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Urban Yogis - Moby on Yoga and Lifestyle
Find out more from Moby on Yoga and Lifestyle.

Eddie Stern sits down with artist and musician Moby to discuss his yoga practice and how it has changed his lifestyle.

He has battled anxiety and panic attacks, but by doing specific poses over and over again in his yoga practice, Moby has realized how he can overcome the stresses of every day living. Through yoga, Moby describes becoming more flexible and relaxed in all aspects of his life.

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Nice video! Can someone tell me the name of the yoga pose Moby are doing in
this video?
Tim Andreasen - April 25, 2015
I seen Moby back in where has the time gone?! lol...anyways it
was one of the BEST concerts I've ever been to and I've been to many! I
remember it being so peaceful and everyone on the same connected vibe! That
memory will always be a gift! Love Moby!
Bronze Beauty - October 22, 2013
Very hot and talented!
Jackie Eco - September 11, 2013
I like Moby but no way I can survive with veganism. :)
montereydentist - June 22, 2013
We're so glad you do!
The Chopra Well - February 4, 2013
I love, love, LOVE your channel! Thank you sooooo much. Especially the
personal yoga transformational videos, they're AMAZING, inspirational and
encouraging. Namaste.
PP11GO - February 4, 2013
Nice series - thanks for doing & sharing them. Would it be possible to have
camera move less in the interviews like this one? The person is interesting
enough without adding an extra distraction of changing the angle, etc. a
bit too often (at least for anyone in a slightly "meditative mode" and
wishing to concentrate on the message rather than visual impressions). Many
thanks in advance. (I know it's a fashion yet I find it
attention-disturbing rather than "focusing & calming".) Best wishes!
offerings2bliss - December 18, 2012
So glad you enjoyed it!
The Chopra Well - December 7, 2012