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Urban Yogis - Hypertension and Yoga
Can yoga lower blood pressure? Researchers at Long Island University are at work on this question, which could significantly affect the ways we approach cardiovascular disease and treatment.
Yoga instructors Eddie Stern and Blake Seidenshaw have teamed up with physical therapy professor Marshall Hagins to conduct a study on the effects of yoga on patients with hypertension. The participants note their own perceived results and the benefits of the practice, but will the science back them up?

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Constantinos Christou - October 11, 2013
yoga is self centered, isn\'t that unproductive course...?
Paul Inberea - December 31, 2012
Saw the video trailer about hypertension and yoga. I have had hypertension for a long while. I am taking meds but their efficacy seems to wane after a while. I know practicing yoga has a great effect on HBP, but I live in an area that has few local yoga/meditation schools. I will start in the New Year online until I can do better. Thanks for the confirmation.
Gina Kenion-Mondel - December 27, 2012
I like to yoga just because.
Yvette Olivier - December 26, 2012
me gusta aparte relaja mucho!!!!
Kris Mara Cabral - December 26, 2012
Hathyoga, great way to start the day!! - December 26, 2012
I like yoga because relax my mind,body and soul.
Ndj Jimenez - December 26, 2012
Mind, Body and bring those three in order.
Frank Gilbert - December 25, 2012