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Thirty Days Of Intent - Colonically Challenged
Natalie experiences her first colon cleanse, and Iman surprises everyone with the fact he's done colonics before.
Iman is shy at first to have the film crew in the room with him during the treatment, but Natalie convinces him to go with it. See what happens!

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Anthony M. Colonins and at home enemas are very different. At home only
reaches the lower colon and colonics cleanse the entire colon. Also, enemas
are only a single infusion of water, colonics are multiple infusions. That
being said, any cleaning of the colon is wonderful. :-)
Cortney Budney - May 13, 2014
Thanx love! : - ) xxx
Stella Johnson - August 13, 2013
lol i think we know what shell be trying with her bf now
DataSe7en - August 9, 2013
that is disgusting eww!!!
mo perry - August 3, 2013
Definitely the wrong episode while I am eating
Amir Eghbal - June 20, 2013
How do you find a good, SAFE place to have a colonic? This place seems very
PROFESSIONAL... how does someone find a place like this in other areas of
the country? HELP! :-)
aromaathome - June 1, 2013
What a scam. I didn`t believe these two. They just didn`t want to say so in front of the `experts`.
Ocean Side - November 14, 2012
Yes! I didn\'t care for it but it\'s a relatively common service in Southern California. I\'ve read, however, that it\'s unnecessary. Ancient people were known to do it, as well.
Linda Johnson - November 7, 2012