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Ask Deepak - How to Maximize the Use of Our Time
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How do we maximize the use of our time? Deepak weighs in on this question, so crucial to the way we live our lives in contemporary culture.

Ever feel completely stretched, like you are trying to balance five things at once? (Ever not feel that way?)
In this episode of “Ask Deepak” on The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra discusses how to maximize the use of our time using a method he learned from UCLA professor Dr. Dan Siegel. The good news? You don’t have to be a superhero to achieve balance in your life; it just takes a bit of organization and planning.

The key is to divide our day up into segments: sleep time, exercise time, work time, down time, creative time, eating time, etc. Plan these segments mindfully (ie. you may feel like you should allow more time for working than for sleeping, but make sure mind, body and spirit activities get their fair share.)

While you are involved in a certain activity, Deepak advises, give it your full and undivided attention. Try not to check emails while you’re having dinner – a trap we all fall into occasionally but which can prevent us from fully experiencing both the work and the meal. Give this method a try and let us know how it goes!

Which activities are most important to you? Do you think it’s better to multi-task or focus on one thing at a time?

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Your advice about divisions of activities and focusing only on each specific activity is so true. We tend to let our time go, like water without a glass to contain it. I think this advice is even more important to people who are struggling in life. It will help them build a framework that can stabilize and strengthen their efforts. \nThank you Deepak. I have just discovered this website tonight and look forward to many hours of learning from all the resources you provide here!\nchris
Chris - December 1, 2013
Beautiful guidance. Balance and total commitment all at once. It makes such sense - will free me from foolish feelings of guilt when I feel like dropping the ball in one or other area. \n\nLove the advice to ignore success and don`t focus too much on work. It`s all a matter of perception and I think in the past I`ve let short term goals lead me astray and become unbalanced with time.\n\nI love the idea of getting into rhythm over time. I think this could well free me....\n\nThank you Deepak! :-)
Meera - July 18, 2013
Dear Deepak : Do you believe this is achievable? I wish I could maximize my time in this fashion. There was a time in my twenties when i was carefree, i played more, enjoyed life,friends and family more. Sure i did not have as many responsibilities , no children to feed or provide for but stilll. The wheel was not turning as fast, employers were more flexible. Not the same anymore; it is a real jungle out there. Corporations are pinching every cent and squeezing that lemon dry. Surviving i think in the current environment is actually admirable, it is an achievement. One boss told me that a skill that employees need to develop now is : tolerance to absurdity! What does that tell you? Job demands and performace expectations are unreasonable and unrealistic. It is not sufficient to do your job, you must do continuing education, participate in business social functions, volunteer in the social club or selected charity...the list is endless. Today I found out that a colleague resigned , called it quits: has no other job lined up. He hit a wall, end of story...he is not alone...and others take more drastic measures (suicide)...Times they are changing indeed...The peaceful spiritual revolution is not happening soon enough: we do need to be saved because i feel we are becoming slaves...the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, the middle class is scraping by and shrinking ...What awaits our children? How to stop the wheel? I will continue to make great efforts to balance my time as you suggest but i feel like i fail daily, weekly on so many levels because of the stress, anxiety and exhaustion. .I am joining the 21 day meditation challenge ( my 2nd time ). I greatly enjoyed Creating abundance and i look forward to discovering new feelings,thoughts with this round. I hope i can finally find a solution to get off the wheel if i cant slow it down or turn it off. In the meantime i have to keep at it, survive and fight \n for my daughter....My apologies for this lengthy comment. I feel there is a need for someone - why not you?- to give a realistic representation of what the low/middle working class is being subject to. ....\nNamaste
Tremroy - March 11, 2013
“Let your life lightly dance on the edge of time like dew on the tip of the leaf.” We know the butterfly counts not months but moments and have time enough. We human beings peddle in the paradox of time, trading to have a quality life, measuring the measureless and immeasurable, adjusting our conduct and directing the course of our spirit according to hours and seasons. Time is considered as the wealth of change but the clock in its parody makes it a mere change and no wealth. How we spend our time is how we spend our wealth. It is our most valuable commodity. Do we treat our time the same way as we treat our wealth? Eg- When we exchange cash with value, we expect the same. Do we treat our time in the same way? We spend a massive amount of time on valueless ventures, believing that there are no ample hours in a day. We consume time producing nothing. While at the same time there is no dearth of distinctly distinguished people who have time for everything. Enough time for work, health, family, society, recreation and sleep, all that adds to the quality of life. Example- Deepak Chopra. Forget not that true index of quality life is the happiness index. This bliss will blossom best when we hit big with these 24 hours. What we need is to rehabilitate our relationship with time. So don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count. The gift of time is the best gift we can bestow upon us. We all desire to live a full and meaningful life but how often we live up to this desire? Fact is we lose those moments when we might be most of ourselves. We all have an account of 86,400 seconds a day in our Human Bank Account. But we all sing the same song- “Too much to do not enough time to do it.” We need to invest our time smartly so that we get the best possible return in terms of health, happiness and success. Our problem isn’t our Time Management methodology but our paradigm, an ideal model. Many people spend energy trying to be more efficient without doing what’s important. We truly organize our getting as much done rather accomplishing which is truly important for us. It is like being lost in the new city. An obese person may need more time for health regulation and food than a healthy stout person. So the compass rules rather than the clock. We all have personal periphery, prescription, plan and purpose rather than running with the clock. We need to focus on importance driven plan than urgency driven. Doing right thing is considered first before doing things right. Start to live- Do not stress and strive to be perfect but be you. Plan your preferences and priorities; never follow others clock to follow you or you will land up nowhere. We need to structure our day to fit best in our cycle of time perfectly dividing time for work, play, exercise, writing, chores, sleep, and recreation. At the end of the day there will be- Feel Good Syndrome. I have done things for myself and accomplished what I needed. Our daily life is our temple our religion When we enter into it, it takes with us all. “Time has been transformed and we have changed; it has advanced and set in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.”
Soni Shalini - March 10, 2013
Bravo!, Bravo,Bravo!\n\n\n
Kirk Williams
- March 10, 2013
Love it.
Jose Angel Rivera - March 10, 2013
Awesome , your advice is always a blessing . Thank you so much .may God Bless you more .
Wendy Wallace - March 10, 2013
fantastic advice! thank you deepak..
Levent C. Kanbur - March 9, 2013