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Who is God? | The Rabbit Hole
What do we truly mean when we say "God"? 

Deepak Chopra provides his unique and intriguing take on one of humanity's eternal questions as he discusses God and the mystery of existence in this week's episode of THE RABBIT HOLE. Can the entire universe be captured within our consciousness? What do you think?

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You both sound and act like Dr. Higgonbothom from LittleBigPlanet 2
Hayden Baahston - February 19, 2015
Saying that you are God and I am God can be a dangerous mindset. Yes, one
may have an experience that we are all one, but this does not signify the
totality of reality. It is just a brief perspective of part of the whole
Truth. By saying that the insignificant human being is God, takes away
from the true glory of The Absolute Truth. There are a great number of
things which we cannot do or even understand. Even Deepak states in this
very video: 'We do not know why life exists' and 'We do not know, despite
the advances in neuroscience, how we experience anything at all'...and yet
somehow the conclusion reached at the end of this video is 'We are all
God'~ The very nature of this video is contradictory. God is the Supreme
Being, One without a beginning or end, One who knows all that there is to
know, and yet somehow we (God) do not know these basic principles...even if
we come to some basic understanding there will still be unanswered
questions as 'The visible universe is less than 1 percent of what exists'...

Please, do not think that you are God, just because an Indian
pseudo-spiritual scientist says that you are. This video leaves one with
more questions than answers, and yet we are supposed to take away as the
conclusion that 'we are God'.

God exists eternally, as do you and I. But we remain as separate entities
and personalities. We do not 'become' God through enlightenment, nor
through death. Instead, we remain distinct and separate so that we can
have loving exchanges/interactions eternally with The Supreme Being, our
greatest Friend and Dearest Beloved.
Seva Simran - January 22, 2015
Please read this all \n\n
Eric - September 2, 2014
God is all that is. Infinite & Eternal, no beginning & no end, always is
was & will be.
Each of us is our own Infinite Universe. Only ONE being behind all of it.
We experience linearly but we live in a holographic reality. Keep telling
them Dr. Deepak, they'll catch up when they're ready. ♥
Gia S - May 19, 2014
We are all God. The energy we use to propel us through life on a daily
basis is not unified. We need to realign that unity, come together as
one, and create "Heaven" again. Now is the time.
Don Shewmake - May 3, 2014
I guess God in this sense would actually be a man that feels like he has
been terribly used and will never have a decent or fair american life with
liberty, and justice. The ONE is me. I WANT OUT!!!!!!!
Daniel Schmidt - March 26, 2014
we are currently not GODs we are mere intellectual animal , But their is a
path to become enlighten one .
Harish Dhyani - February 22, 2014
"You are God in drag" I turned off by this point
Semion Walker - February 16, 2014