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Thirty Days Of Intent - Kundalini Yoga
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Natalie and Iman learn about kundalini yoga, a more esoteric style of yoga that has them chanting, giggling and doing some funky postures.

This Kundalini Yoga video is the courtesy of The Chopra Well

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positive effects.
aardvarkansaw - July 23, 2014
Laughing is the best medicine to relax you and when you laugh like that
when it's the first time you went to one of these classes that is all that
built up tension in your heart just releasing, and it shows that you just
keep all that goodness inside yourself (because of society am i correct?
other people? you keep it in to not show them that happiness because some
how they don't deserve it? that because they take openess and good as

When was the last time you ever laughed so much like that? and isn't it a
huge relief when you do? don't keep it all trapped inside like that, i have
a habit of doing this myself but i'm slowly learning to let go and not give
a shit lol. If you want a lover don't settle for just any average bozo on
the street like you tend to do becaise that is how you invite in bad
people, find what your really looking for and find that someone who can be
open to all of this with you, as you have seen it can be so much fun :)
happy times!.
FlyingMonkies325 - July 6, 2014
The fuck I just watched again
da faq - March 28, 2014
por favor depak faça algo em portugues,, porque muitos no Brasil gostam do
seu trabalho mas nao consegue entende em ingles GRATIDÃO
Damiana Aparecida - October 27, 2013
What really is kundalini yago?
simranjot s hunjan - July 15, 2013
Very nice video. If you would like to learn meditation step by step visit
my channel. Get rid of non wanted stress.
BodhisattvaChris - May 27, 2013
That is fascinating. Thank you for sharing with us!
The Chopra Well - May 10, 2013
I was a little disappointed they never talked about a kundalini awakening
or the chakras, that was probably behind the scenes though right?
Connor McCarrick - May 4, 2013