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Ask Deepak - Do We Have a Living Relationship to The Universe
Is there a living connection between us and the Universe? Deepak Chopra discusses this question from both an ancient and a contemporary perspective.
The rhythms and movement of the planets is mirrored in the rhythms of nature, as well as those within our own bodies. We are, indeed, the totality of the Universe, in motion.

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Thank you for everything,Sir. Thank you forever. :-))))))))))))))
A.I. - February 14, 2013
thank you.
Jamaluddin Shamsuddin - February 4, 2013
we are the universe becoming conscious of itself, it`s true\n\n\n
- February 3, 2013
- January 31, 2013
- January 31, 2013
\"of course, every event in the universe is Non-Locally related.\"\n\n\n
- January 31, 2013
ok,there are much true in that
Constanza Velaz - January 31, 2013
We are ALL connected! That\'s why we love the work that Deepak Chopra does and are helping birth change in a part of the world that needs it now more than ever: Greece! Come visit and see the living connection between inspired individuals, action and the universe at Eumelia.
Eumelia Organic Agrotourism / Agritourism Farm & Guesthouse - Ευμέλεια - January 30, 2013