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Thirty Days Of Intent - Orgasmic Meditation
Natalie and Iman meet with Nicole Daedone, founder of OneTaste and the orgasmic meditation method.
They are introduced to this powerful intimacy practice with a live demonstration that leaves Iman sweating and Natalie crying.

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It is fantastic,,,,
antonio - January 13, 2016
one day ill meet my homie chop
Joseph Gelb - July 27, 2015
Talk to your partner: it's learning by doing. What you see here is exposure
which some people really need for Stimulation. It does not work on everyone
as it takes a lot of effort to overcome inhibitions. However, once such
barriers are 'broken', then you may be qualified to lay anybody.
aba - July 20, 2015
This is interesting. Rather like a counseling session on how to be
intimate and that's definitely something that's needed as people can be
more relaxed and resilient in their lives if they experience the great
potential for joy in their existence.
Tom Owens - July 11, 2015
He gets paid to give woman orgasms??
Brenton Nash - July 5, 2015
fucking masturbation !
Stromae G - July 4, 2015
I don't find that man attractive at all. The way they were sitting in on it
like a highschool biology class made me shiver.
Sofia Oriana - May 27, 2015
XStation Gaming - May 17, 2015