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Thirty Days Of Intent - Radical Openness Part2
Natalie and Iman work through some of their emotional blocks. Natalie questions, "How do you love the parts of yourself that are most misbehaving?"
Alyssa shows them some techniques to practice more self love and acceptance.

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Coaching on Deepak Chopra's 30 Day's of Intent
Alyssa Nobriga, MA - March 8, 2015
I wonder if the dude got his ex girl back from this? seems like he really
loves her whoever she is.
TheMattd546 - March 24, 2014
Alyssa Nobriga M.A. - December 5, 2013
I love that I was about to write this same quote until I saw it right
underneath the comment box. powerful inquisitions, i'm going in.
Lucy H - July 12, 2013
I love this program, I think is very inspirational, full of truth, it makes me laugh a lot to the point i don´t want to stop watching it but I have to go to sleep. It brings me awareness and detachment. I love it.
janehdez - April 26, 2013
so how old are natalie and iman? natalie says she missed passes in high
school that ended her professional career? which makes her like 20 years
old??? she looks older though... :S
borednow - February 13, 2013
I'm angry all the time. At myself, at others, at everything. I just, can't
control my hatred. I don't mean I burst out in anger all the time, but I
have had a few brake-downs of shear frustration.
Antennanius Striatus - December 24, 2012
Beautifully said...the start to recognizing what is already and always free
Alyssa Nobriga MA - December 8, 2012