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Thirty Days Of Intent - Orgasmic Meditation
Natalie and Iman meet with Nicole Daedone, founder of OneTaste and the orgasmic meditation method.
They are introduced to this powerful intimacy practice with a live demonstration that leaves Iman sweating and Natalie crying.

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Honestly in our modern day culture women are just shit in so many ways. Roles have reversed and they have become the assholes of society. The only difference is that men still rule the planet so now they are just non sexual assholes with boobs and vaginas. The only modern women doing well are the ones that are really beautiful and attractive and those ones 90% of the time go the way of being hookers i.e. models, dancers...

I feel sorry to women because you are all so confused. Women just need to be women and stop complaining all the time. Just be beautiful and powerful and you won't need dumb stuff like group fingering to have an orgasm lol !
wow - February 27, 2015
Looking at the comments below...

Some men are bloody idiots
Clive Alexander - February 21, 2015
from the min 7:10 the guy is looking at her like, ''how much shit can you
levernis18 - February 14, 2015
Like most things in Life, you need to know how to separate what's valuable
in something from what's nonsense in it. Lots of nonsense here . . . and
also something really valuable. 
greenrate - February 4, 2015
wtf i just watched, lmao, all implications of my statement apply, just for
fun xD.
Withme Whostoned - January 23, 2015
I found this to be very emotional and moving. I appreciate the loving
effort made in making sure the woman feels safe enough to let go and allow
her body to fully express its pleasure. How Lovely!!! Can you do a video on
self OM'ing? I want to get all the therapeutic effect, but do not have
someone to share this with yet. Thank you!
Laurie Marinelli - November 26, 2014
nevermind this is fuckin hilarious
Victor Elliott - November 3, 2014
why does this have to be turned into a reality show? I'm so sad when i see
Victor Elliott - November 3, 2014