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Spiritual Solutions - Losing a Parent and How to Get Over Fear
Annaisa is wondering if there is any way to get over the fear that comes after losing a parent. She recently lost both her parents and finds that, ever since, she has carried around a strong fear of loss.

Deepak points out to her that because everything is impermanent, fear of loss is very common. He encourages her to move through fear by going toward the very things that make her uncomfortable.

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Danji\nyour comment sounds like what we believe in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. My dad had a pure heart he was a priest humble and kind.they tried to revive him at the hospital but his soul was ready to go. I don`t have fear any more only sadness and love.
Ava - July 1, 2014
I have married 10 yrs before and ended in divorce after 2 yrs. The person blamed me for scheizoprenic and divorced me. Now i remarried a man 4 yrs younger than me. He is demanding money daily. We asked him not to come home. Me and my 60 + mom is suffering with anxiety and depression.Why are we suffering like this when people around us are living peacefully.
Rose - July 21, 2013
When you lose a parent or someone close to you it can inspire a fear of
losing things - people and objects of importance alike. In this episode of
"Spiritual Solutions" Deepak discusses how to combat that fear. Have you
experienced similar emotions? Please share!
The Chopra Well - May 7, 2013
Yes and I know two little people who are struggling with this now.
Linda Kay Johnson JD - January 9, 2013
I lost my mother and also held her until her last breath but she was only 56 and I am 30 and I still can`t find the way to let go of the fear of dying and leaving my daughter going through this pain I feel everyday even though my mother passed on 11/2/12 and I know her soul lives on and she can probably feel my pain and I can`t get rid of it. I completely understand \"JUST ME NOW\"
Hurting - January 8, 2013
I lost both parents and a sister recently. God gives you a vision that what it will feel like when your parents are gone. I became the parent. I made many sacrifices. My story is way to long to tell in this short time on earth. I fought many battles for my mothers right to life because she wanted to live but was paralyzed and speechless from a stroke.I cared for a father that could not read or write. Both depended on me. My mother would Waite in the hall for me in the nursing home. Somehow she managed to get down the hall and Waite and would start to cry if i was late and she thought i would not show. I had no time to have a family of my own. Looking for my purpose in life now. I miss my parents. As i look back my parents were not so difficult. It was our current the medical and legal system that was the problem and getting worse. Just hope your not in poverty when your parents need your help. How can i not cry. My heart is broken and i need a purpose and friends. Good people are so hard to find now days.
just me now - January 6, 2013
Losing a child... Do you have any book for situation like this too ?\nEva
Losing a parent... - January 5, 2013
I am trying to deal with the fear of losing one.
Dereje Schneider - January 4, 2013