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Abdi's Story - Addiction Recovery and Yoga | URBAN YOGIS
Abdi's youth was colored by the struggles of being an immigrant and adjusting to the fast pace of New York City. 

He gravitated to drugs and violence as a way of coping, convinced that he'd either land in prison or in his grave. But after the death of several friends, Abdi realized he needed to change his life. He discovered the healer's path, becoming an acupuncturist and even training as a shaman. Yoga played a big role in his transformation, as well, as he describes so poignantly in the video.

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yogigaul 123
yogizzz22 - September 18, 2013
peace and gratitude
Mary Flaner Halverson - September 6, 2013
Relax and sleep to healthy lifestyle
India Love - September 6, 2013
Thanks for sharing your powerful story!
Break the Norms - September 5, 2013
Jose Angel Rivera - September 4, 2013
Ap isi liye fit ho
Wali Khalid Khalid - September 4, 2013
Has with subtitles or dubbed in Portuguese?
Alexandre Lopes - September 4, 2013
Thanks for sharing this amazing story. It is inspirational.
Suann Lester - September 4, 2013