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Super Brain - Meditation and the Brain
How does meditation affect your brain?

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I think it'S a shame people keep bashing Chopra for being dishonest or a
charlatan. He might not be right about everything, but there sure is a lot
of profundity to his works and messages.
1Kilili - February 12, 2015
marianne jordan labarca - February 4, 2015
Is the super brain meditation available anywhere?
pan - November 17, 2014
marianne jordan labarca - July 25, 2014
Namaste,\n\nthink you for your kindness, clarity of your journey in basel. It gives a hope, that the world is really changing in a bigger consciousness and Humanity. Thanks to share that all with so much love and clarity.\n\nI have a problem in the Moment my \"ego stuck with bad hearth experience\"\n\nOm Namah Sivaya
abhaya akchouti - May 17, 2014
that you should go to meditation forum and search for "super brain book"
Ricky Ngo - August 20, 2013
Rudy, I am a big supporter of your work. I was first introduced to your
perspective during Jim Kwik's Brain Summit (loved it by the way) and I try
to incorporate the info you shared. I was 1st introduced to neuroplasticity
by a lady named Dr.Rita Smilkstein. Your's and Deepak's book is an
outstanding(my oppinion) extension of research, and SupreBrain provides
great way's to embody concepts. Thank you.
Rick McLane - July 16, 2013
Intellect will govern emotion. you cant have too much intelect unless you
come across as a knowitall, then your percieved as an asshole
Jeffrey Adamsky - June 25, 2013