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Who is God? | The Rabbit Hole

What do we truly mean when we say "God"? 

Deepak Chopra provides his unique and intriguing take on one of humanity's eternal questions as he discusses God and the mystery of existence in this week's episode of THE RABBIT HOLE. Can the entire universe be captured within our consciousness? What do you think?

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"God"...... the transcendent experience of ..."all unity and all knowing
and all creating"....
To return to the limited mind of linear thinking and debates is always and
ever such an anticlimax to the experience of radiant Oneness and
Omnipresence and Omniscience.
Elan Star - April 3, 2015
Read The Holy Qur'an and you will find many answers to reflect on. "You"
are not God. "You" were created to be a servant of God.
Project True Love - March 26, 2015
Sincéramiente yo créo que todos somos Dios . Para mi Dios és todo el Universo y el esta en nosotros y nosotros en el, con todos sus poderes y dimensiones .
Isabelle Castela - March 24, 2015
He raises many interesting points, but I remain skeptical. No one has the
true answer.
NDF211Gunner - March 11, 2015
If the God we are born into believing is all Good, why is there evil? Why does a good God have so many religions, which create separation and turn into war? I hate religion, I hate politics, and I hate that there is my God and your God. That thinking creates conflict.
I have thought a lot about this topic for many years. Finally, a few years ago I started sharing these thoughts and really looking for answers and the desire to make it all logical sense for me. So I created the acronym G.O.D. Greatest Own Dimension. Every beings higher power. That made sense to me because believing in God is like believing in Santa Clause and the tooth fairy and whatever other man made ideas to get you to act righteous. I personally do not need these idols to do the right thing. I was born with the capability to make morale and ethical decisions. I'll make it on Santa's good list every year because I am Santa and I am GOD because I create my destiny and I believe in myself.
People are afraid to say that they do not believe or question the belief in God. It takes a lot of courage in this world to say this.
Stryyker - March 11, 2015
I think we do not mean anything by the term "God". Although we take it in terms of a gesture, fear, help, hope or force. We only refer it in time when we feel like but in any of the above mentioned forms. To some it is a belief or a solution to all their problems and to some its just the way their ancestors have termed it.
harshit - March 11, 2015
G.O.D. Is a human's Greatest Own Dimension. An acronym to ones own strength and courage and actions and life. See, most of us are born into this idea that there is a higher power/being that oversees us and that we will answer to when we pass. That thinking to me is not the best and none of us can see the God we were born into believing in. It's all faith and hope. At the end of the day, I answer to myself and deal with the consequences that I have established for myself. It's about taking ownership and initiation for actions that I make and create using my Greatest Own Dimension.
Living hopeful is not an ambitious way to live. If you want something, go and get it and never wait for it to land in your hands. I have a lot of thoughts on this subject and so many that I cannot organize them to put on paper. To reiterate, it's your Greatest Own Dimension.
Stryyker - March 11, 2015
God+o=Good or Good-o=God

PF Kwan - March 9, 2015