. I also use it to my compassion, knowing that a person is made up in a certain way very much helps. I`d even go as far to say that the New Testament is nothing more than an astrological translation. The 3 wise men could`ve been astrologers following the perfect birth chart understanding how special he would be indeed. \n\n Thanks for sharing your insight.
Mycuteladybug - July 16, 2013
what about my careear. in my life say
nevil patel - June 6, 2013
I doubt very much he is a con artist. Read his books and actually take the time to understand and you`d be thinking differently. Hes a brilliant man.\n\n\n
- February 12, 2013
\"The claims made by many scientists that astrology is opposed to the basic principles of western science comes from a total misunderstanding of serious astrology, and an appalling lapse in their understanding of the methodology, philosophy and history of science itself.\" Dr Percy Seymour, Astrophysicist\n\n\n
Kathryn Cassidy
- February 9, 2013
I suspect Deepak is among the con artists. I doubt he actually believes very much, if anything, of what he says.\n\nYou however, are among the fleeced.\n\n\n
- February 7, 2013