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You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.
Thirty Days Of Intent - Practicing Zen
Natalie and Iman learn about Zen Buddhism with Senior Dharma Teacher Jim Pallet. 
Jim challenges them to join him in doing 108 prostrations - though one of them refuses the challenge. 

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Is using ironing and using a washing machine simple enough to be considered
healthy? I'm planning on learning them. But I'm not a fan of learning as
much devices to use as possible. For example: I hate the Iphone-trend.
Angelus - June 29, 2014
I like meditation walking hiking and sometimes running. The American
Indians practice energy work they gather energy so they can run like the
wind like they are on air it feels that way when they do it. I like this
Zen stuff the practice of focus on self and what you can do and not just on
things a lot. People make work for themselves they try to look busy when
sometimes they need to just feel or think be quiet maybe listen to the
higher self. Grace Namaste
Grace Serena Christie - June 20, 2014
wow ! Obama looks very young in this video . When was recorded ?
dataviva - January 9, 2013
Thank you so much for sharing. It sounds like the practice had a profound
impact on your life! The effects of your previous practice undoubtedly
still play out in your life, even if you don't maintain it as regularly as
before. But it would be great to get back into regular meditation if you
can find a way to build it in!
The Chopra Well - January 9, 2013
I love Buddhism. I use to practice and meditate all the time but I hardly
do it anymore. Buddhism helped me so much in life. Helped with
relationships, death, work, sleeping, giving speeches in front of large
crowds, understanding people and why they may do the things they do and
feel the way they feel, and it help teach me how to be happy and relaxed
all the time. Now the only time I ever meditate is when I need to clear my
mind from thoughts, which is usually before bed.
Hambone - January 9, 2013
I dont think it was a religion thing for him...he just may not have felt
like it. Although if it were due to religion, I completely understand, I
would have sat it out too. I am a Christian, and although I like what some
of these series offer (practicing silence, uncluttering, getting your
affairs in order before you die, etc) I definitely would not practice
bowing in a different context of religion. I bow to my God and pray in
Jesus' name.That's it, that's all.
h3artands0uLL - December 18, 2012
wow, she has some beautif eyes
iTROLL34 - December 17, 2012
That's great that you visited the Chopra Center and was inspired to start a
meditation practice! If you're in needed of a little refresher or a boost
to that motivation, we recommend the following: work through the videos in
our Meditator series, get a copy of Deepak's new book "Super Brain" to
learn ways of focusing the mind, and look into participating in one of the
Chopra Center's online programs. Hope that helps!
The Chopra Well - December 7, 2012