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Thirty Days Of Intent - Orgasmic Meditation
Natalie and Iman meet with Nicole Daedone, founder of OneTaste and the orgasmic meditation method.
They are introduced to this powerful intimacy practice with a live demonstration that leaves Iman sweating and Natalie crying.

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This seems one sided, where is orgasmic meditation for men? It seems if
you are going to explore orgasm as a way of heighten awareness it should
include men as well, the moment you leave men out of it is the moment the
practice becomes hypocritical. I think Nicole doesn't venture in orgasmic
meditation for men because it would be too weird to have guys cumming all
over her practice. But if you get into spiritual practices you should't be
one sided.
sebastiantsiwt - March 27, 2015
Orgasmic Meditation w/ Nicole Daedone | 30 DAYS O…:
Jacques Wim van Weperen - March 24, 2015
【放送事故】 杉原杏璃 マッサージで胸を揉まれてしまう グラビア 水着
Maria orawa - March 14, 2015
Musa hdaamail - March 11, 2015
Sad to see the young male spectator obviously uptight and repressed, in a
kind of "sniggering in the men's locker rooms" way. Seems too many men have
been brainwashed to objectify a female's sexuality, reducing her whole
persona to simply a vaginal playmate for his own pleasure. Wouldn't be
surprised if this correlates to religious brainwashing, teaching kids that
their bodies and desires are shameful. Hopefully society can move away from
our bronze age roots. That would be real enlightenment.
johnrb88 - March 10, 2015
Check out this video on YouTube:
AWAH TEH - March 6, 2015
This woman Nicole is absolutely one of the sleaziest most dangerous women
in America.... She even goes to universities trying to recruit lonely naive
kids brainwashing them into her cult : beware parents .... Yoga is not all
sweet + innocent.
Kara Waterhouse - March 2, 2015
Honestly in our modern day culture women are just shit in so many ways. Roles have reversed and they have become the assholes of society. The only difference is that men still rule the planet so now they are just non sexual assholes with boobs and vaginas. The only modern women doing well are the ones that are really beautiful and attractive and those ones 90% of the time go the way of being hookers i.e. models, dancers...

I feel sorry to women because you are all so confused. Women just need to be women and stop complaining all the time. Just be beautiful and powerful and you won't need dumb stuff like group fingering to have an orgasm lol !
wow - February 27, 2015