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Urban Yogis - Yoga Lesson with Eddie Stern
Ashtanga yoga instructor, Eddie Stern, leads a private yoga lesson.
 He guides us through a "sun salutation," one of the most common series of yoga poses. 

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wonderful, thanks for sharing , love this , peace happiness and love for
Valart VALERIE HOPE BENNETT - April 25, 2015
ברכת השמש הראשונה עם אדי סטרן
Nili Landesman - December 16, 2014
His flexibility is unbelievable!!
eclectichead - October 29, 2014
Eddie is "obviously" not a real teacher of any aspect of Yoga. Real Yoga is
Hinduism, taught by Hindus and not for a fee. Stop deceiving others.
classyoga - September 10, 2014
cult of asana - July 7, 2014
I enjoyed Eddie Stern's presentation in this video
Leo Fittman - February 25, 2014
Constantinos Christou - October 11, 2013
Eddie spent many years in Mysore learning yoga with Pattabhi Jois. So he
doesn't need to "come to India to learn the real yoga". With all due
respect of course. ;-)
Jefferson0467 - September 1, 2013